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morgans vlogs

morgans vlogs

Published on 2 weeks ago

HI!!! Thank you Kenzzi for sponsoring this vlog!!
Discount code: MAV50
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People in this video!!
V (the best fitness instructor in denver):
If you live in denver come hang w us at soul cycle haha

Jessica Whitney (the best denver realtor):

My moms amazon store!!


ALL OF MY PREVIOUS HOUSE VIDEOS are in a playlist here:

If you want to watch my entire bedroom renovation series I've made a playlist here:)


If you're reading this comment " I want a jar of pickles thrown at me too"

morgans vlogs morgans vlogs . 2 weeks ago
She finally comes out of hiding hahaha HI HOW ARE WE ALL DOIN
Smileholicfox Smileholicfox . 22 hours ago
I had a mattress for a long time but now I have pretty metallic bed that I got with 20e :OOOOOO
Desiree Tunzi Desiree Tunzi . 23 hours ago
It’s the ad for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kiwi Kat NZ Kiwi Kat NZ . 1 day ago
Im not sure what video it was where you mentioned about going off your contraception pill.
I suffer from long term anxiety and depression and thought i would give it a go. Well all i can say is holy shit my doom feeling has gone and i feel different. Ive been on this for 20+ years and never did a doctor recommend trying this.
You will probably never read this but thank you for putting it our there. Here's hoping its onward and upward from here.
By no means am i saying this is the cure all but there could be a connection.
Your words do make a difference plus your funny as 🤬
Shelly B Shelly B . 1 day ago
Congratulations on the new space it’s beautiful and omg I’m already jealous of the storm clips you will have from that view!! Hope your soul is happy and at peace and not stressed over the house and life drama bc life is to short!!
Heythereitsricki Heythereitsricki . 2 days ago
yoooo wtf you live here??? that's awesome!
Serena Voice Serena Voice . 2 days ago
Pls upload the contractor video btw I think be so interesting
Serena Voice Serena Voice . 2 days ago
You and your apartment be looking radiant, girl
Anna Aimeri Anna Aimeri . 2 days ago
congrats on the new apartment!! you're glowing ❤
ps: morgan red looks INCREDIBLE on you that tank top is slaying the house down
Michael Cervantes Michael Cervantes . 2 days ago
So you are working out more because you are on Adderall
Noor Mohamed Noor Mohamed . 3 days ago
You are really a good soul person I think you will always be fine 💜For your skin try something natural called (Lebanon Al-Dakker) Very beautiful on oily skin you can find in the nearest place of natural herbs You will find in the places of Arabic herbs and incense I challenge you to surprise me and you will love 👍
Josie Howell Josie Howell . 3 days ago
Ugh I forgot how much joy you give me. I’m forever mad we’re not real life bffs. ❤️❤️❤️
Beatriz Encinas Beatriz Encinas . 3 days ago
YOU LOOK AMAAAAZING MORGAN!!! Inside and out 😌😌🥰🥰🥰 xx
DeeJay13Boo DeeJay13Boo . 3 days ago
Tell me why you went to Target dressing like you work at target. Hope you got the target discount.
WillDoesBanter WillDoesBanter . 4 days ago
No videos with you and Ryland in a while has something happened
Emmanuel Asamoh Emmanuel Asamoh . 4 days ago
Alec Smith Alec Smith . 4 days ago
11:23. Grandma be wild. Haha
Jamie Dillard Jamie Dillard . 4 days ago
Morgan I loved how you opened up that that reality you want and plan for does not always happen . I know it’s hard to open up about these things . So thank you cause I feel less alone
Lizzy Giroux Lizzy Giroux . 4 days ago
Around this time last year I was watching Morgan's vlog of her buying the house, and crying because I felt that I could never afford my own house.
Then I DID buy my own house in May, and now Morgan is without a house ): oh how the turntables. I'm sorry Morgan.
Katie N Katie N . 4 days ago
Morgan you are GLOWING!!! Also your fashion taste is always 👌🏻!!!! Also your hair gorgeous - I just gotta say it!!!! 💘💘💘💘🤩🤩🤩🤩
Jeah Almoete Jeah Almoete . 4 days ago
idk maybe im slow but why didnt you just live with your parents until your house was done to save money? you literally spent days making that room feel comfy :(((
jaclyn jaclyn . 4 days ago
i love you
Monica Mccorkle Monica Mccorkle . 4 days ago
Don't sell the house love it and it's going to look awesome when it's done. Love you !
