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Lost In Vegas

Lost In Vegas

Published on 1 week ago

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Lost In Vegas Lost In Vegas . 1 week ago
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Trevor Smeezy Trevor Smeezy . 43 minutes ago
First time they reacted to lil baby in 2 years 🤯🤯🤯
Michael Riddim Michael Riddim . 17 hours ago
This song is overhyped, the beat is meh. The hook is alright, but the BEE GEES version sounds so superior that this just doesn't slap for me
Sixto Pompa Sixto Pompa . 1 day ago
Go to sixtopompa to hear the Drake solo version
radbarij radbarij . 2 days ago
You guys should talk to Mullvad!
Glocksig 45 Glocksig 45 . 2 days ago
Keep it a kilo this sucks. Drake part is not cheat code to me. Tired of this singing ish.
philip philip philip philip . 3 days ago
drake is great when he starts to sing....
joemax joemax . 3 days ago
y'all the sports references in this ahahah
Tafadzwa Bero Tafadzwa Bero . 3 days ago
Please react to J.I.D - Dance Now!
younghotboy239 younghotboy239 . 3 days ago
You guys should review the black soprano family video, benny the butcher group, it's him, heem and Rick hyde, called times is rough with dj premier on the beat 🔥🔥
hollis68 hollis68 . 3 days ago
Keep tellin' ya'all. Check out Teddy Swims version of Khalid's "Talk".... won't be disappointed.
Tisefunmi Adekunle Tisefunmi Adekunle . 3 days ago
Y’all should react to Dance now Jid!!!
R Code R Code . 4 days ago
Hit summer 🔥🔥🔥🔥
lebo mathopa lebo mathopa . 4 days ago
Played it safe lol But that hook though its gonna be echoing in my head for a while lol
OZ BRAVO OZ BRAVO . 5 days ago
This ain’t shows you how much creativity in music is dying bcuz this song is wack there was no lyrical content in it..They played off of a Bee Gees classic then added some subpar lyrics and said let’s call it a day…Hip hop needs a resurgence soon or it’s dying slowly but surely
Sipho Monakali Sipho Monakali . 5 days ago
Stogie T - Sotra Cypher 🔥🔥 please do it guys before it gets old man... 🙏🏾
DJ 808z DJ 808z . 5 days ago
Just another lazy approach to a song by all three artists
Robert Reece Robert Reece . 5 days ago
Drake is the human cheat code whether its trash or not its a hit and radio will overplay the shit out of it
Mini LaughMarathon Mini LaughMarathon . 5 days ago
Please do Lecrae Spread the opps.... Never thought he would have those kinds of bars.
MrNigeriaboy MrNigeriaboy . 5 days ago
Track is dumpster juice
Orion33 Orion33 . 5 days ago
drakes “ light” is everybody elses “ great”
Khalif Khalif . 5 days ago
This song is trash
CryptRot CryptRot . 6 days ago
terrible terrible terrible
hdvr3000 hdvr3000 . 6 days ago
Yes I know what techmo Bo is thanks to Boldy James & The Alchemist it’s actually one of my favorite albums of last year.
Sam Sam . 6 days ago
These artists need to be held ACCOUNTABLE.

DJ Khaled got the 2 biggest artists in the game & dropped the most MIDDEST shi I've ever heard🤢
Thami L Thami L . 6 days ago
This song is gonna be long forgotten in 3 weeks 😂, the Drake Fall off era is here
“Tittyscope” 😭😭
trayse_jordan trayse_jordan . 6 days ago
Auto tune everything let’s gooooooooooooooo
Nightvid Nightvid . 6 days ago
Weak effort. Hard pass. No cheat code apparent here. Just shit verses, lazy beat, and a hook that's not nearly as good as the song they bite it from. Surprised yall liked this that much. Drake can do wrong believe it or not. Too much music out there to waste time on this for me.
TheBeatsAuthority TheBeatsAuthority . 6 days ago
DJ Khaled videos are hilarious
Big Dick Big Dick . 6 days ago
Interesting y’all enjoyed this one, I personally disliked this track but that just goes to show music is subjective
Bowen Hunsaker Bowen Hunsaker . 6 days ago
To me this is a song that doesn't need to be made. If you're not at least trying to introduce something new in terms of content or sound then what are you doing? Just remaking the same shit over and over. Some one could write an algorithm that sifted through every drake song and find similar lines and I bet we'd be surprised how much he repeats with his content.
Southern Cinderella Southern Cinderella . 6 days ago
Check out $t Piccolo with dugout
Jesus Lopez Jesus Lopez . 6 days ago
After that last album anything seems appetizing ig
Curtis Thompson Curtis Thompson . 7 days ago
React to wants and needs they was actually rapping on that one
ProgPiglet ProgPiglet . 7 days ago
This channel reminds me of how subjective music is lol
I mean I like the beat. 808s are always good. But hearing Drake shit all over one of the most iconic melodies in music with that weak lazy ass crooning... nah. the bee gees deserve more
Kojo Owusu Kojo Owusu . 7 days ago
You guys have to react to lyrical joe 5 august 6 full of bars 🔥 and lyrics ⚡ u gonna enjoy it
Siyanda Tyakume Siyanda Tyakume . 7 days ago
Oaks not addressing what we all know drake and baby talking bout in the lyrics 😂
DaltonThomas DaltonThomas . 7 days ago
Myles Kennedy solo albums should be visited too. They are both fantastic.
Antwan Ferguson Antwan Ferguson . 7 days ago
This was meh
Bernie Mac Bernie Mac . 1 week ago
Oliver Branch Oliver Branch . 1 week ago
This song is very terrible from every aspect 😂
DarkLyt_Bayless DarkLyt_Bayless . 1 week ago
It’s that hook mane 🔥🔥
Storyville District Storyville District . 1 week ago
React to Little Simz - Venom ( from the COLORS show) please! Or any Little Simz!
par32 par32 . 1 week ago
Can someone explain what dj Khalid does?
Kevin Kevin . 1 week ago
Lazy, cynical, yawn-inducing, garbage beat, autotuned phoned-in crooning + Khaled being corny/adding nothing to the track= 🔥
Sven Sven . 1 week ago
Drake at this point not even trying lol song sounds like Greece but again its a throwaway song
Creole Tatted Creole Tatted . 1 week ago
Great point… same happened with Lil Wayne after the Carter 3 he was at the content stage of his career and started making rock albums and skateboarding
Benjamin McDonald Benjamin McDonald . 1 week ago
Guys, start here and it just gets better and better
Helin Said Helin Said . 1 week ago
Drizzy really is the hook King! Every beat he touches turns to gold 🔥🔥🔥

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