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FaZe Jev

FaZe Jev

Published on 2 weeks ago



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Tyrell Murdock17 Tyrell Murdock17 . 3 days ago
Houly your a deadly bugs bunny bro
Sam Davis Sam Davis . 3 days ago
Is no one going to talk about how brokenly OP Finns backpack move is?
J Hawk J Hawk . 3 days ago
5:30 jev is changing as a person i expected rage there
Mat M Mat M . 3 days ago
Why do I have to watch an ad to start the video and then a minute into the video? YouTube is so lame with that shit man
Massimo Cella Massimo Cella . 5 days ago
Bro has level 26 buggs and level 1 everything else 💀💀
Synth Synth . 5 days ago
Hi all multiversus players and gamers will you guys please check my new video I made a multiversus.exe video. I spent almost 7 hours editing and I would really appreciate if you guys checked it out also sub to Jev. He makes great videos and I’m hoping to build a community I love y’all be safe!!!!
Tori Angel Gaming Tori Angel Gaming . 6 days ago
Kinda want them to add Requis...
Will Bentley Will Bentley . 6 days ago
Play sumthing else lvl 26 bugz is cringe
The-Walmart The-Walmart . 7 days ago
Day seven of asking jev for Minecraft
Cleic Cleic . 7 days ago
If you want a complex character to play, as you mentioned playing Steven, you could try Tom and Jerry. They’re complex but very, very fun to get down, especially in 1’s. Coming from a Tom and Jerry main, I feel they’re definitely worth at least giving a go and learning a little.
Caterpeace Caterpeace . 1 week ago
If you want a complex character try using arya stark
Woody Henderson Woody Henderson . 1 week ago
They definitely adding Marvin Martian
Nathaniel Vedrenne Nathaniel Vedrenne . 1 week ago
You and Charlie gotta play
Mars Mars . 1 week ago
Bugs has never been the best besides in 2s he is the best in 2v2
Kramerica Kramerica . 1 week ago
Am I having a fever dream
Curtis House Curtis House . 1 week ago
im maining garnet atm, pumping 500 damage almost every game now, i thought 400-450 was a lot
jack hunt jack hunt . 1 week ago
Who the fuck told jev not to rage?!
631 Statix 631 Statix . 1 week ago
Have you Tryed TAZ
challenge accepted: play The Mortuary Assistant
Dre island Dre island . 1 week ago
Jev actually good at the game I see the way he combos with the rocket wish I can run 2s on day with him
Declan O'Ferrall Declan O'Ferrall . 1 week ago
Play Iron Giant
Landon Cole Landon Cole . 1 week ago
If they over nerf Buggs I might quit cuz it’s shaggys and finns who are walking freely and super man
Caleb Pickett Caleb Pickett . 1 week ago
We love you jev
Kool Customs Kool Customs . 1 week ago
Miss when you would get mad at mortal kombat that was funny
CosmicSynx CosmicSynx . 1 week ago
U can buy toast with gold
autopilot autopilot . 1 week ago
teams is cool but if i see someone dominate in 1v1s then i think they are so much better of a player
Michael Jordan Michael Jordan . 1 week ago
I hope characters like daddy duck get put in
Hampton Gold Hampton Gold . 1 week ago
Jev is not using his imagination when it comes to new characters. Ben 10 would be dope as hell, courage the cowardly dog, samurai jack, gremlins even wilder would be shit like jojo cuz wb Japan owns those rights
Leyton Leyton . 1 week ago
steven hella fun to play but lowkey hard to master, you should give him a try.
Nico Nico . 1 week ago
Love u Jev
Grant Capehart Grant Capehart . 1 week ago
I don’t play lebron, but he’s supposed to be the most fun and satisfying one
Skyler Hasty Skyler Hasty . 1 week ago
Congrats on 5 mill king
ZippLineTime ZippLineTime . 1 week ago
youre the reason i got this game lol
Jwest62 Jwest62 . 1 week ago
Love the persona music in the back ur a man of taste
罠Rez主 罠Rez主 . 1 week ago
tbh I love playing taz, I started playing after the nerf so it doesn't even bother me. do I get mopped by some comp teams? ye. but eh fuck it, still my boi
Uhhhdiction Uhhhdiction . 1 week ago
We're absolutely loving the MultiVersus content jev! Keep uploading whatever games you choose jev, we're here for it all
The Wafflin The Wafflin . 1 week ago
Finn is definitely stronger than bugs, don’t feel bad about playing him jev
Jake Wayne Jake Wayne . 1 week ago
i think only bugs is getting his up bat nerfed. and patching the double rocket glitch. maybe hit boxes but i think every character needs some adjusting there especially superman’s grab and finn’s everything really
Hoodie Jagged Hoodie Jagged . 1 week ago
This was a sick rebound attack 6:30
TheLegitBoss TheLegitBoss . 1 week ago
we need more multiverses jev
Mayor Of SexyTown Mayor Of SexyTown . 1 week ago
Been really loving this game, so damn addicting.
Gabriel Mahrt Gabriel Mahrt . 1 week ago
we need more multiversus love the videos
Isaac J Isaac J . 1 week ago
More multiversus content !
ElJefeHerb ElJefeHerb . 1 week ago
You use the most op character 😭😭
Boznoz Boznoz . 1 week ago
What everyone’s most damage done in a game
i'm tormented i'm tormented . 1 week ago
Finally Jev havin a good time in one game let’s goo love u bro
Devan Nelms Devan Nelms . 1 week ago
Is that a BMTH shirt
Devan Nelms Devan Nelms . 1 week ago
More and more multiversus jev
Wired Shooz Wired Shooz . 1 week ago
jev ima a bugs bunny main but if you chose to try out other characters pls try lebron or finn :)
Dalton Padgett Dalton Padgett . 1 week ago
Been playing arya, and while im ass and know shes difficult. A lot of her hitboxes feel short af or just whiff

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