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Published on 1 year ago

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Samantha Overly Samantha Overly . 5 days ago
I love this song
Ann Hoover Ann Hoover . 1 week ago
Love this song it gets movin and groovin also keep my daughter off the pole love that one to
Bev Nelson Bev Nelson . 2 weeks ago
Love this song 😀
Holly Davies Holly Davies . 2 weeks ago
Still love it.
Jocelyn wild adventures Jocelyn wild adventures . 2 weeks ago
I've been lied to my whole life is a lie now I thought it was frosting not Frosty I mean I still love the song it's the best song
L Dlink L Dlink . 2 weeks ago
I need full disclosure, was this song written with an understanding that Applebees was going to write a check, or not???
Mallory Fadden Mallory Fadden . 2 months ago
How can you not jam out to this one of the best jams out there for sure 🥰
DeeAnn Smith DeeAnn Smith . 3 months ago
Love the song. Love to Walker Hayes👍👍
Brenda Morgan Brenda Morgan . 3 months ago
Walker Hayes congratulations on your first number 1
Blake Danner Blake Danner . 3 months ago
Really good
Sound Active Events Sound Active Events . 3 months ago
This song has been stuck in my head for like a month! That and AA. Walker can I play drums with you at one of your shows? Let's do this!
장순국 장순국 . 3 months ago
조회수 1,076,483회... 잘 보고 들었습니다.
Rhonda Thayer Rhonda Thayer . 3 months ago
😁😁😘😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 ilove it
Kashmir Johnny Kashmir Johnny . 3 months ago
Can't wait to see ya in Cedar Rapids dis fall sir.
Tori Payne Tori Payne . 3 months ago
I love being fansy
Пользователь Мтс Пользователь Мтс . 4 months ago
like thứ -1
ING ING ING ING . 4 months ago
Ca khúc thứ 3 của Đức Phúc lên sóng vào 20h tối nay - 3/12 trên Youtube FOREST STUDIO. Cả nhà cùng đón xem nhé ạ ❤️
djeloul ftelina djeloul ftelina . 4 months ago
Chúc gia đình nhỏ luôn luôn hp đầy tình yêu thương ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Raelynn Gill-Unlocked Raelynn Gill-Unlocked . 4 months ago
I love the song
Suzie Suzie . 4 months ago
Never gets old ❤️
Willy D Willy D . 4 months ago
That crowd straight disrespected him 😔
Jarrod Evans Jarrod Evans . 4 months ago
How embarrassing.
Bill Williamson Bill Williamson . 5 months ago
If only it was possible to erase things from your memory
D. Mohan D. Mohan . 5 months ago
Such a cool song peops.
Kathryn Hall Kathryn Hall . 5 months ago
I can never sit still when this song comes on❤️
Conor Visalli Conor Visalli . 5 months ago
Scooby is shagging Shaggy Scooby is shagging Shaggy . 5 months ago
Gayest song ever 😂
Donna Kilby Donna Kilby . 5 months ago
I love Walker Hayes 💗 and his songs 🎵 ❤ My favorite song is Fancy like 👍 it's my ring tone ❤
TaKarra Davis TaKarra Davis . 5 months ago
Big Roy Big Roy . 5 months ago
This guy puts the Beatles, Garth Brooks and George Strait to shame.
Lalit Star Lalit Star . 6 months ago
The people sucks. I love this song though.
Melinda Mennor Melinda Mennor . 6 months ago
I love all your songs 😘
Rae Dowd Rae Dowd . 6 months ago
I live in Brisbane , and I love this song and am learning the words and have Fancy Like as my Ringtone and our FM station 97.3 play Fancy Like every day just so cool
Awesome Time with Claire Awesome Time with Claire . 6 months ago
I like your song Fancy Like
Dave Wayne Dave Wayne . 6 months ago
its really need to sing something your wearing this song out....
Dave Wayne Dave Wayne . 6 months ago
how many times is he going to sing this song its really getting old....its really corney
Ashlynne Watson Ashlynne Watson . 6 months ago
My mom likes Walker
Liam Gallagher 2005 Vlogs Liam Gallagher 2005 Vlogs . 6 months ago
This song reminds me of a time in October when I was driving off a ramp on the highway of 87 in New York and I saw a guy peeing on the side of the road out of his car
Alora Lambert Alora Lambert . 6 months ago
I love your Videos
barbara grimes barbara grimes . 6 months ago
Such a happy and a very good beat to it...congrats.
Hailey Gaut Hailey Gaut . 6 months ago
I’ve memorized this whole song
Sheri Lynne Sheri Lynne . 6 months ago
Wth is wrong w that crowd??? I'm laying bed dancing! Lol 😆🤣 come down here South Georgia we got you! Lol #GADAWGS😉❤
Aurora Aurora . 6 months ago
Love it
Matthew Seifried Matthew Seifried . 6 months ago
I saw comments on his tik tok that he’s horrible live but I think he’s good! He’s actually singing not lip singing like a lot of artist do live.
Kellie Fullerton Kellie Fullerton . 6 months ago
Matthew Strong Matthew Strong . 6 months ago
Teressa Hubbard Teressa Hubbard . 6 months ago
Buddy Rodgers Buddy Rodgers . 6 months ago
This is awful, this isnt country. Its some wanna be country rap crossover nonsense.

They are trying to kill country music with this shit.
Shalimar Daniels Shalimar Daniels . 6 months ago
Cindy Oconnor Cindy Oconnor . 6 months ago
There are mesmerized he’s awesome

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