Play / Download Vaughn Gittin Jr. Flew In To Help Me Tackle My New Drift Car... NOW IT'S INSANE!!!
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Cleetus McFarland

Cleetus McFarland

Published on 2 weeks ago

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This car and I were REALLY struggling when I first got it back to the Freedom Factory! After one day of ripping with Vaughn Gittin Jr. I've got a really good handle on it! Let's get it!

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Cleetus McFarland Cleetus McFarland . 2 weeks ago
Klutch Kickers Round 3 is in two weeks... feeling way better. Gotta get out there and rip it! Come on out to the FF to hear this bad unit in person!
Thomas Unruh Thomas Unruh . 1 hour ago
Get rid of all context and it sounds like Vaughn was giving cleetus a therapy session
Robert Jay Robert Jay . 2 hours ago
$21.50 a bottle if you buy 14 bottles???? Idk if that’s really a deal cleet! I mean I’m just saying. Love this channel though.
Grahame Hart Grahame Hart . 14 hours ago
. I dnt know anybody that can get into any vehicle and rips the them til he hears those bald eagles scream 🏎🏎. Turned into my favourite YouTuber to watch all the time
Grahame Hart Grahame Hart . 14 hours ago
Can’t wait to see you get your first podium at klutch kickers in the next round cleetus. That car looks a nasty when it’s dialled . The fact you can hit them turns at the speed ne it grips so we’ll
Brody Sears Brody Sears . 16 hours ago
Damn driving with the water pump off…. Hope it didn’t hurt anything
Roberto Buset Roberto Buset . 2 days ago
I know the S197 comes live axel but this this one swapped or no?
Jack Cobb III Jack Cobb III . 2 days ago
You should sponsor a driving school for beginner drivers;)
Michael Baker Michael Baker . 2 days ago
Please hire me
Michael Baker Michael Baker . 2 days ago
Dude please get me outta aircraft mx, and into your world, it’s like saying I accept nothing bad with any system, I make sure that every single system is perfect before I say its good.
Michael Baker Michael Baker . 2 days ago
Wow you need me, whatever it means that I can do, you need me
Rick Spenkelink Rick Spenkelink . 3 days ago
J.T. Blair J.T. Blair . 3 days ago
I just don't get the thrill of drifting. Whats the point?
Jay Jay . 3 days ago
Well this has to be a bucket list item for me, learn to drift from ANY of the RTR drivers! I guess I would need the proper car first LOL and friends in high places BUT hey, I can still dream LMAO! Awesome vid as usual Cleeter, love watching these cars
BROCKgoFAST BROCKgoFAST . 3 days ago
Something about a V8 bouncing off the walls and limiter at the FF
Shawna Geister Shawna Geister . 4 days ago
The grass dude not the grass lol looks like a blast, but i'll take your word for it
Jerk Of All Trades Jerk Of All Trades . 4 days ago
That car is a BEAST
w@t(h3r [email protected](h3r . 4 days ago
just love those long drifts. looks real 🔥
w@t(h3r [email protected](h3r . 4 days ago
brooo that was sooo close to the wall. be careful to not scrape that machine. would be shame.
ZSTRODE. ZSTRODE. . 4 days ago
Ford power 🥰😂🥰🥰🥰
ZSTRODE. ZSTRODE. . 5 days ago
Never lose TYE that guy is the MAN!! 👌
Rolling Rock Rolling Rock . 5 days ago
Cleetus can drive. Damn.
Maree Walker Maree Walker . 5 days ago
Is it just me or is YouTube absolutely pumping out ads 2 at a time every 3 to 5 minutes? It feels like there trying to force you to the pay for no ads! It's just been the last few weeks but every video has ads 2 at a time almost every few minutes! Anyone else noticing this????
Gavin G Gavin G . 5 days ago
Been super busy so super behind on the videos. But its almost like benje watching a TV show. Cant wait to catch up
Godless Life Godless Life . 6 days ago
Hell yeah
Austin Ahlin Austin Ahlin . 6 days ago
Listen, it sounded good on paper😂😂😂
Benjamin Filbert Benjamin Filbert . 6 days ago
If ya'll want your drift cars to go so fast, why you keep driving them sideways?
Lesser Logic Lesser Logic . 6 days ago
Jeffrey buckinfst Jeffrey buckinfst . 6 days ago
UGH OHHH everyone better watch out CLEETUS Learnt how to DRIFT like a beast in that nasty RTR so 🌶️🌶️🌶️💯👍💪🔥
Trenton Gregory Trenton Gregory . 7 days ago
Bring Donnie back
Erik Renner Erik Renner . 7 days ago
You just need to get rid of all the grass in the infield. One big cement pad.
jeterjet88 jeterjet88 . 7 days ago
Whatever happened to the dale truck?
Chris Durham Chris Durham . 7 days ago
Just don’t make this your last practice for two weeks…….
Rising-Phoenix Rising-Phoenix . 1 week ago
How often do you swap out tires and do u only do the rears ?
MrFiero MrFiero . 1 week ago
Checkout GreenLightFilming, Brian is rebuilding an abandoned oval track in Wisconsin with hopes of hosting drifting events.
Kody McMullen Kody McMullen . 1 week ago
Vaughn is such a genuine human being.
Danny Bracken Danny Bracken . 1 week ago
Now can we get a day like this for Adam.
The man is destroying in his E36 but doesn’t seem comfortable in the mustang.
Nathan Johnson Nathan Johnson . 1 week ago
I sure hope you’ve invited Paul from Fab Rats to come and race a Crown Vic!
cleet looks so uncomfortable inside the car the handbrake is too close to the steering wheel for him and the tunnel looks like a ball crusher , i feel like the corvette is way better than this mustang
George Cupac George Cupac . 1 week ago
imagine if Cleetus had an Aussie BA ford falcon drift car ?
aaah tex aaah tex . 1 week ago
Finnegan's Garage Finnegan's Garage . 1 week ago
dude that last line was so good!
the_enthusiast the_enthusiast . 1 week ago
Sometimes you gotta get humbled shirts or hats or something needs to be a thing now lol
LJmods LJmods . 1 week ago
Commit to the entry… proceeds to skim the whole fkn wall
CRs Louisiana BBQ and more CRs Louisiana BBQ and more . 1 week ago
Can we get a tandem when Taylor Ray gets done with his car? That would be awesome!
copternut copternut . 1 week ago
Vaughn Professor Drift Gittin Jr
Swampy Colorado Swampy Colorado . 1 week ago
Hell yeah brother. Rippin.
Van Poll Van Poll . 1 week ago
This is by far the best motorsound I've ever listened to. What a machine. I love it.
Rudy VanBuskirk Rudy VanBuskirk . 1 week ago
Damn Garrett you could drive a pickle and make it look good.
nonya biz nonya biz . 1 week ago
Aries always try as much as it takes to get the win. Never stop till you get perfection. Nice work.

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