Laurie Garant Laurie Garant . 4 days ago
You look great!
1in6win 1in6win . 5 days ago
I love Morgan so much. I’m so glad you’re still improving your life and letting us see you in your ups and downs!
mae Simon mae Simon . 5 days ago
Morgan what’s wrong with you …you have a gift … people enjoy watching you , even if you’re doing nothing at all so why does it take so long between each video !
It’s not fair to the viewers that have stuck by you ..get your act together and post more videos !
By the way ..I love you this is just tough Love encouragement.. ❤️❤️
Now get up and take your Robe off and jump in the shower and post another video having a great time in your new apartment!
Sierra King Sierra King . 5 days ago
haha that target joke made me laugh. Just got back from Denver myself :) Thank you for sharing your story!
Zrh Zrh . 5 days ago
how is she so comfortable showing excactly where she lives, i could never, BUT we need a finished furnited Tour
I'm going through the EXACT same phase .. you aren't alone :(
Daniela Diaz Daniela Diaz . 5 days ago
Thank you so much Morgan for making videos, I always feel like I’m not alone because I know I’m not the only one going through changes and new beginnings and the constant up and downs. I like to pretend you’re my older sister, thank you again 🤍
Andrea14LOL Andrea14LOL . 5 days ago
so many university sweatshirts why don't you got back to school and see if that gives your life some balance and you meet genuine people
Lory Enriquez Lory Enriquez . 6 days ago
I wanna be her friend so bad
Victoria Alice Victoria Alice . 6 days ago
You’re literally glowing! ✨ You look so good! Congratulations on the new apartment! Thanks for showing us all of your ups and downs! I can definitely relate. Makes me feel not so alone.
Gina Belanger Gina Belanger . 6 days ago
why not a 2 bedroom
April Rose April Rose . 6 days ago
If you wait to enjoy your life and never smile or be happy you will forever have a miserable life. Life is never perfect
Sandy Hernandez Sandy Hernandez . 6 days ago
Hey Morgan ive been watching your videos forever it seems. I have anxiety and depression too. I can totally relate. I just wanted you to know you look absolutely fabulous. slay Queen
Epitaph1334 Epitaph1334 . 6 days ago
20:43 Did you say Andrew and Garrett?!
Amanda Jones Amanda Jones . 7 days ago
Brylee Brylee . 7 days ago
6:30 she looks so uncomfy and upset
Bee Mendez Bee Mendez . 7 days ago
Ok ok ok I need to catch up!!! What happened to your storage in California??? I would have anxiety having my things so far away from me. Second are you getting a pet your new apartment??? Third congratulations lady you deserve a new home!!! And finally maybe you should just sell your home and take it as a lost 🥺 your sanity means way more!!!
Jenna Stevens Jenna Stevens . 7 days ago
Grandma is a whole mood throwing the pickle jar 😂
penny lane penny lane . 7 days ago
i love you morgan 💓💘💕
bif bif . 7 days ago
You literally live right by me if you ever need a shopping, drinking, laughing or crying buddy! I feel like I was a part of your vlog 🥲
Hannah Conant Hannah Conant . 7 days ago
The crying snot dripping on the sunscreen you spent $40 on because hailey bieber said it was good is so fucking relatable.
Elin Dawson Elin Dawson . 7 days ago
oh.. that apartment is cozy, thats a decent kitchen! i like the windows, how fun to watch idiots in cars there :D
Shay Shay . 1 week ago
I love that you are always honest with yourself and us . Thank you
Jennifer Brugh Jennifer Brugh . 1 week ago
Damn Morgan, I really needed to hear that bit at the end. Thank you for this, your new apartment is gorgeous and so are you 💖
Nicole Kilgore Nicole Kilgore . 1 week ago
Yeah, I dont know why or what's up with men and bed frames.... the three serious relationships I've had- they ALL were lacking the bed frame. I literally had to do a room makeover for each of them. Like why!!!!!
Deanna. S Deanna. S . 1 week ago
Love that you're back in the 303!! So nice to see a creator that lives in the same city as me. Love seeing all the familiar places you cruise by! Keep the positive vibes going! Your apartment and window views are beautiful!
Mae Fynan Mae Fynan . 1 week ago
I was best friends with someone who slept on a king mattress on top of an open futon

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