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Jack Neel

Jack Neel

Published on 3 weeks ago

Bobby Castro Bobby Castro . 1 minute ago
Should have givin him probation. He's actually doing the world a favor and I hope GOD forgives him.
Tiffany Smiley Tiffany Smiley . 5 minutes ago
I see a marvel movie somewhere I'm going to need us to get together and try to make this happen because this is a awesome name for a marvel avenger
Leah Isbell Leah Isbell . 6 minutes ago
Just let him work for the FBI. Like they do hackers!!!
Thomas Mixson Thomas Mixson . 9 minutes ago
A man molested and raped a young boy. When the authorities captured him and were returning him via Air for trial, the boy's father met him at the airport and shot him dead. When brought to trial for the shooting the jury acquitted him....justice done
Dave Saylor Dave Saylor . 12 minutes ago
Shouldn't be illegal.
LosusX LosusX . 15 minutes ago
Why you send someone to jail after killing useless people that deserve to be in pain for eternality.
I’d personally would do the same but i dont wanna go to court yet.
TactI Tard TactI Tard . 21 minutes ago
They should have funded this guy
Sebastian Kott Sebastian Kott . 22 minutes ago
Fuckin guy needs a reward
Still Newports Newton Still Newports Newton . 26 minutes ago
Jail time. What world do we live in. Give him a badge and government funding to further his ventures.
elche elche . 27 minutes ago
Hitler would sentence him to join SS... What a monster... We love and spare pedophiles 🥰🙏
D Scoot D Scoot . 33 minutes ago
Should be open season on pedos, 24/7 365. Sadly too many of em in power
Yujai Yujai . 38 minutes ago
The living embodiment of danzo
Nik Y Nik Y . 46 minutes ago
Bless this man. Tho it was a crime of taking someone's life early and all that. These murders from this man upon these sick fucks was the best thing. Cuz those monsters are about 100 percent not changeable souls. When the man in jail passes he well be thanked and paraded in the after life where ever that is.
Mynt Sans Wife Mynt Sans Wife . 53 minutes ago
Damn and typically a murder charge sentence is 25 years, he got 3 years extra for brutalising a pedofile *what a world we live in folks.*
Ronnie Bar Ronnie Bar . 54 minutes ago
Good for him. Too bad he served time
Lexi ImaWriter Lexi ImaWriter . 58 minutes ago
Sirius Sirius . 1 hour ago
minors r cute tho-
Mark Heathcliff Mark Heathcliff . 1 hour ago
Toxic Gamer Toxic Gamer . 1 hour ago
Well, killing the wrong person is why vigilantes shouldn't be killing.
Tita Dones Tita Dones . 1 hour ago
He’s a hero
Mickyratdog Cowboy the f****** Mickyratdog Cowboy the f****** . 1 hour ago
Good for him
We The People We The People . 1 hour ago
He should have never been charged with anything
Das_Neko Das_Neko . 1 hour ago
he should get a Medal for that just a Legend.
Errror42 Errror42 . 1 hour ago
Don't say he beat up pedophiles when he actually beat up sex offenders.
Ryoichi Watanabe Ryoichi Watanabe . 2 hours ago
Respect sir
Spaced Mellow Spaced Mellow . 2 hours ago
He may be a criminal in the eyes of the law but he’s doing all of us a favor. But nooo we like to leave it in the law’s hands and for them to wait months to prosecute someone. Someone I know was SA’d recently. It’s been a month and that guy hasn’t payed and is currently at home safe. Police haven’t done anything. This is why I salute this man.
Nic0leMari3 Nic0leMari3 . 2 hours ago
Bet! He just told the judge what he wanted to hear. He'd do it again, and for that he's an American hero‼💯
Telman Mehdiyev Telman Mehdiyev . 2 hours ago
even with his apology he was saying "just dont get caught"
reginald washington reginald washington . 2 hours ago
This kid should be professional commentator .
Pax Aurora Pax Aurora . 2 hours ago
Dude is honestly based as fuck
Kit kats Kit kats . 2 hours ago
HE ABUSED A MINOR AS WELL. He's just as awful as the rest, roth in jail.
Kevin Stearns Kevin Stearns . 2 hours ago
He should be getting an award. Too bad he couldn't get more of those fuks.
Alakablam Alakablam . 2 hours ago
And with that, the “Jason Vukovich Elementary School” was declared open and all was right with the world.
AR Operator AR Operator . 2 hours ago
Some times people need to take justice in their own hands.
raysie ! raysie ! . 2 hours ago
he didn't deserve jail time !!
bryant hunt bryant hunt . 2 hours ago
All pedos deserve to be beaten to death with a hammer.
anime lover anime lover . 2 hours ago
No words
अशोक無悲 अशोक無悲 . 2 hours ago
That's the problem with the judicial system. He did something great and got punished for it.
No For Gay Jesus No For Gay Jesus . 3 hours ago
respect to this guy
SilVaFx SilVaFx . 3 hours ago
This is the man I support 100%
Medd Medd . 3 hours ago
The punisher
Onosaka Koike Onosaka Koike . 3 hours ago
Tony McDonnly Tony McDonnly . 3 hours ago
Words of wisdom to consider.
damien procrastinates damien procrastinates . 3 hours ago
He shouldn't be in jail they should be putting him somewhere to get help not rot in jail cuz he wanted to help
Sharonda Trice Sharonda Trice . 3 hours ago
Let him out. He did a good deed
Marc Cornish Marc Cornish . 3 hours ago
The government should of put him on pay roll 🤣😂
Moammel Hussein Moammel Hussein . 3 hours ago
This man is The Arrow
Mariela Neto Mariela Neto . 3 hours ago
I can't believe he got arrested for doing something good
PHOENIX jr PHOENIX jr . 3 hours ago
Captain: Avengers assemble
This guy: I’m Alaskan

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