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Published on 2 weeks ago

Testing out our new 2022 Yamaha Yzf 250's on our backyard track!


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We Bought New Dirt Bikes!

This video was done by professionals under the supervision of professionals on a closed course!

In today’s video, Evan and Micah pick up two brand new Yamaha YZF 250 dirt bikes and ride wheelies right out of the show room! We take them to our backyard dirt bike track and have some fun before doing some wheelies on the street! Later Evan surprises Ben with a gift and Ryan learns how to drift!

CboysTV CboysTV . 2 weeks ago
Let’s run the like button up! Everyone hit the like button!
Angel Ochoa Palma Angel Ochoa Palma . 5 hours ago
Get a Supra! Lol
RELO YT RELO YT . 13 hours ago
Bro you live my dreams
Liftedwhips aka#Tim Liftedwhips aka#Tim . 18 hours ago
Signing in[] 864 to the 562💯🤔💪🏿💵
Lewis Dunn Lewis Dunn . 1 day ago
I love Ryan’s face when drifting🤣🤣
James Robison James Robison . 2 days ago
i love how cboys have fun with their crap right after they get it. like the limo, they bought it and then a month later it was in the junkyard
King King . 2 days ago
Team blueeee💙💙💙💙
James Bender James Bender . 2 days ago
Why 250’s!?
Melissa Kyle Melissa Kyle . 2 days ago
get a car for driftingggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandon Bullabough Brandon Bullabough . 2 days ago
Oh man I wish I could get a dirt bike:(
Nick Elder Nick Elder . 3 days ago
That would be amazing if you guys started drifting a 350z sounds sick
Trey Adams Trey Adams . 3 days ago
You make vlogs for your 9 year old audience? That’s just sad m8.
Michael Vincent Michael Vincent . 3 days ago
You guys need to do a 3 car drag race!
Erick Quintero Erick Quintero . 4 days ago
I don't Wheelie but I don't hate
Max Cooper Max Cooper . 4 days ago
Bro I ride a 250 and I em 10 years old
Chopper Wuyn Chopper Wuyn . 4 days ago
Quick to call
Harry Spohn Harry Spohn . 4 days ago
Always fun watching
Brayson Leinen Brayson Leinen . 4 days ago
Just sayin a good drift car is an rx 7
CarKid Harry CarKid Harry . 4 days ago
Imagine not knowing Eugene
Nicholas Hatch Nicholas Hatch . 4 days ago
Do more drifting videos
AdventureVenture AdventureVenture . 4 days ago
Eww, the ghetto rap bullshit turns me off. If all this channel is going to do is buy stuff and play rap while you play with the new toys then I'm just going to unsubscribe.
Ian Potter Ian Potter . 4 days ago
just bought my first dirtbike but turns out it was a race bike
BadA19 BadA19 . 5 days ago
Zackgoes and Evan should do a wheelie Contest
Sledneck _149 Sledneck _149 . 5 days ago
Guys , cboystv needs to make an appearance at the Epping grass drags in Nh this year!
Tyler Q Tyler Q . 5 days ago
Yes drift car!
bart bart . 5 days ago
@CboysTV you sould let that fan be a part of cboys so he would be regretting that tattoo as much when hes older
Gage Presley Gage Presley . 5 days ago
I’m y’all’s biggest fan
KneeDown KneeDown . 5 days ago
Even is smooth as butter with that control
Andrew O'Hara Andrew O'Hara . 5 days ago
Buy a 350z but not from market place
Kyler Charlie Kyler Charlie . 5 days ago
Tell dirt mike I’ll by one of his bikes
Gugu Gaga Gugu Gaga . 5 days ago
YES get a 350z and start drifting 💯💯
Layne holtz Layne holtz . 5 days ago
Evan is a beaut, great having him in the group
DemonTimeDamir DemonTimeDamir . 5 days ago
i bet i could put wheelie evan on his own bike 😂😂😂
chloe burraston chloe burraston . 5 days ago
Guys lets start a trend right here right now. Spam she knows
Kool Kohyn Kool Kohyn . 5 days ago
Do more maverick videos
Stephanie Monroe Stephanie Monroe . 6 days ago
Post pls
Bros Numeral Dos Bros Numeral Dos . 6 days ago
For a drift car you should do a smart car
Tyb Laneyy Tyb Laneyy . 6 days ago
CaDeN_ 69 CaDeN_ 69 . 6 days ago
give me a dirt bike
Eli Hunter Eli Hunter . 6 days ago
i hope yall broke in those bikes a little or yall gonna be inside those motors soon
Asher Unin Asher Unin . 6 days ago
Only real dirt bikers know how to scrap a dirt bike
Jameson Mair Jameson Mair . 6 days ago
Evan is lit asf
mason peters mason peters . 6 days ago
if i could get a dirt bike from you i would be so happy
Irma Miliauskaite Irma Miliauskaite . 6 days ago
Boys we cant go a week without a video.
Braxton Lindner Braxton Lindner . 6 days ago
I meant wheelie
Norman Barlow Norman Barlow . 6 days ago
Honestly one of Your guys best videos!
Matthew Haley Matthew Haley . 6 days ago
You guys to get a Kawasaki sport bike 600 to do a wheelie good luck
Bryce Combes Bryce Combes . 6 days ago
I have a very good idea for you Cboys you guys should make a shopping cart shifter cart if you get what I mean
Vargas450 Vargas450 . 6 days ago
I wish I can ride with u guys some day! love ur videos. keep it up!

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