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Published on 1 week ago

Home Depot Karen gets employees fired

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PapaStanimus PapaStanimus . 1 week ago
Full video:
John Going John Going . 30 minutes ago
Karen your a pathetic selfrightous douche bag & a racist.......
Jefferson D Jefferson D . 1 hour ago
Someone is sleeping with that 🤷‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
skelly Man skelly Man . 2 hours ago
Woman said the male race
leasa gowers leasa gowers . 2 hours ago
What an annoying voice. She needs to be doing cartoon voices.
Truth Hurtz Truth Hurtz . 2 hours ago
Yea I have no problem with anything she said
a person a person . 4 hours ago
Oh yeah you're the victim meanwhile being racist
Robalina29 Robalina29 . 4 hours ago
Literally can't even spell "lose" correctly.🤭
Prepordietryin Prepordietryin . 4 hours ago
You can just hear it in her voice that she's a bag of s***.
Ibnu said Ibnu said . 6 hours ago
Wierd one go back to "your" Country, so she think he is not American citizen? That really....
Don Jensen Don Jensen . 6 hours ago
Unfortunately the employees work for a company owned by a lib who is all about being “woke” and would side with that twit even if theres proof that she instigated the whole thing. Never shop Home Depot.
Dean 420 Dean 420 . 6 hours ago
Wow, she’s dumb and should go to jail
M B M B . 7 hours ago
How do people get to this point?

I’m at Home Depot twice a month. My goal is to be in and out as quickly as possible to chill at my house or go about my dad.
Matthew Swenson Matthew Swenson . 7 hours ago
So sick of this whiney ass cancel culture generation. They are buisness owners, they dont need an excuse to kick anyone out when they are causing drama
Quantavious Jaquantarius Daquantarius Jones III Quantavious Jaquantarius Daquantarius Jones III . 7 hours ago
This would be based if it was a man.
Cassandra Engram Cassandra Engram . 9 hours ago
Karen what country are you from with that big bird voice.
Damarcus Boyd Damarcus Boyd . 10 hours ago
They boomin her on TikTok ong
Fabiolo Fabiolo . 10 hours ago
Look at how many vids/pics on her story like🤮
TornBoosack TornBoosack . 11 hours ago
Yo when she was saying fired like that reminded me of the boss in cat in the hat lmao
Free Cain Velasquez Free Cain Velasquez . 11 hours ago
After inhaling too much helium “ He didn’t touch me but he pushed me”
bronz3y bronz3y . 11 hours ago
the amount of little dots on top of the screen when looking through this person’s story is just sad
Minesh Nissanka Minesh Nissanka . 12 hours ago
I love how the Internet collectively hunted her down and is bullying her for this
Reposter Reposter . 14 hours ago
Darling needs a slap.
Sandy Seward Sandy Seward . 17 hours ago
This woman is an IDIOT!
Chef Tubbs Chef Tubbs . 18 hours ago
Omg this womens voice is like a knife going through my ears, Karen’s get on my last nerve
derek logan derek logan . 19 hours ago
The employee was doing his job
gadgetsage gadgetsage . 19 hours ago
She needs... Well, to completely change her personality
David David . 19 hours ago
Someone needs to put their foot up her ass and maybe that would shut her and her Alvin and the chipmunks voice up.. especially with the "go back to your country" remark
Lord Papi Darkwing Lord Papi Darkwing . 19 hours ago
The right to refuse service is a long time used concept I think too many people have forgotten about.
Luke Brito Luke Brito . 21 hours ago
Im a home depot employee. I work for customer service WE DONT GIVE A SHIT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU SPEND STOP BEING AN ASSHOLR
Kevin Davis Kevin Davis . 21 hours ago
If mom and dad had just gone to the lumber section early on and fashioned a butt spanker, we'd never had this. Now I'm having an internal debate with myself if those few seconds of entertainment are worth more than having that nails on chalkboard voice in my head.
R. A. R. A. . 22 hours ago
No purposeful existance
Kelley Days Kelley Days . 22 hours ago
Your voice is like nails on a chalkboard!
Linda Davis Linda Davis . 22 hours ago
Dear god her voice is sooo annoying! Disgrace of a human being. Racist bitch
Paradigm InEntropy Paradigm InEntropy . 22 hours ago
Was that a chipmunk talking?!
Zombinosh Zombinosh . 22 hours ago
She sounds like a little kid. And just as annoying.
Mryeet88 Mryeet88 . 22 hours ago
So let’s get this straight this died was polite as hell by not getting aggressive at all and this racist chipmunk sounding lady after recording herself acting horrible and the employees not going at her she thinks nothing will happen to her and they will get fired
Beklee Dee Beklee Dee . 22 hours ago
God hee voice is annoying af
Jaikobie Jaikobie . 23 hours ago
Yeah what the guy said about going back to her county was wrong, and the black dude probably told him off for that, but you know what’s worse, that lady, I’ve already seen a video about her, what a waste of air
Anita Triche Anita Triche . 23 hours ago
You need to do something else with your life instead of going somewhere and trying to get people fired GET A LIFE these people have families to support what do you do some people like you was not born with a silver spoon. People like you just sit around all day and think of shit to do or say to cause . GET A LIFE INSTEAD OF TRYING TO CAUSEING SHIT.
freemindthinker ezrapound freemindthinker ezrapound . 23 hours ago
The CIA can use recordings of her voice to extract information out of terrorists it would be far worse than waterboarding
EatsDriverFL EatsDriverFL . 23 hours ago
Hey Howard pick up Bernadette she acting weird and Home Depot. If you know you know
daniel Olguin daniel Olguin . 23 hours ago
Go back to your country. Lol she was kinda hot
June Bug June Bug . 23 hours ago
Did she say mommy at the beginning
L L L L . 23 hours ago
She's the only rude person in this video

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