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Published on 1 month ago

Listen to “The Kind of Love We Make” from Luke Combs’ album, Growin’ Up, out now:

Let’s get some candles burning and some records turning
All the lights down low, take it nice and slow
The way your body’s moving, keep doing what you’re doing
To me all night long writing our love song
Girl, I want it, gotta have it
Let the passion take us to a higher place
Making the kind of love we make
The kind of love we make

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Connie Graham Connie Graham . 4 hours ago
I'm not interested in chatting with u.gly people like Lauren Alaina or her cousin Holly, or you (Kim English and Rachel Dickson=Kristy Suddeth) and her father. 😆😆😆😆. That's my boundary line! I mean who the hell is Lauren Alaina? just youtube troll who tries to be a singer? Never because of her ugliness.
@Kim English=Rachel Dickson! I don't wanna see your daughter's u.gly smile, cuz she's naturally u.gly....
Champagne Champagne . 1 day ago
A S A S . 1 day ago
My toxic trait is thinking I sound like him when the music is all the way up
Sarah Robert Sarah Robert . 3 days ago
Nice,I liked
Zurk Zurk . 3 days ago
Most of the country I listen to is from the 90s-2000s. I’m not too big of a fan of modern day Nashville country but Luke Combs is one of the few newer age guys I really enjoy. Everything he releases seems to be a hit. This song is no exception!
Jeff Taylor Jeff Taylor . 3 days ago
Buy myself a chance riff! lol
Craig Rickaway Craig Rickaway . 3 days ago
Just booked to see him in OKC. Looking so forward to it
Dustin Dustin . 4 days ago
So grateful for you Luke, thanks for sharing your amazing talent
Daisy Johnson Daisy Johnson . 4 days ago
I mean Lauren Alaina. 😆😆😆
She'll always be remembered as a u.gly loser who couldn't make it in music industry.
She has no money and always jealous of American Idol winners..
Hannah Barrett Hannah Barrett . 4 days ago
he is an amazing artist
Hannah Barrett Hannah Barrett . 4 days ago
love this song
Scott Gethers Scott Gethers . 7 days ago
@lukecombs thanks for filming this great song in Seattle!!! Home of the 12’s!!!! Go Hawks!!!
Connie Graham Connie Graham . 1 week ago
I'm not interested in chatting with u.gly people like Lauren Alaina or her cousin Holly, or her mother (Kim English and Rachel Dickson=Kristy Suddeth) and her father. 😆😆😆😆. That's my boundary line! I mean who the hell is Lauren Alaina?
@Kim English=Rachel Dickson!
I don't wanna see your daughter's u.gly smile, cuz she's naturally u.gly...
Lloyd MacDuff Lloyd MacDuff . 1 week ago
He has to come to Canada I be all over it
Doug Evans Doug Evans . 1 week ago
God have mercy he can sing!!!
Diana Mondick Diana Mondick . 2 weeks ago
love this song
Buffy King Buffy King . 2 weeks ago
I love an artist who is real enhancement to make them sound good on a track but can't carry a tune in a bucket otherwise. Always have loved Luke Combs....I can't get enough of this song!
John Russell John Russell . 2 weeks ago
He's not only good at his love for music. He's a great man and person.
Kris Horner Kris Horner . 2 weeks ago
Looking great and sounding amazing 👏
Mary Hohman Mary Hohman . 2 weeks ago
Love these lyrics. Makes me think of my husband who passed 5 1/2 years ago.
Sharkdog98 Sharkdog98 . 2 weeks ago
Please god put this on Spotify
TinkerTimmy TinkerTimmy . 2 weeks ago
How does one go about getting this into the music libary on his iPhone? Love this acoustic version!!!! Keep it up Luke
Jakeena Dickerson Jakeena Dickerson . 2 weeks ago
I’m only black girl who loves me some Luke combs?!
brenda isaac brenda isaac . 2 weeks ago
I do love you Luke combs
Bobble Bacon Bobble Bacon . 2 weeks ago
It would be a hit instantly
Bobble Bacon Bobble Bacon . 2 weeks ago
Please make a song with Morgan wallen
Daniel Guzzino Daniel Guzzino . 2 weeks ago
Backup singers needa go. Just luke, just luke.
Marty Hageman Marty Hageman . 2 weeks ago
Awesome thanks
country bound country bound . 2 weeks ago
Best in the business right now, singing his ass off!
Lino de la Vega Lino de la Vega . 2 weeks ago
Always doing the good
Music. Love it.
Marie Arsenault Marie Arsenault . 2 weeks ago
