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Published on 2 weeks ago

Official lyric video for "I'M THAT GIRL” by Beyoncé.

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I pull up in these clothes look so good
‘Cause I’m in that hoe
You know all these songs sound good
‘Cause I'm on that hoe
I’m deadass

It’s not the diamonds
It’s not the pearls
I’m that girl

It’s just that
I'm that girl

It’s not my man
It’s not my stance
I’m that girl
It’s just that I’m that girl

From the top of the morning I shine
Right through the blinds
Touching everything in my plain view
And everything next to me gets lit up too

You see it
You see it when you look to me
I didn't want this power
I didn’t want this power

You know love is my weakness
Don’t need drugs for some freak shit
I’m just high all the time
I’m out of my mind
I’m tweakin’

Freakin’ on the weekend
I’m indecent
Let it begin
I be pulling up in that ’92 De Ville Cadillac
With them vogues losin’ my mind

I don’t need no friends
I’ve been thuggin’ for my un-American life lights
In these D flawless skies

Off the deep end
Such a heathen
Why they let me outside
I pull relief in

Bring that beat in
Now I can breathe again
I be beating down the block
Knocking Basquiats off the wall
That’s how I ball

Cleanse me of my sins
My un-American life

A song full of Instagram captions, loving it.
Musica Amor Musica Amor . 4 hours ago
I hope these lame record companies, take note. And start delivering different music. #Unique I can't tell who half of these people are on the radio. (Most of them sound the same),.....
That's why I choose to dictate my music. But sometimes I try to to see what's new out there. And none of the shit sounds new. 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🤩
Bianca Regine Bianca Regine . 4 hours ago
I’m not good with words so: 🌬❤️✨🌈 sums it up for me
lil pill lil pill . 6 hours ago
I just hope princess loko family got paid
jose Matias jose Matias . 7 hours ago
Bey made this album just for me Ofc, listening to this make me alive again
actress hot ass actress hot ass . 11 hours ago
Koni Gris Koni Gris . 12 hours ago
I can't stop listening to this, thank you for tremendous work of art Beyoncé PERÚ loves you sooooooooooo!!!
Koni Gris Koni Gris . 12 hours ago
without a doubt this album is pure gold, the way it begins and ends is iconic, beyoncé never disappoints
Ebony Randall Ebony Randall . 14 hours ago
Beyoncé never miss this my song🎶
Bcrbes Bcrbes . 16 hours ago
She’s that girl
Officialzatona Officialzatona . 17 hours ago
Jerkin beat??? Lol
Tiffany West Tiffany West . 18 hours ago
This is beyond trash. Beyonce, what the hell happened to you girl? Pray for your soul back
Why am i in Love Why am i in Love . 19 hours ago
Who came after watching the treaser video ?
Jawad Sarwar Jawad Sarwar . 19 hours ago
Beyoncé rules forever ❤
Eduardo Eduardo . 20 hours ago
Que fundo horrível nessa música, barulho desorganizado.
manuela padovany manuela padovany . 21 hours ago
Impecável 👏👏👏
Angelica Morales Angelica Morales . 23 hours ago
Jessi Gurl Jessi Gurl . 23 hours ago
Dayummmmm see I like this one the can't break my soul was not feeling it but this one 👌👌🙌🙌
Vitor Ribeiro Vitor Ribeiro . 24 hours ago
Ancient Humor Tracer Ancient Humor Tracer . 1 day ago
She is indeed THAT GIRL.
Lawrence Nesperos Lawrence Nesperos . 1 day ago
Playing the lyric videos of the whole album using a projector in a dark room is magical. u should try!
joyouus_ joyouus_ . 1 day ago
this song makes me so powerful especially as a girl, a woman ✨️💪🏻 #ImThatGirl
freda amponsah sarfo freda amponsah sarfo . 1 day ago
Seamless transition. Whole album is such a vibe!
Santiago González Santiago González . 1 day ago
Bey ❤❤❤❤❤
U X U X . 1 day ago
U X U X . 1 day ago
U X U X . 1 day ago
U X U X . 1 day ago
maja DT maja DT . 1 day ago
i don't like that MF word.
Seith Kats Seith Kats . 1 day ago
Am i dat gurl also? coz am a fella🤔🤔
Helen Iatrou Helen Iatrou . 1 day ago
I have this track on serious repeat! Before checking the lyrics, I thought Bey was singing "These MFs ain't stopping me". I might just keep singing my version😅
Boozie Badazz Boozie Badazz . 1 day ago
Just listened thru this album, sucks wayyyy worse than I could have possibly imagined… I like can’t break my soul but honestly, besides that, this is the Hillary Clinton official campaign album *sigh*
marskeins marskeins . 1 day ago
I'm loving the Princess Loko sample here
Edik San Edik San . 1 day ago
This song is SO BJORK!!! Is there a Bjork's finger in the production of this song??? Wonderful!!!
You tube Amador You tube Amador . 2 days ago
Lenda Viva Te Amo QUEN B🇧🇷🇺🇸 espero um dia ir no seu show.
Tay Richman Tay Richman . 2 days ago
These mfcas ain't stopping me
boxboy50 boxboy50 . 2 days ago
Song sample: tommy wright III ft princess loko (R.I.P)- still pimpin
VenTV VenTV . 2 days ago
I thought the renaissance album of Beyonce can surpassed the chromatica but gaga is a living legend
PIG P.O.V. PIG P.O.V. . 2 days ago
B Perez B Perez . 2 days ago
I love R&B, Dancehall, House 🤤🤤🤤🤤
Ville Ville . 2 days ago
Sample: Tommy Wright III feat. Princess Loko and Mac T-Dog - Still Pimpin. Props to Beyonce for getting og memphis folks paid! ❤
Tethered Media Tethered Media . 2 days ago
I get nauseous when I listen to this music. The frequency is so low 🤢
Carla Barrientos Carla Barrientos . 2 days ago
Brenda Yelting Brenda Yelting . 2 days ago
She kills it every time. I love her
teah gosman teah gosman . 2 days ago
地球人 Earthling - Earth is My Home 地球人 Earthling - Earth is My Home . 2 days ago
I wish I could make a lyric video like this I look at this then think will I ever be able to make it 😔 but have to keep trying 🙂 I won’t give up! Thanks for this beautiful artwork
jhiion4 jhiion4 . 2 days ago
Beyonce came out the gate reading and slaying the girls 🤣🤣😍
Sailorlul Sailorlul . 2 days ago
Thank you for this album, Queen B! 💟 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Obrigada por este álbum, Rainha <3
Vitor Sette Berto Vitor Sette Berto . 2 days ago
Damn i love so much the background voice saying please motherfucker aint stopping me
Lm214 Lm214 . 2 days ago

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