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Ray William Johnson

Ray William Johnson

Published on 2 weeks ago


(source vid is by TikTok/@wheelchair_rapunzel )
#shorts #raywilliamjohnson

Ray William Johnson Ray William Johnson . 2 weeks ago
Val Macabre Val Macabre . 56 minutes ago
What if she just had a surgery and she needs the railing to get on and off the toilet? Older people aren’t technically disabled and some use those stalls because they have assisting rails.
Major Reservations Major Reservations . 6 hours ago
Although I tend to avoid the disabled stall, I know people with bladder problems who could really benefit from accessing the disabled stall, especially in a hurry
Perri Madison Perri Madison . 9 hours ago
Wheelchair Rapunzel is a nightmare, cannot stand her.
Batista's Sweet Treats Batista's Sweet Treats . 9 hours ago
How does she know the women isn't disable. I look perfectly fine to one's eye but I'm physically disable. And when I can I use the disable stall cause I need to.
Kayon Kayon . 9 hours ago
Dude if someone’s gotta go they can go.
Alex ig Alex ig . 10 hours ago
She be looking like the micheal jackson monster
Stickman Studios Stickman Studios . 12 hours ago
And then someone who is disabled comes out, and the people recording get embarrassed. That needs to happen.
Carol Rodriguez Carol Rodriguez . 12 hours ago
I mean when you think about it disabled people are the real inconvenience most of the population doesn't have your problem is not our fault you were born
Bobosmodernlife Bobosmodernlife . 16 hours ago
Imagine getting so upset from this that you felt the need to shame them.
SautterHouse SautterHouse . 17 hours ago
Has she thought about not even how the stalls are accessible for handicapped AND regular people but what if she was disabled in like the head or something like you wouldn’t know
Ruby Rose Ruby Rose . 17 hours ago
She could still be disabled some disability isn’t visible
richard newbold richard newbold . 19 hours ago
Why shouldn't she use it, there clearly wasn't a load of other disabled women waiting, surely the disabled women could have waited just as she did, would have made no difference if that other lady was disabled or not, and if the other ordinary ones were full well you have to use the disabled ones if your desperate, and anyway the boyfriend should have not been filming a lady coming out of a lady's toilet pervert, I'm not a woman but if that was me I'd have batterd him.
Nicole K Nicole K . 19 hours ago
How does she know this person doesn't have a non-visible disability?
Another Random person Another Random person . 20 hours ago
bruh why is it called the disabled stall if anyone can use it
Random GBL SFS Random GBL SFS . 23 hours ago
heyylla heyylla . 24 hours ago
Disabled and entitled 👍
hampyton hampyton . 1 day ago
Hidden disabilities brooo
김진희 김진희 . 1 day ago
there needs any knowledge to understand not to use the facilities for the disabled? What a shame
XRedDakness XRedDakness . 1 day ago
I bet 100$ that the woman is a Karen
kat turner kat turner . 1 day ago
Who the f!?! 😂
Naimish Chavda Naimish Chavda . 1 day ago
Sometimes stalls can be occupied and only the disabled one is empty. If the person needs to use the bathroom badly it's completely normal to use a disabled stall.
Betty Jane Betty Jane . 1 day ago
If I have my son with me I take him in the large stall with me because it be werid in a smaller stall
Black Rose Black Rose . 1 day ago
Your disability is not my issue.
Penguin Community Penguin Community . 1 day ago
This does raise the interesting question of to what degree we should reserve accessible stalls for people with disabilities. What do you think?
stonedsynthesizer stonedsynthesizer . 2 days ago
She'd end up more disabled if they were filming me
2BooKoo:b 2BooKoo:b . 2 days ago
okay but what is she wearing the choker, the shoes ? Just horrendous
Draalttom Draalttom . 2 days ago
It's fair, I try to only use it when I'm having a crisis but I'd totally get if someone did that to me, I'm not visibly disabled, no one can see how I feel in a small stall
Moon Moon Moon Moon . 2 days ago
Having her boyfriend film a woman in a woman’s bathroom is pretty violating and disgusting regardless of why. She couldn’t confront the woman by herself? Like wtf?
R Wilf R Wilf . 2 days ago
Its not like a parking lot where its parking ONLY for the handicapped/ disabled. I haven't seen for handicapped /disabled ONLY. It there in case someone is disabled not only for disabled
🍄Penut🤗 🍄Penut🤗 . 2 days ago
Ms. Ma'am sounds like the female terminator 💀
Crystal Harms Crystal Harms . 2 days ago
If it was a kid she would probably not care ??? 🤨
Qozial Qozial . 2 days ago
Some Random Respected Vet With TBI: Am I a joke to you?

The restroom with that is just a label to let people know golly 💀
WDreams WDreams . 2 days ago
Disabled toilets aren’t made only for disabled people
Chez La Mez Chez La Mez . 2 days ago
In Scotland. Disabled toilets are not reserved for only physically disabled. The bathrooms are considered disability accessable. That's all.
Avery Games Avery Games . 2 days ago
I am about 95% certain that this is illegal.
Tom's channel Tom's channel . 2 days ago
There is a difference between ‘adapted to disabled people’ and ‘reserved for disabled people’.
Don Don . 2 days ago
She and her boyfriend? Why is her boyfriend in the women’s washroom?
Evan Konkoy Evan Konkoy . 2 days ago
Elise😍 Elise😍 . 2 days ago
Just cuz she’s not visibly disabled?
Rae-anne Lamberton Rae-anne Lamberton . 2 days ago
First come first served
Riannion Abbott Riannion Abbott . 2 days ago
You ever been to a bathroom and you don't even care if there's a disabled bathroom stall you just don't care and you still use it yes this lady should do just wait like one time I had to wait my bladder was about to explode I could barely move I was in pain cuz I hadnt peed for a long time
Skidalla Rapp Skidalla Rapp . 2 days ago
this is very illegal you can not use a camera in a restroom
MCsEpic MCsEpic . 2 days ago
It is indeed a crime
Mixup 221 Mixup 221 . 2 days ago
It’s a stall that can accommodate disabled people. That doesn’t mean it’s reserved for disabled people especially when it’s busy.
Iamthatguypal Iamthatguypal . 2 days ago
Why is her boyfriend in the girls bathroom?
Noah Keil Noah Keil . 2 days ago
If there's a disabled person clearly waiting for a stall, they should get it. Otherwise, it's fair game.
Annabelle Haurik Annabelle Haurik . 2 days ago
How did they no she wasn't disabled tho that is my question 🤔
lilbabykitt3n lilbabykitt3n . 3 days ago
theres a lot of reasons you might want to be in a stall with a sink in it

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