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Published on 2 weeks ago

So you guys like backstories? Cuz things sure did happened.
WARNING: for daddy issues.

HELLUVA SEASON TWO IS HERE!! Thank you all for the patience and understanding! We have been hard at work on these new episodes and cannot wait to bring you more soon! For those expecting part II of the S1 finale, we ran into a roadblock but season two will continue until we are able to get it out! We are just happy we can bring you more now. Thank you endlessly for the support in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this labor of love!


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Vivziepop Vivziepop . 2 weeks ago


Pilot Episode ►
S1 Episode One ►
S1 Episode Two ►
S1 Episode Three ►
S1 Episode Four ►
S1 Episode Five ►
S1 Episode Six ►
S1 Episode Seven ►
SiSTARS in Action SiSTARS in Action . 51 seconds ago
petr hamera petr hamera . 8 minutes ago
love his little briish accent
Jessica Daniel Jessica Daniel . 8 minutes ago
I can't wait for episode 2
IceFox28 IceFox28 . 13 minutes ago
Wait does that mean the whole Loo Loo Land episode was exactly the same kind of solution Paimon tried on Stolas?
Chia_Queen-of-simps👑 Chia_Queen-of-simps👑 . 20 minutes ago
And that was when Stolas found out he was gay
Bellz Babbles Bellz Babbles . 23 minutes ago
little tiny blitz is so cute, and omg stolas laugh is so cute ꒰◍ˊꈊˋ◍꒱
Raskyl Flarestrike Raskyl Flarestrike . 26 minutes ago
i feel so uncomfortable watching Stolas get pushed around and played so much. damn i feel so bad.
ThatRandomShortsKid ThatRandomShortsKid . 31 minutes ago
Ep 2 needs to hurry up rn
Colorado syrup Colorado syrup . 33 minutes ago
Only until this episode have I noticed that Stella's voice actress is the blonde woman who does skits with Brandon rogers 😅
random_gacha_tuber_who_loves_anime random_gacha_tuber_who_loves_anime . 33 minutes ago
17:20 - 17:29 so uhhhh… we ain’t gonna talk about this part?
Mother Nature Mother Nature . 35 minutes ago
Somebody give him a hug he going through it 😭
L I Z I L I Z I . 36 minutes ago
When is episode 2 going to be uploaded??😍
Evin Bogdanov Evin Bogdanov . 38 minutes ago
poor kids
Sa!lakash Sa!lakash . 38 minutes ago
Gay-owl singing a song.
Frost Fury Frost Fury . 43 minutes ago
I'm so good at daddying✨
C0letral C0letral . 44 minutes ago
Garrett would be proud with all the stealing
Dragon girl Dragon girl . 47 minutes ago
6:10 me:*hears blitzø say cool like a serfer dude*
My brain: right 🫠😓😒
The_Charged_Kreeper X The_Charged_Kreeper X . 50 minutes ago
wehn is the next ep
Sai Sai . 52 minutes ago
14:10 .....i m f i n e
hannah waldron hannah waldron . 52 minutes ago
Holly hell that poor man is in for a rough ride. cheering for you Stolas!!!
E E . 54 minutes ago
I love how they brought in the CLASSIC ‘they knew each other as kids so it’s fate’ plot. The BL webtoons are screaming rn
sarai sarai . 54 minutes ago
i'm literally addicted to this series i've rewatched it like 4 times today 😭😭
Fenelope castorena Fenelope castorena . 57 minutes ago
Joe Keery Joe Keery . 1 hour ago
I don’t understand why the hell is Stella so mean she’s been like that for how long in her life. It hurts seeing Stolas’ feelings get hurt because of her it’s not needed for her being so rude. Love the song in this one.
Pyruvite Pyruvite . 1 hour ago
The other boy at in the circus is the boy in the photo with Blitzo at the end of S1 Ep7
Fenelope castorena Fenelope castorena . 1 hour ago
Cab C.K Dice Cab C.K Dice . 1 hour ago
I don’t know what to say but the circus looks much funnier in hell
khoi Valentino khoi Valentino . 1 hour ago
Stolas is so adorable as a child
yes yes . 1 hour ago
stolas's goofy ahh grippers bruh
Ty Evan Ty Evan . 2 hours ago
Well that was ertreamly disappointing
JeniBeh JeniBeh . 2 hours ago
21:35, what if she'll meant what happened at stolas's dramatic entrance when he saved blitzo and the gang in human realm and got caught in camera, like i think that's a big deal that's fo sure gonna happen in the FUTURE, and that's the "karma" she was talking about? dammit, this is making me think all sorts of things now
NeedsHug NeedsHug . 2 hours ago
Dude I’ve seen comments of people being upset about stolas cheating until they saw this episode. Do they not think any the fact he is obviously gay, forced to marry a woman, and forced to have a child with said woman. Not to mention it was obvious from the start she wasn’t a good wife at all.
mirppu plays mirppu plays . 2 hours ago
When ep2
ownfan 160 ownfan 160 . 2 hours ago
Luv it badly🥹❤️
Marcus Vincent Marcus Vincent . 2 hours ago
When are there going to be more episodes
flel alive flel alive . 2 hours ago
Good episode. Nothing more.
Otis Tynova Otis Tynova . 2 hours ago
Kid stolas is so adorable omg I wana hug him
Wait did kids actually voice blitzo and the other kid?
Zhongli Zhongli . 2 hours ago
this episode is heartbreaking I can't wait for episode 2 :¢
Róisín Farrell Róisín Farrell . 2 hours ago
The start of this show was batshit murder jokes, why am I crying 😭😭
TheoInnit TheoInnit . 2 hours ago
Georgina Leahy's VAing is gold❤️❤️
gojira 2020 gojira 2020 . 2 hours ago
Stoles crying.......NEW MEME
Mohammed El Moudden Mohammed El Moudden . 2 hours ago
When is s2 ep 2 coming out?
Hakai AMV Hakai AMV . 2 hours ago
well that whole ep hurt thanks.......
Michael Bettenhausen Michael Bettenhausen . 3 hours ago
This episode was absolute fire!
Honey Honey . 3 hours ago
I can't believe he had crush on him for so freaking long
Vera Lucia Silva Vera Lucia Silva . 3 hours ago
Yoo the bunny from sam and max
TheCakeIsntEat TheCakeIsntEat . 3 hours ago
Wheezing at Stolas's quiet little "I'm fine" after choking on absinthe
lilboysatan lilboysatan . 3 hours ago

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