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Samantha Cavaliere

Samantha Cavaliere

Published on 1 week ago

Arianna Solorzano Arianna Solorzano . 4 days ago
Hey don’t listen to the haters I love when you respond to a hater you still stay confident and positive keep doing videos That’s how the world will always have hate but we can fix that (please pin)
JellyGwen JellyGwen . 1 day ago
At this point can I just steal your wardrobe all your clothes are so cool and once again I like your shirt! :)
Lowkeyrhylee Lowkeyrhylee . 2 days ago
Olivia tv Olivia tv . 4 days ago
Plz tell me how to be emo
ItzCoral 🦋 ItzCoral 🦋 . 4 days ago
Listen girl Don’t listen to those haters there jut jealous cause ur soooo pretty amd good at videos 💗
JellyGamer3695 JellyGamer3695 . 5 days ago
Will you remember me when you are famous??
Paula Simpson Paula Simpson . 6 days ago
Your the best
Brayden56 Brayden56 . 6 days ago
Hate it all! Your hair looks fake and it looks like a Barbie doll hair! Btw your mad weird
eveline bradley eveline bradley . 6 days ago
I hate the outfit and everyfing
🎋Aesthetic-flower🎋 🎋Aesthetic-flower🎋 . 6 days ago
Love it! I think you should put more energy in to this song but u did amazing
Adrianna Harris Adrianna Harris . 6 days ago
How do you do your eye liner like dat I love it pls do a video how you do it
Rusti Burnett Rusti Burnett . 6 days ago
Stop all the HATE
Alexis Mazza Alexis Mazza . 6 days ago
What’s wrong with your hair
Aaliyah black Aaliyah black . 7 days ago
Your doing so good
Olivia tv Olivia tv . 7 days ago
Are you emo
RoostersRealLife RoostersRealLife . 7 days ago
Go girl no hate from me
Cynthia Lyons Cynthia Lyons . 7 days ago
Gaylynn Esparza Gaylynn Esparza . 1 week ago
Lame nextttt
pokémonCookies24 pokémonCookies24 . 1 week ago
Lol 😂 not getting a like
avrytbone avrytbone . 1 week ago
Is that a filter
LogoLab LogoLab . 1 week ago
The makeup tho
swvcher swvcher . 1 week ago
Hi!! Just a question, why are half of your videos using this song? No hate keep it up <33333
Mie Mie . 1 week ago
EMO omg
Flor Pérez Flor Pérez . 1 week ago
Girl i have the same shirt !!!!!!!
Naex10 Naex10 . 1 week ago
You are the prettiest person in the world I love your hair I love your make up you’re super pretty don’t listen to the hate people they’re just giving you a lot of Views
Oreo N Milk Oreo N Milk . 1 week ago
Imma be honest you scared me at first but either way it's not looks that matter it's your personality!
ʙʟᴏᴏᴘʏ ʙʟᴏᴏᴘʏ . 1 week ago
I fell in love with an emo gorl
Cheyenne Cheyenne . 1 week ago
Stop people
luvlybear🧸 luvlybear🧸 . 1 week ago
No hate no one’s perfect

Edit: stop hating on me
found c4 found c4 . 1 week ago
Chuckys son????
Ari Ari . 1 week ago
No hate but I fell in love with a emo gurl🖤
Anonym 🖤 Anonym 🖤 . 1 week ago
The World is Creepy
Harmonie Gilchrist Harmonie Gilchrist . 1 week ago
The hair the eyeshadow everything just perfectly done 💖
Frank Wagner Frank Wagner . 1 week ago
Looking so good! I just repeat myself I know but it's so true. Is there a message behind posting a song multiple times?😲 Just curious...

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