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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Published on 2 weeks ago

Newly crowned UFC interim flyweight champion Brandon Moreno was joined by current champ Deiveson Figueiredo and Joe Rogan in the Octagon following his third-round knockout win over Kai Kara France in the co-main event Saturday at UFC 277.

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Slayer Slayer . 1 day ago
Underrated0men3376 Underrated0men3376 . 1 day ago
Moreno is such a class act. He’s honestly such a needed breath of fresh air.
Georgi Georgi . 2 days ago
What a cringe, why not hand Fuguirero a chair to smack him over the back with? Too much wrestle mania
Pacey Sinclair Pacey Sinclair . 2 days ago
Hope Moreno beats Figgy in their 4th fight, lets go Brandon!
Bonald Bonaldson Bonald Bonaldson . 2 days ago
Two skilled legends
inSynced inSynced . 3 days ago
Wtf is that bump on deivisons forehead dude?
Lucianking758 Lucianking758 . 3 days ago
This is what its suppose to be about...recognizing that life and sport are 2 separate things
David Gallegos David Gallegos . 4 days ago
“Let’s go, I don’t care I’m ready. Vamos pa Brazil.” That gave me chills
Shivam Tomar Shivam Tomar . 6 days ago
Dude's like moreno should be our elected leaders.
Hero Ethos TV Hero Ethos TV . 7 days ago
Everyone loves Brandon Moreno, he goes to show you don't have to be like connor mcgregor to become a superstar just Genuine.

But then again Colby Covington became a superstar after he created a character out of necessity of being cut from the UFC.

So I guess those are two sides to differnt usable methods. You have to test out and see what works for you.
GARCIA YT GARCIA YT . 1 week ago
Ruben Garcia Ruben Garcia . 1 week ago
Joe got his Lex Friedman on
Arcane Arcane . 1 week ago
I feel like the back office of the UFC is trying to push this closer to WWE territory. I want to see good fighters, not characters.
risyad rinaldi risyad rinaldi . 1 week ago
maybe not today maybe not tomorrow PERRO!!!
Honolulu Hogg Honolulu Hogg . 1 week ago
Fight with honor not hate... this might fight of the year! ✌🏼✌🏼
KDiddy 801 KDiddy 801 . 1 week ago
Who gives the left hand when they are giving you the right hand?
Anass Nouri Anass Nouri . 1 week ago
This is beautiful
HellaModest HellaModest . 1 week ago
When you know you can deliver a special and entertaining fight everytime, you don’t have to trash talk
Jo Vee Jo Vee . 1 week ago
That was cool.
Philipp Glanzmann Philipp Glanzmann . 1 week ago
Philippglanzmann ich habe kein Geld für die Kinder und ich habe kein Geld für die Kinder und ich habe kein Geld für die
B@MBiπO93 [email protected]πO93 . 1 week ago
Damn Brandon gave that foo a permanent lump on his head
ChiefGwopp100 ChiefGwopp100 . 1 week ago
*How Do You “Respect” The Guy When You Keep Giving Him Your Left Hand*
Sergio Ledezma Sergio Ledezma . 1 week ago
The truth
Младен Гаровић Младен Гаровић . 1 week ago
Televisa presenta
Jay Bee Jay Bee . 1 week ago
Can someone please lmk if there is a Mandela effect going on here or something like that because if you ask me I would say that they fought one time which they tied then they fought a second time when Moreno became champion then a 3rd time when figueiredo got his belt back? Or am I imagining n going crazy? Joe Rogan said fight for the 3rd time? Please someone tell me I’m not going crazy!!!!!!!!!
ntuthuko mkhize ntuthuko mkhize . 2 weeks ago
Like this Brandon guy tjoooo
SanchoSoSaucy SanchoSoSaucy . 2 weeks ago
I watched this like 10 times
Gabriela M Gomez Gabriela M Gomez . 2 weeks ago
Vamos pa brazil!!!
I want Moreno to be the champ! He so classy even a ignorant fool had to change up!
CherryPoppins CherryPoppins . 2 weeks ago
He’s the coolest dude in the UFC. Even while flustered he keeps it real! Real Champ
Franco Gomez Franco Gomez . 2 weeks ago
It’s going to be 4 fight joe
Xavier Moyssén Álvarez Xavier Moyssén Álvarez . 2 weeks ago
Let's fucking go, Brandon. Winning in Brazil will be much more sweeter. Let's do this shit.
Chris2on Music Chris2on Music . 2 weeks ago
Erin Gomez Erin Gomez . 2 weeks ago
Siempre me haces llorar Brandon! Mil respetos!
Jorge Orozco Jorge Orozco . 2 weeks ago
Moreno might be the most likeable athlete in the world
MIke944 MIke944 . 2 weeks ago
Conor McGregor should Learn from this guy . Conor has kids but sometimes i feel they r more mature than him
Elmaztuerzo Elmaztuerzo . 2 weeks ago
that's called huevos
Youtuber0804 Youtuber0804 . 2 weeks ago
Damn. Humble kid.
smock peso smock peso . 2 weeks ago
i feel this sport is the most admirable/respectable sport and its always nice when u see real respect instead of cheeseball shit talk
Combat x Combat x . 2 weeks ago
Figueredo looking too big no wonder he is to powerful for the division
Jelly Punk Jelly Punk . 2 weeks ago
Chin up Kai it was a good fight, your time will come
Pinnn Pinnn . 2 weeks ago
Viva mexico cabrones Brandon Llegó y será campion Undisputed the la UFC Viva Brandon viva Mexico.
Jacob Vega Jacob Vega . 2 weeks ago
Brothers in combat
Yashier Abutazil Yashier Abutazil . 2 weeks ago
I love this guy
Javed Syed Javed Syed . 2 weeks ago
Have watched this over 72 times now
gurp chirp gurp chirp . 2 weeks ago
moreno fucking rules.
Ryan Nguyen Ryan Nguyen . 2 weeks ago
Because god said so, we do the good thing from god.
daniel renteria daniel renteria . 2 weeks ago
Viva Mexico cabrones. Hay sol para todos culos

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