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Published on 2 weeks ago

Stream "Blinded By Death" here:

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Director @shotbymiggy
EP @jmp
Supervising Producer @joeyszela
Field @killagram
DP @mkoziel
AC @eric_gauntt
KG @ryvnphvm
BCAM VHS @zeddekiah
PA/VHS @liam.shoree
Color @cameronmarygold
Editor @shotbymiggy
VFX @rfxmedia
Production House @paperwork

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Princewill Chukwujama Princewill Chukwujama . 1 hour ago
sounds like luwamp4, uzi biting
Chris Powers Chris Powers . 1 hour ago
Lil bootie turd isn't good at all
Phildo Baggins Phildo Baggins . 4 hours ago
He said no I ain't gay but my chains real tight lmao
Fayzoe Fayzoe . 10 hours ago
This that one ☝️
celebrityTv celebrityTv . 19 hours ago
CreepZoN CreepZoN . 19 hours ago
Corey Benji Corey Benji . 20 hours ago
Can y’all please give my music a chance🙏🏾
Gregory Jones Gregory Jones . 21 hours ago
the fall off of uzi is real
Robin Yang Robin Yang . 1 day ago
I never liked hotboi but recently I have been listening to his music more and more and everyday I love his music more
Virtuous Flow Virtuous Flow . 1 day ago
This beat is a sample to sumn lol yal please help me figure it out, feel like it’s a Kodak beat💯
Josh Josh . 1 day ago
Uzi might be one of the best artists on a feature
Big Beezy Big Beezy . 2 days ago
He sound like lil baby
matthew olson matthew olson . 2 days ago
Free hotboii
Leandra Solomon Leandra Solomon . 2 days ago
Love Ya'll
JayyBandz TV JayyBandz TV . 2 days ago
A lot of y’all didn’t know he was locked up cuhz he keep dropping heat🔥🔥
Yanaa Parson Yanaa Parson . 2 days ago
Tajai Paul Tajai Paul . 2 days ago
Hands down a banger collab, but i feel like Lil Baby's flow woulda eaten this beat on a feature.
Thats a Wrap Thats a Wrap . 2 days ago
Free hotBoi
LI Black LI Black . 2 days ago
Dont nothing hurt when I hear this song! No pain or nothing bother me
Öylesine Öylesine . 2 days ago
Müq bro
The Exclusive artist SA The Exclusive artist SA . 2 days ago
Screaming free Hot Boii 🙏
musiclova2112 musiclova2112 . 2 days ago
This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..I love you..❤️
Thilo Swift Thilo Swift . 2 days ago
yall should listen to my music, its white slimey yea
slida emif slida emif . 2 days ago
Didn’t see this feature coming even tho they blend so well
Jordan ramirez Jordan ramirez . 2 days ago
stranger things idea
Y09 Slayz Y09 Slayz . 2 days ago
Gaven Lawn Gaven Lawn . 3 days ago
release the song with nle choppa pls
Mario Mindset Mario Mindset . 3 days ago
they was in da upside down 😂😂
Jadeh Jadeh . 3 days ago
This song will never get old
Trumaka! Trumaka! . 3 days ago
Something we needed but didn’t know
Montano Peteh Montano Peteh . 3 days ago
Go go goUP bro💥💥🔥💪🔥
aiuc lse aiuc lse . 3 days ago
Didn’t see this feature coming even tho they blend so well
JamesBC524 JamesBC524 . 3 days ago
Imagine if Kodak and Uzi were on this together, honestly uzi would’ve just slaughtered this whole beat, seems right up his alley.
HIGH-Gor ♪ HIGH-Gor ♪ . 3 days ago
Yoo Damn!
adri1021 adri1021 . 3 days ago
Ay a collab with lil uzi lets go this slaps
D I G I T A L D I G I T A L . 3 days ago
All these feats cause he on the run, he doing the same thing as 03 greedo 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Brock Cock Brock Cock . 3 days ago
A real website that gives u so many views and likes that is only Authentic views
Le roi arouf Le roi arouf . 3 days ago
Plz uzi can u colaborate with yungBoi
Le roi arouf Le roi arouf . 3 days ago
Im here just for uzi verse
Net Geoff Net Geoff . 3 days ago
nobody like Uzi just enjoying life at this point
Callisbaby Callisbaby . 4 days ago
LyRaN LyRaN . 4 days ago
This record cold asf bruh 🥶
niko niko . 4 days ago
Uzi needs to promote this
Teo Pazdrijan Teo Pazdrijan . 4 days ago
Nice Stranger things-themed room!
Juan Rodriguez Juan Rodriguez . 4 days ago
God dammit Uzi with only a 30 second verse got me wanting more 😩
biyao kiti biyao kiti . 4 days ago
Didn’t see this feature coming even tho they blend so well
Buying Property 215 Buying Property 215 . 4 days ago
Big Mood Music Big Mood Music . 4 days ago
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Hazor Hazor . 4 days ago
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