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Kodak Black

Kodak Black

Published on 4 weeks ago

Kodak Black - Haitian Scarface [Official Music Video]
'Back For Everything OUT NOW!

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Absolute Energy Absolute Energy . 7 minutes ago
Do you see what I am doing Kodakan? They all gonna fall as long as they dont show respect to the real Power. Muahahahahaha. I love it. BLACK MAGIC FOR LIFE. WITCHCRAFT LEGEND, AMON.
Aussie187 Aussie187 . 38 minutes ago
Perfection bruh perfection
XRF EJ XRF EJ . 44 minutes ago
Yak is back not that demonic crap
Dieuson Dieuson . 1 hour ago
Kodak is greater
parker Anon parker Anon . 2 hours ago
β€œI make a mistake, don’t bring up Trump”
Jerri Bailey Jerri Bailey . 2 hours ago
Definitely Hard!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goat Goat . 2 hours ago
Jimmy Hernandez Jimmy Hernandez . 3 hours ago
Yuhhh this the Kodak yall mfks🀬 wanted huhhπŸ’₯πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜ˆ, thought he was a clone dumb ash😭😭🀣
austin demers austin demers . 3 hours ago
This is too fye
Brenda Flores Brenda Flores . 4 hours ago
Climaxx T Climaxx T . 6 hours ago
Joe M Joe M . 6 hours ago
Romano Sanchez Romano Sanchez . 6 hours ago
YouTubeKODAK YouTubeKODAK . 7 hours ago
And people say YB better πŸ˜‚
The Real Fauxstradamus The Real Fauxstradamus . 7 hours ago
This dude has the Midas touch on tracks.

Fuckin GOLD.
Angel Whaley Angel Whaley . 8 hours ago
They are threatening murder on kodak I rebuke that that's against the law will not be done in Jesus name anyone coming against kodak harassment and all will be exposed bc there is proof and evidence of secret money being handed under the table
Ross WJ Watson Ross WJ Watson . 9 hours ago
Tony Tony . 10 hours ago
Young boy better
No limits No limits . 11 hours ago
He tapped into his weezy aura

J J . 12 hours ago
Kodak got my full respect after this song cause he put his all into this πŸ’― spoke nothing but facts he's a leader of the new school js πŸ’ͺβœŠοΈπŸ‘Œ
Chuy Gonzalez Chuy Gonzalez . 13 hours ago
This song raped about everything I went thru this last week smh okc 405 oklas
Chris Sims Chris Sims . 14 hours ago
This the real kodak look at his 4head
Jose Reyes Jose Reyes . 15 hours ago
1800 snipper gang kodak 🐐
Stream Alive Stream Alive . 16 hours ago
Its Kodak time!!!
Fendi Babii Fendi Babii . 16 hours ago
I wish him and Jackboy would patch things up.
Marlow Stanfield Marlow Stanfield . 17 hours ago
This cool but YB Better!
Jns dizzy Jns dizzy . 20 hours ago
Hes a gemini like tupac and kanye they go thru the most
KingKen04 KingKen04 . 22 hours ago
Whoever is making his beats is πŸ”₯
Aeneas Frost Aeneas Frost . 23 hours ago
Yb got em πŸ’š
Austin Austin . 24 hours ago
Throw his babies in the laun mat… come on now
Sniper gang hook
infinity Diablo Daniel infinity Diablo Daniel . 1 day ago
S9per gang
Thai Olea Thai Olea . 1 day ago
Masterpiece πŸ’―πŸ’Ž
F4k Sm20xe F4k Sm20xe . 1 day ago
Kodak Snapped It Ain’t Nothing But A β™ŠοΈ Thing #BigFox4k/Taliban #Sniperr
hansey hansey . 1 day ago
king craw king craw . 1 day ago
SLeezoo 803 SLeezoo 803 . 1 day ago
I’m 25 today. And I must admit . Kodak is my Era Biggie .. nobody fuccn wit this man when he πŸ”’ in !
Saga Saga . 1 day ago
his voice sound a little goofy
evalunloca evalunloca . 1 day ago
Leave this man alone and let him grow. I know yall see how beautiful his soul is
Nick Cage Nick Cage . 1 day ago
YAK with another Banger.
Saloom Saloom . 1 day ago
the fuck is this bullshit XD
Dreckdahsolo Dreckdahsolo . 1 day ago
Fly like birds πŸ¦… πŸ†˜πŸ†˜πŸ†˜πŸ†˜πŸ†˜πŸ†˜πŸ†˜πŸ†˜
Out The Mud πŸŽ₯ PG13 Out The Mud πŸŽ₯ PG13 . 2 days ago
Miami Street Life 🌴
Plezi Kreyol TV Plezi Kreyol TV . 2 days ago
Liam Bush Liam Bush . 2 days ago
Free the chain gang
Bobs Burgers Bobs Burgers . 2 days ago
Bill so inspirational
SCRILLA 30 SCRILLA 30 . 2 days ago
Him & youngboy got some of Wayne style in them
feese mass feese mass . 2 days ago
I’ma send a Nigga uhlea πŸ‘»
alex raymond alex raymond . 2 days ago
Straight gass

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