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The Tate Life

The Tate Life

Published on 4 weeks ago

Game: Sifu
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"Adin Ross comes to Romania for Andrew Tate" - Andrew Tate

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"Adin Ross comes to Romania for Andrew Tate" - Andrew Tate

Brandon Craig LOWE Brandon Craig LOWE . 4 hours ago
Why's adin on his nuts
Alien Jay Alien Jay . 6 hours ago
This kid is like a little brother asking to sleep over his big bros house 😂😂
Andrea Salvioli Andrea Salvioli . 7 hours ago
The fucking Top g
Keelan Cross Keelan Cross . 7 hours ago
I love these 2 together haha
Monica Steed Monica Steed . 8 hours ago
When me and my brothers were kids we’d dream of this scenario😂 man’s livin the dream
SturmAnimations SturmAnimations . 12 hours ago
"Can i sleep with you?"
GeneralAppeal GeneralAppeal . 13 hours ago
Tanzila Tanzila . 16 hours ago
Andrew is so jokes I can't
kinder boi kinder boi . 20 hours ago
Is andrew tate in romania?
K Mora K Mora . 1 day ago
Damn it’s that big😅
Hi Newland Hi Newland . 1 day ago
I don’t know who that is
Hi Newland Hi Newland . 1 day ago
House is not even biggie I can go to the house is literally in bed rock house stop lying stop the camp Bro stop😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Don’t sub 😡 Don’t sub 😡 . 1 day ago
you think new york’s parking fees are high he spent 100mil for parking lamo
Billy Yank Billy Yank . 1 day ago
There's some lame stuff out there.......this is one of them.
Mini Hooper Prod. Mini Hooper Prod. . 1 day ago
Jesus Christ is king 👑 🙏
John Taylor John Taylor . 1 day ago
"I don't believe you, you're a liar" must've been staring in the mirror.
Ivan Bumbar Ivan Bumbar . 2 days ago
Imi from romania lol
Wheres_bears Wheres_bears . 2 days ago
Aiden brings out the best in him
Fitness Tire Depot Fitness Tire Depot . 2 days ago
Yeah dont pay this guy to be a life coach.
Joseph Joseph . 2 days ago
So bro like bought 3 different houses and merged em?
Brian Halla Brian Halla . 2 days ago
He is going to sleep in his bed gag boys not fan boys
john martin john martin . 2 days ago
Horniness will make a dude travel but Romania? Dude really in love 😂
Gamer the Gavin Flores Gamer the Gavin Flores . 2 days ago
Bro they became best friends😂😂😂
Jonathan Ramsey Jonathan Ramsey . 2 days ago
Tates a god lol
Eleanor Hesketh Eleanor Hesketh . 2 days ago
Malik Charles Malik Charles . 3 days ago
Dis mf said he bought his 2 neighbors house n extended his own kid gatta be a legend
Λυris Λυris . 3 days ago
He's gon get robbed, romanians are sly
hated never faded hated never faded . 3 days ago
HE SAYS "DONT CALL ME BROKE" not bro hahaha
Luca Georgeana Luca Georgeana . 3 days ago
Fuck ya dedy I'm from romainia
Senpapi Senpapi . 3 days ago
The hustler house
Abir Ghosh Chowdhury Abir Ghosh Chowdhury . 3 days ago
Lol the amount of lies this guy says 🤣
Javis Brown Javis Brown . 3 days ago
Tate isn’t that bad lol
Chris Jordan Chris Jordan . 3 days ago
This Dude Sooo Full of Shiii — Plz “ Don’t come , “ Haha Stop !
Mtn Man Cam Mtn Man Cam . 3 days ago
He didn't even say bro?
dudeitseren dudeitseren . 3 days ago
"Damn it's that big?"
"Yeah it's pretty big"
Susix66 Suhrajo Susix66 Suhrajo . 4 days ago
Little bo Greep Little bo Greep . 4 days ago
Imagine being that rich
Ephraim Charles Ephraim Charles . 4 days ago
buying his neighbour’s house. bro pulled some drake shit
Samuel Strunk Samuel Strunk . 4 days ago
He's real life Batman. bruh
Bubba Taylor Bubba Taylor . 4 days ago
Bro hessss such a liar

Uhhh I knocked on my neighbors door bought there house the connected to different houses 🤓🤓🤓🤓
Grinch Grinch . 5 days ago
How is cosplaying as a mexican racist
Smooth 1way Smooth 1way . 5 days ago
Im sorry but aiden is the BIGGEST D RIDER IN THIS DIMENSION
Jesper Larsen Jesper Larsen . 5 days ago
Dudh Dudh . 5 days ago
I would love to see Adin VS Tate boxing match lmao
Wesley Brown Wesley Brown . 5 days ago
adin should NOT go there bruh they’re gonna haze him like a pledge
mg659er mg659er . 5 days ago
Adin the thirst bucketeer wants a dad! Lmaooooo calls him bro and then taint says bro too smh
TRDavo TRDavo . 5 days ago
Bro says he’s rich and ask adin for 500k for him to go to his house
Marc West Marc West . 5 days ago
Now that’s how u stunt but drake did it first buying the neighbors house lol
noname noname . 5 days ago
Even my 1 bedroom apartment has a room for adin
goose003 goose003 . 5 days ago
Hooooly shit who care adin or whatever daaaaam this guy is a boss. U might get lost wow

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