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Gerald Huston

Gerald Huston

Published on 3 weeks ago

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Rae' Walt Rae' Walt . 19 hours ago
No one ever taught her to never go anywhere BROKE!? ! She learned that day.
make'em mad make'em mad . 19 hours ago
She got those nursing home slippers on. No bueno😑
iatealready iatealready . 1 day ago
I would have stashed a weed pen in her bag. Lol.
ScoopBaby Motivation ScoopBaby Motivation . 1 day ago
Respect Fam facts she expect you to do for her but she don't like to do for you FAM 🙌💯 and always remember if she don't invest in you like you do for her she don't care about you. Real G Respect Fam 🙌💯
Tyrell Banks Tyrell Banks . 2 days ago
Just make sure you give me my fuc-ing conformation #. The nerve of that b**ch.. That’s exactly how you treat these using ass b**ches..
Tacaras world Tacaras world . 2 days ago
Never depend on no man anyways 💯 it's called come with your own money always be prepared.
Draidon Barker Draidon Barker . 2 days ago
Im so glad no more simping is happening
Draidon Barker Draidon Barker . 2 days ago
He lame cause he can't get none no you lame you can't buy your own ticket and came with nothing. You lame for thinking you gonna use this guy to pay for you to come and go drive around feed you and you just just tryingvto be friends super lame you didn't come with nothing you are nothing
Nip Dog Nip Dog . 3 days ago
T-pain would bought the ticket beat or not
OTD OTD . 3 days ago
Lol wine n dined for no coochie
meyersrm meyersrm . 3 days ago
Omg she was talking shit and came there with nothing. No cheeks you gotta dip. She lucky he drove her to the airport. 😂😂🤣
Better Things Better Things . 3 days ago
This is sad. Dudes ain't shit. That's all they think about is sex and a woman can't even respect herself and say NO to sex without bring treated like she's trash for not giving up the most precious thing she got. GOD get these dudes!!!
MsBehavenisfun MsBehavenisfun . 3 days ago
Ladies there are no gentlemen. All men & boys do things for us in anticipation of snacking & slapping the kitty cat.
Breath of Life Breath of Life . 3 days ago
I think that’s lame what he did . Mad cuz she seen that he was lame . Proof without the social media this dude wouldn’t be able to get no females . Shout out to this chick who recognized he was a nerd .
Henry Fairley Henry Fairley . 3 days ago
She called him lame. They way she’s dressed she looks lame.
Keso Lamar Keso Lamar . 3 days ago
Dog Beats Dog Beats . 3 days ago
Lisa Thomas Lisa Thomas . 3 days ago
“Ain’t no confirmation number” 🫢😆😆😆😆😆😆
Taji Hall Taji Hall . 3 days ago
send me my confirmation number lmmfao.
B lue Dimples B lue Dimples . 3 days ago
She don't know shes supposed to have a round trip ticket.....
Her: just give me my fukn confirmation # Him :WHAT ?! Ain't no confirmation # Her : "nigga ur lame AF 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
He said I ain't even getting yo bag..get yo bag 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shantae Mitchel Shantae Mitchel . 3 days ago
Wow, 🤦🏾‍♀️
Nakia Nadia Nakia Nadia . 3 days ago
Women you never travel without money…he lame af for this
terrance1046 terrance1046 . 3 days ago
She gonna sell some now to get home🤣
Manuel Navarro Manuel Navarro . 3 days ago
“The cheeks” hahahahahaha!!!!!
D Lil King D Lil King . 3 days ago
Yea he lame asf
smooth music smooth music . 3 days ago
First of all she should have not went anywhere without funds in her pocket, anything can happen, she looking stupid now.
Johnny Phelps Johnny Phelps . 3 days ago
He wrong
tiona carter tiona carter . 3 days ago
Emonie Love Emonie Love . 3 days ago
Never go with a “man” without nothing in your pocket baby!! These “men” are little boys now a days!!
itstruth !! itstruth !! . 3 days ago
She crazy asf why else would a rich [email protected]@@ fly you out to see him for
John Walter John Walter . 3 days ago
No Love. All Transactional
GlitterMeKollections GlitterMeKollections . 3 days ago
Wow 🤦🏾‍♀️
Chaiyra Archer Chaiyra Archer . 3 days ago
This is why you don’t go ANYWHERE and not have your own. Like I don’t get why people put themselves in situations like this. You think you getting flewed out to look at each other 🙄 you know what time it is and if you’re not around for that and don’t have the means to get home STAY HOME
Gregory Corker Gregory Corker . 3 days ago
She might be a man
Devonte Dewman Devonte Dewman . 3 days ago
They lying
Iconikwaves Iconikwaves . 3 days ago
Left her right at da Lowe's cause she wasn't touching her toes...🤣🤣🤣🤣
Steve Estates Steve Estates . 3 days ago
She didn’t understand the assignment lol
Monssieur June (Timothy Jr.) junio Monssieur June (Timothy Jr.) junio . 3 days ago
Getcha self to where you needa go.! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Oz Oz . 3 days ago
Hell nah I be damned if buy a girl ticket and expect some ass in return. Shorty can buy her own ticket from the start unless she my gf 😂😂😂
r2kmike r2kmike . 3 days ago
Movies Channel Movies Channel . 3 days ago
She's lame bro no buelno
Django Unchained Django Unchained . 3 days ago
Real nigga shit, ain’t no free rides lil baby. Bet money she would have told her friends, “bitch I had that nigga spend this n that on this and that n ain’t even give him none” yeah kick rocks shorty
Cali Weathersby Cali Weathersby . 3 days ago
Pawn that Christian Dior bag...if it's real. Ijs.
Brenda Carter Brenda Carter . 3 days ago
That's my man and get the fuck out his car bicth bye bye
AshlyMonet AshlyMonet . 3 days ago
How tf do u leave home with no bread?!!!!!!
I don’t even feel right stepping foot outside without money. Definitely not another state tf 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 then called him a lame….girl what???
/Ray Lopez /Ray Lopez . 3 days ago
Yessssss 🙌 these bitches Trippin these days
Brandon Sylvers Brandon Sylvers . 3 days ago
They both collecting followers, subscriptions, and clout and they probably fucking right now... but yall keep on caring tho... lol 💤 😴

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