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Published on 2 weeks ago

Music video by Brantley Gilbert performing Son Of The Dirty South (Live). Β© 2022 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

LaTisha Barrett LaTisha Barrett . 4 hours ago
I love Brantley Gilbert and Jelly Roll I want to Marry Brantley Gilbert and My Family act like we have never meet and I know that we have and I hate them because they say I am crazy they he has never even been to this Town
Savannah Champagne Savannah Champagne . 6 hours ago
I’m so happy Jelly Roll is getting recognized! Love him!
Rebecca Lyon Rebecca Lyon . 7 hours ago
Brantley Gilbert ur awesome and amazing man
marc edmonds marc edmonds . 1 day ago
Who is the Brantley guy?
Roblox Jay Roblox Jay . 2 days ago
Love yo music keep up the good work
Arna Tabitha Arna Tabitha . 2 days ago
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Cj Hardy Cj Hardy . 2 days ago
He said "Rippin more lines than note book paper." Hail to the king.
Tony Wiley Tony Wiley . 3 days ago
I bought a Brantley cd in Commerce at some boot store one night while going to the drag strip. Been a fan ever since
littlebbjesus littlebbjesus . 4 days ago
Jelly killing the game
Good Times and adventures Good Times and adventures . 4 days ago
Jelly roll is really getting big man. Not healthy
Windy Beck Windy Beck . 4 days ago
Jelly roll you make this song freaking awesome . your music hits my soul.keep it coming
Robert Carlton Robert Carlton . 4 days ago
Fuck yea
Wiggy Wiggy . 4 days ago
Go on Brothers, straight up killed it
carrie white carrie white . 5 days ago
Good video
Randy Coffelt Randy Coffelt . 5 days ago
We watched them make this video in Jacksonville Florida amazing concert
Bold47 Bold47 . 5 days ago
Jelly roll im so proud of you both brantley is Fucking bad ass.
Too Toksik Too Toksik . 5 days ago
This shit is hard as fuck!
Daniel Gagne Daniel Gagne . 6 days ago
BG!!! Can't wait to see you in Dallas, TX brother!!
Ron. -JR- Fleener Ron. -JR- Fleener . 6 days ago
I enjoy seeing Brantley do Brantley music. Jelly roll and BG should have linked up a long time ago
Kayla Mullins Kayla Mullins . 6 days ago
Brantley has ALWAYS been my favorite. I could listen to this man all day everyday. Imma need some more songs with jelly and Gilbert please! 🀞😍😍πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅
Kayla Mullins Kayla Mullins . 6 days ago
Katiewantstohaveyobaby Katiewantstohaveyobaby . 6 days ago
I'm going to the concert on the 26th in tupelo
Andrew Stover Andrew Stover . 6 days ago
Yall need 2 bring this energy 2 red rocks in October! Great song!!
Mardy Toews Mardy Toews . 7 days ago
Two fucking legends, now we need Upchurch and Brantley
K K . 7 days ago
Damn BG all sweaty lookin extra sexi on that stage! I wish they'd come rock out with with some good ol Kentucky folks!
Bobby Queen Bobby Queen . 1 week ago
That's what's up!! Jelly definitely deserves some air time. Thank you Gilbert and Roll for this track.
Raymond Michielini Raymond Michielini . 1 week ago
that's a bad ass song
Sierra Gobble Sierra Gobble . 1 week ago
Miss y’all. Love you
Austin Pleasants Austin Pleasants . 1 week ago
Dirty south babyyyyy
Ron Braverman Ron Braverman . 1 week ago
Upchurch and Brantley? Please?
Meredith Grubb Meredith Grubb . 1 week ago
I'm so proud of Jelly.
deaddemon deaddemon . 1 week ago
I'd love to see u and upchurch do a song
Arna Tabitha Arna Tabitha . 1 week ago
Or are we can have YouTube currency of fucken however this reason the machine works
Arna Tabitha Arna Tabitha . 1 week ago
Wooden interaction to this dude the other remembered brandt-gilbert the rhino thing that was an animal inox Johnson would choose I'm Addicted
Jerry Williamson Jerry Williamson . 1 week ago
BG nation jelly roll and unchurch needs collab that be a banger song
Peter B Peter B . 1 week ago
No do Ryan church..
Melissa Smith Melissa Smith . 1 week ago
Love it
Kim Cox Kim Cox . 1 week ago
Love it.
Adventures in Michigan w/Lisa Adventures in Michigan w/Lisa . 1 week ago
Welcome to bay city, mi 8/5/22πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈwish I could of gotten tickets... YeeYee 🀠
Tammy Ferguson Tammy Ferguson . 1 week ago
This song is amazing I Love It Brantley &Jelly Roll You two Killed it you to are amazing already you both just uped the bar with this one CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH LIVE WHAT YOU CAME UP WITH TOGETHER UR #1FAN TAMMY
Rebels Against Goverment Rebels Against Goverment . 1 week ago
Daughter of the South salutes ya :)
Justin Barker Justin Barker . 1 week ago
Relapse Relapse . 1 week ago
Austin Blevins Austin Blevins . 1 week ago
I wonder how Brantley stayed out of the sell out crowd because if he was a sell out and was in the big record labels that want to control everything he'd be making songs like literally everyone else. Plus I wonder how jelly roll got on the radio when his music is the opposite of what is on the radio
Latisha Dalton Latisha Dalton . 1 week ago
Brantley is my favorite singer and I would love to meet him
Latisha Dalton Latisha Dalton . 1 week ago
I love to hear that your are interested in seeing you guys preform
Britani Liriano Britani Liriano . 1 week ago
You two were amazing at the Panama City Beach show! So blessed I could be there! LOVE this song! πŸ₯°
carrie white carrie white . 1 week ago
Good one
Electric JohnnyLand Electric JohnnyLand . 1 week ago
Oh! Oh yeah!
I like it!
joe jago joe jago . 1 week ago
Good luck with the liberals playing this on the radio

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