Without a doubt, yet another No. 1 hit! Luke Combs’ songs keep on getting better and better! Extremely talented singer song-writer!
Bill Gates leaving ya moms house Bill Gates leaving ya moms house . 2 weeks ago
Sounds just as good live as the original version. Amazing
Frumthasouf Frumthasouf . 3 weeks ago
Can you believe this guy was rejected by The Voice?
Dustin McCoy Dustin McCoy . 3 weeks ago
This is really, really good.
Daisy Johnson Daisy Johnson . 3 weeks ago
Eventually all Kane Brown's upcoming events and concerts will be cancelled due to his poor vocal. He's a country music destroyer and an embarrassment to real country singers like Luke Combs, Walker Hayes or Cody Johnson. Everybody is leaving Kane Brown cuz he can't sing. He can't even sing a kid's lullaby song. Kane Brown and Khalid they both can't sing squat. Their voices are not marketable. Their albums are not sellable. Never on pitch and can't even carry a tune. I wouldn't go to their concerts even if they pay me....people literally fall asleep during their concerts. We're fed up with their mediocre performances at CMA awards. They should be permanently banned from the American music industry.
City Heat and Heels City Heat and Heels . 3 weeks ago
KCROSS Baller KCROSS Baller . 3 weeks ago
I dont know what it is but this song just hits different from the rest of the album
Stephen Schneider Stephen Schneider . 3 weeks ago
Great song Luke! Love the shirt and the hat. So cool to see the the young artists making real country music. Old school... keep it up man, definitely got fans in Montana
Yellow redcorn Yellow redcorn . 3 weeks ago
Lauren Alaina is bored with her life. She has nothing better things to do with her life.
❌❌❌Lauren Alaina also bullied kids with developmental disabilities in a Taco Bell fast food restaurant by yelling and screaming at them. They all were traumatized by Lauren Alaina. She also bullied a girl who tried to be a cheerleader by making fun of her weight. And of course, she bullied a gay boy who killed himself. Now, she's still engaged in bullying American idol winners on youtube, because she has no life. She doesn't know what to do with her life.
Put this loser/demon behind bars!
❌❌❌I just don't wanna see Lauren Alaina or her ugly, hideous smile.
(Kim English) is Lauren Alaina's mother, she keeps coming back here, because she has to defend her daughter. She keeps denying everything I say just like she's been denying it for the last 12 years. My comments are all facts. She went to Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.
❌❌❌I'm not interested in chatting with Lauren Alaina or her mother (Kim English). I want to chat with a real celebrity. I mean who the hell is Lauren Alaina? I just don't wanna see Lauren Alaina or her pictures, because she still looks gross!
The bottom line is I don't wanna chat with some ugly hillbilly from Georgia! LOL
Robert Watson Robert Watson . 3 weeks ago
Bro you could sing the damn phone book and I'd buy it... talent.
Sheena Thomson Sheena Thomson . 3 weeks ago
😎Lauren Alaina has no fame...and u..gly. She's been trying to get into music business for the last 11 years, but she failed because of her ugliness. Kane Brown is the only one who supports her financially, but he doesn't have any career neither cuz he can't sing. He's wasting his time. Because of her odd looks and weird behaviors on youtube, she will never make it. Never. 😅😅...
Kimberly Campbell Kimberly Campbell . 3 weeks ago
I do the guy I just started seeing dedicated this to me.
Doug Beale Doug Beale . 3 weeks ago
Cool song, like this version!
Best Country Songs Best Country Songs . 3 weeks ago
Love this music. Doesn't get any better😍
Barry Kennedy Barry Kennedy . 3 weeks ago
Luke, you and your band are awesome.
WarriorCatFan WarriorCatFan . 3 weeks ago
Ok yall if u love luke combs watch him on meat eater it's a show on Netflix and dang!! Luke you did amazing!!
HS HS . 3 weeks ago
Damn good
Mark Mark . 3 weeks ago
Protect this man at all costs
Keke*from* Shh-cago Keke*from* Shh-cago . 3 weeks ago
I can’t lie, I liked Luke but just he was alright but this album is fantastic 🌸 I give out flowers to Mr Combs for this one it’s great!
Steve Steve . 3 weeks ago
Epic. The voice!!

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