Play / Download The Killers - Boy - Live debut @ Madcool Festival, Madrid
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The Fillers

The Fillers

Published on 1 month ago

The Killers debut Boy at Madcool Festival Madrid

Richard Peden Richard Peden . 2 days ago
Good song. Too bad the band doesn’t have the same energy as Brandon. Guitarist looks like a mannequin. Zzzzzz
Does he say "vamos" 1:20 ? So cool!
Whispering Angel Whispering Angel . 3 weeks ago
I’m getting Miss Atomic Bomb and Read my Mind vibes from this beauty.
Also, the very last bit is JUST like Erasures ‘Respect’ …love it.
Balkee Bartockamoos Balkee Bartockamoos . 1 month ago
That Dave solo at the end
Antoine Antoine Antoine Antoine . 1 month ago
Am I the only one that hear Human in this. Also some vibes à la Hot Fuss, like the On Top chorus with the lead guitar and drums
Lilian Silva Lilian Silva . 1 month ago
Só queria saber qual é o nome dessa música maravilhosa. 😍 Alguém me salva aí
Yuselicious Yuselicious . 1 month ago
Thanks for sharing 💐
Main .r Main .r . 1 month ago
Boy in Spotify ????????
Tin Soldier Tin Soldier . 1 month ago
Written by Bell, Clarke, Flowers, Keuning, Stoermer, Vannucci.😉
Rosa María Venegas Toledo Rosa María Venegas Toledo . 1 month ago
Increible!!!! Gracias por presentar the boy por primera vez en directo aqui en madrid!!!!! Grandes the killers!!!! 💓💓💓💓💓🎶🎶🎶
Axl Bravo Axl Bravo . 1 month ago
Every time they release something new, I get years of life. TK ♥️
Laurie D. Laurie D. . 1 month ago
a song for his oldest son...beautiful, see ya in September at MSG
TheCBLingo TheCBLingo . 1 month ago
Now that is classic Killers
Jonathan Cant Jonathan Cant . 1 month ago
Good to see Dave out again
Frankalein Frankalein . 1 month ago
Thanks for sharing! :)
Jon Clegg Jon Clegg . 1 month ago
If they don’t sing this and go into A Little Respect on the next tour, they’re missing a trick.
GIO BOYZ GIO BOYZ . 1 month ago
Read My Mind meets Runaways ⚡
cjtudes cjtudes . 1 month ago
Great tune. The guys have hit a real purple patch over the last few years

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