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Canadian Prepper

Canadian Prepper

Published on 2 weeks ago

Yep, everything's just fine and dandy.

My Salvation. My Salvation. . 11 hours ago
World War III will start very soon and the United States is going to lose Big Time... United States sins has reached the Throne of God... God is going to have Russia and China send over all their Nuclear Missiles... America will be a total waste land...
Sage Narain Sage Narain . 2 days ago
It's a game of chess, the world is now waiting for China's move.
AwxCO AwxCO . 2 days ago
Tbh I don’t think that anything bad will happen. The US will not directly fight China bc that would cause a nuclear attack. And MAD will take effect
ghassan gebrail ghassan gebrail . 3 days ago
America 🇺🇸 is nothing but trouble makers and deserves what they get
DOC Csaba DOC Csaba . 4 days ago
Canadian Preppers a con man buy direct from Berkeley cheaper and they give you free shipping they also got cheaper prices on little blemished units as well but they work fine and they're even more cheaper don't buy Canadian Preppers way to High plus the shipping is too high the man don't want to go live chat he be too afraid to be exposed.
faud maxmillus faud maxmillus . 4 days ago
you may be done. this life prepper has only just warming up. having access to interdimensional portal guarantees me safe passage.
Capital A Capital A . 5 days ago
Cold Era Vibs.
Marty Majix Marty Majix . 5 days ago
On Feb. 16 of 2019 the U.S. defaulted on treasury note interest payments to China so they said 'no valuable consideration then no more cheap Chinese products'. Economics of this scale take a few years to play out.
Marty Majix Marty Majix . 5 days ago
Pelosi & Co. are about provoking the Peoples. The leaderships work together but they all need plausible deniability for ushering in justifiable global war. That makes their industrial military complex superiors very happy.
Francis James Francis James . 6 days ago
I been prepping since 911, bro!
Francis James Francis James . 6 days ago
My older brother passed away a week ago from a heart attack, so he is one of many lucky ones who will not be in this Crazy World with all this Mess Happening! It seems this world we are in is Hell from all the Craziness going on everywhere!
Francis James Francis James . 6 days ago
Looks like The End Times is near upon us! Batten Down The Hatches!
Francis James Francis James . 6 days ago
Oops!!! There goes the World Economy!
Francis James Francis James . 6 days ago
Ohhhh damn!!!! Lol
clay bomb clay bomb . 6 days ago
Clayton Hawk Clayton Hawk . 7 days ago
Aren't you in Canada?
So long as you don't live near new york, you'll be fine. Nobody hates Canadians
Kfuf Uoy Sfoog Kfuf Uoy Sfoog . 7 days ago
About China vs U.S.A. I feel it would benefit the U.S. for the war to happen now rather than 5 to 10 years from now.
Imlooking 4-work-atm Imlooking 4-work-atm . 7 days ago
leave the western countries
ronald bedford ronald bedford . 1 week ago
If you actually believe the title to your video,maybe it’s time for a simple $.10 solution……
Firefly98 Firefly98 . 1 week ago
Peak doomer brain kids... don't do meth.
Greg Palmer Greg Palmer . 1 week ago
They don't realize Darpa has China Sea sharks with lazer beams attached to their freaking heads!!
Stuck ‘n’ Stoned Stuck ‘n’ Stoned . 1 week ago
Concerning? Yeah sure, but “Officially at war”? Do you even know what war is?
Greg Greg . 1 week ago
Why does everybody freak out and say we're finished? So they're moving nukes they know damn well we have a system that can detect incoming missiles and they know we will fire back they know they Will be just as screwed as we are. I'm sure they don't want that. they have hypersonic weapons that Hillary let then steal from us and we know it. so we either have the same or better capabilities. its called mutually assured destruction. we die, they do too. would you set fire to your neighbors house if you knew your house was going to burn down with his?
Frederick Frost Frederick Frost . 1 week ago
China should take care of it's citizens before it considers messing with the USA or anyone else. The economy is in serious trouble. By the way, you can almost change the name of the first country in that sentence with anyone else, and it would still ring true!
Encyclomatic Encyclomatic . 1 week ago
Better dead then red.
Sharon Baxter Sharon Baxter . 1 week ago
Now I know I am not alone in the Kingdom of Serfdom.
🙏Hi my prepping friends I have videos for you on bible prophecy and the end times. Please go to Papa Joe Fortner or shockwaves of the end times or The watchmen series with papa joe. Thank you and God bless you 🙏
Barbara Gannett Barbara Gannett . 1 week ago
Seems like russia /china talking during Olympics. This was planned
carl3810 carl3810 . 1 week ago
Man you look SILLY NOTHING happened!
Colin Mortimer Colin Mortimer . 1 week ago
God bless you...I hope people are ready spiritually q
Darrell Miller Darrell Miller . 1 week ago
Don't worry, Biden will watch the situation.
Ed P Ed P . 1 week ago
Pelosi is third in line to the presidency-although the vice president doesn’t do anything so I can see why you said Pelosi LOL
John Mikolajczak John Mikolajczak . 1 week ago
I think that when im down I start cleaning the 2× workd champ. The 1911...
Kathleen Cernetich Kathleen Cernetich . 1 week ago
World War III is on the horizon the sun just hasn't came up yet
Kathleen Cernetich Kathleen Cernetich . 1 week ago
China's got a plan and we're eventually going to find out what it is but they're not going to tell us ahead of time it's like playing a game of chess
Kathleen Cernetich Kathleen Cernetich . 1 week ago
Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan was an initiated Spark to create what's coming next with China and Russia as partners when World War III begins with the United States
Kathleen Cernetich Kathleen Cernetich . 1 week ago
It's important that everybody watches the movie New World Order you can go it and there's a picture on the front of two women it let you know what's coming
Deborah Jones Deborah Jones . 1 week ago
We don't have control over these things. Just keep stockpiling and prepping.
Que' sera sera, whatever will be, will be, the future's not ours to see. Que' sera sera.
I watch Youtube I watch Youtube . 1 week ago
Nate in his car always means bad news 🤨
Twisted527 Twisted527 . 1 week ago
You really nailed this one! Everything you predicted has come true.
Ginger Krech Ginger Krech . 1 week ago
Keep your eyes on the West Coast!
Nativespirit Indian Nativespirit Indian . 1 week ago
Bravo blessings bro
Suk MeeBallz Suk MeeBallz . 2 weeks ago
Jon W Jon W . 2 weeks ago
Where is your proof?
Timothy Hobby Timothy Hobby . 2 weeks ago
Always enjoy your to the point news.
Kathleen Cernetich Kathleen Cernetich . 2 weeks ago
China has been sitting back waiting for this for years they have a plan and the United States is going to get wiped out . China has wanted to own this country for years they're going to make their move. T
hey are holding the ace
derpfrog derpfrog . 2 weeks ago
I think USA is doomed with its warships, China could do 2 things. Nuke warships from the sky, even nuke them from underwater. Those battleships will be sunk. The mighty arm will be chopped. 🎶 Bit a bee boo, bit a bee boo bee,bit a bee boo, ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!🎶
Ready Eddy Ready Eddy . 2 weeks ago
Pelosi doesn't have a clue. Her kids grandkids won't be going to war. She will be in San Fransisco eating ice cream getting her hair done, while our kids are off to war. These democratic idiots need to go.
Victor Lungu Victor Lungu . 2 weeks ago
Rojoel Scrymgeour Rojoel Scrymgeour . 2 weeks ago
It is the other way around: China becomes liason with the US. It is Russia that attacks US with nulcear war. There will be nothing left....if you haven;t accepted Christ into your life, do so now....before it is too late.

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