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DJ Noiz Mixes

DJ Noiz Mixes

Published on 10 months ago

TIKTOK: | Official audio by DJ Noiz to Fancy Like (Mega Mix) which features original vocals from Walker Hayes and Fiji © 2021 FutureNow Music

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DJ Noiz Mixes DJ Noiz Mixes . 10 months ago
Thanks for the feedback everyone! Show us your moves to this joint when you can, appreciate the love:
Juliette Milne Juliette Milne . 4 days ago
Love it!!!❤❤❤
Queen Duzza Queen Duzza . 1 month ago
Absolutely love it. mAh start of the day song❤️
W J W J . 2 months ago
Thirsty Thursday 🤩😍🍻
Olive Awom Olive Awom . 2 months ago
oliv AWOM 🙏🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵👍🎵
kalala williams kalala williams . 3 months ago
damn this song makes me hyper
Jamius Asiata Jamius Asiata . 3 months ago
Jamius Asiata Jamius Asiata . 3 months ago
That’s my dad
dunkers dunkers . 3 months ago
love it, just love it
Ms Thangz Ms Thangz . 3 months ago
Sam Lee Jr Sam Lee Jr . 4 months ago
Please remix more country music... seems to blend well..
Christian corals Christian corals . 5 months ago
Banging tune 👌
David Gerdes David Gerdes . 6 months ago
Mad mix's love it 🔥🔥🔥
JDTI93 Ifamsdel JDTI93 Ifamsdel . 6 months ago
Bro this guy deserve 100m subs😍😍🤙🤙🤙✌✌✌
Jeannie Cox Jeannie Cox . 6 months ago
Yesssss mate!! ❤️ Love it, literally obsessed 🤗💙
Dee Dee . 6 months ago
What walker hayes know about Fiji 🤙🏽 howzit braddah fiji
Bryanna I Bryanna I . 7 months ago
DJ NOIZ !! HE !! DONT !!! MISS !!!
Hepi Ofa Hepi Ofa . 7 months ago
still waiting for this one on soundcloud 😣
Benji Knight Benji Knight . 7 months ago
Like you're dancing
Alara Davis Alara Davis . 7 months ago
I love this song
Vanessa Eteaki Vanessa Eteaki . 7 months ago
This song is amazing
Amanda Parker Amanda Parker . 8 months ago
So cool neon moon 😘😘😘
Queen Hacker and her team pro's Queen Hacker and her team pro's . 8 months ago
Like your dances🙂😇🥰😍😉🥳🤩
Kingofthehill Kingofthehill . 8 months ago
You're as skinny as your girl boi
dude I'ma baby dude I'ma baby . 8 months ago
Better than the original
Direk Frankie Direk Frankie . 8 months ago
More More Music Like this Please DJ Noiz I'm Your number 1 Fan Since Day One
Oliana Maiava Oliana Maiava . 8 months ago
My mom loves this song and i LOVE IT TOO THIS IS FIRE😍😍😍
David Gerdes David Gerdes . 8 months ago
Mad remixes love it keep them coming bro 🔥🔥🔥
Vikamau Neiufi Vikamau Neiufi . 8 months ago
DJ Noiz the best
Letasi Murphy Taavao Letasi Murphy Taavao . 8 months ago
Good song 😅
Christina Jesus Christina Jesus . 8 months ago
Woww! Lovingg The Beat!💃
And Music🎵💓
Darvin Pule Darvin Pule . 8 months ago
lesss gooo....killem boi
emby Maui emby Maui . 8 months ago
Dj Noiz always on
Sandrine G Sandrine G . 9 months ago
Chris Oliver Music Remixes Chris Oliver Music Remixes . 9 months ago
Your Remixes Are So Awesome That I Just Made A Playlist Just For Your Remixes. Great Job Dj Noiz Mixes.
NTia NTia . 9 months ago
Calvin Locklear Calvin Locklear . 9 months ago
Please do a Madonna song next
Ashley Spencer Ashley Spencer . 9 months ago
Love me some DJ NOIZ!! ❤❤
can you see the light can you see the light . 9 months ago
Keep pumping country
L Dawai L Dawai . 9 months ago
I’m here for Fiji who are the other people?🦹🏽‍♀️
Si Ma Si Ma . 9 months ago
Please do Thomas Rhett-Beer Can't Fix
Maria Leu Maria Leu . 9 months ago
Reggae/country is da best 🤪🤪🤪💪💪🙌
Meto Mafi Meto Mafi . 9 months ago
What name for song plzz
Uigess Leaupepe Uigess Leaupepe . 9 months ago
Uigess Leaupepe Uigess Leaupepe . 9 months ago
Selwyn De Klein Selwyn De Klein . 10 months ago
Kimberly Drenth Kimberly Drenth . 10 months ago
Spotify please !❤️
Siaosi Halaholo Siaosi Halaholo . 10 months ago
Soliti cuh 💯🔥🔥🔥
Cath Seach Cath Seach . 10 months ago
My o my just awesome…….. brings me right out of feeling like crap ,,,, thank you so much for this happy music
Cath Seach Cath Seach . 10 months ago
Love it 💕

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