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Chad Wild Clay

Chad Wild Clay

Published on 2 weeks ago

Spy Ninjas Live on Tour -

After Chad Wild Clay made "My Friend became Weird & Angry Overnight", Vy Qwaint created "Are My Friends LEAVING the Spy Ninjas?", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "My EX-Girlfriend Tricked Me into Facing My Fear of Heights", Regina is super mad at Chad and Vy for putting the shock bracelet on her brother Melvin and because of that she ran away with our ex best friend PZ9 to join his evil hacker organization! Chad thinks Regina left on an undercover mission for the Spy Ninjas, but Vy thinks Regina really left and chose family over friends. Now Daniel is left feeling confused and sad! He rallies up the remaining spy ninjas and his ex girlfriend Alie to join him on his quest to find his girlfriend Regina before it's too late and she's too far gone. They follow hackers in a car chase to see if it leads to Regina but they lose them! So Daniel has no choice but to hack into Regina's phone. After hacking into Regina's phone, they find out that Regina is with PZ9 and his hackers at a park! The hackers are setting up a device to hack into civilians phone's to access and steal their banking information! Chad and Vy decide that they need to put a stop to it because that is the Spy Ninja way! Regina will have to wait! But this makes Daniel really upset until Regina facetimes Alie and he sees a hacker flirting with her and now he is really angry! Did Regina truly leave the Spy Ninjas? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog video in 2022!

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Chad Wild Clay Chad Wild Clay . 2 weeks ago
We gotta get her back!
Come meet us when we visit your city! -
Lil Than5809 Lil Than5809 . 12 hours ago
Lil Than5809 Lil Than5809 . 12 hours ago
Cilina Fonts Cilina Fonts . 12 hours ago
I feel bad😭😭
Andrew Tammi Andrew Tammi . 16 hours ago
I want watermelon Mel
Tejal Kabra Tejal Kabra . 1 day ago
Let's tile let's call it Ganji❤❤❤❤
Simonee Slowley Simonee Slowley . 1 day ago
Shawn Allender Shawn Allender . 2 days ago
Why would you bring out a regional original love you and she was the best and you have a burger for her for no reason and I’m crying over here and you had the bigger over in ja love you and then you will never go on her and then I try to help you fall Regina but you not listen you just laughing at me because we’d tell me a joke you’re trying to reach you trying to help him up now you’ll need to find Regina Regina loves Alia she could’ve she did not quit the spy ninjas because she wanna help y’all for a reason and that’s why he and that’s why Melvin took over your safe house Melvin took over here safe house that’s what you get because why would you do that And then you know you’re not a shower because he don’t need to be sure he want to find his girlfriend Y his girlfriend his girlfriend love it and then there are you at the burger with Eli jazzman our business because she want to find Gina Eli want to find Regina ray Eli love Regina to but I don’t know how to say then you put out she don’t like you anymore I’m so sorry but she don’t like you because you wanted to break up with her but no reason and then she didn’t do nothing to you so you want to break up with her right now I’m done talking to you I don’t like you I don’t like you I don’t like a Panzano cause you I was wanna get smart so I when I see you I’m not gonna say hi to you me and my friend we will be cheated
Mercedes ROSADO Mercedes ROSADO . 2 days ago
The card I think the car just left
Mitchell Cook Mitchell Cook . 2 days ago
paula Graham paula Graham . 2 days ago
hi pmg chad i am a big fan name nala
sia Perez sia Perez . 2 days ago
And Daniel put it back together today I need to be together and they get a package and they know how to do it same thing
Zohra Hsn Zohra Hsn . 2 days ago
Liam Jauron Liam Jauron . 2 days ago
I'm jokeing spy ninjas for life
Ahmed Arghawani Ahmed Arghawani . 2 days ago
T Robinson T Robinson . 3 days ago
I’m not dumb at the 9:00 mark I know you weren’t hacking you were on FaceTime I saw the face cam and I know the hand up sound DANIEL
Cottage core callage Cottage core callage . 3 days ago
Did anyone realise that Danial was punching the air.
Uma Deb Uma Deb . 3 days ago
so so sorry for you
Funcle Boo Funcle Boo . 3 days ago
I am sick and when I watched your videos I feel like I'm not sick
Funcle Boo Funcle Boo . 3 days ago
I was sad and when I watched your videos it made me happy
Liam Liam . 3 days ago
Yh Melvin lives with tem I went a seen them in the house
Fun With Roblox Fun With Roblox . 3 days ago
Wolly please because I love you guys
Natalie Deal Natalie Deal . 3 days ago
Chad Vy Alie Daniel I’ve got your Merch and the spy ninja pen but I can’t write with it and I had the voice more for and I got it from Smith’s toys it did not work but that’s okay because I’ve got two of your spy ninja boxes I’ve always wanted to see you come to England if Melvin invades my mum said that if you are in England then I can come and see you hi my name is Francesca by the way
Natalie Deal Natalie Deal . 3 days ago
Daniel I hope you are feeling better I’m so sorry about the loss of Regina and Melvin but they will come back to you when they’re ready
I like food I like food . 4 days ago
that hack was a ft call that just explains how this is all staged haha
Erica Killingsworth Erica Killingsworth . 4 days ago
I always wanted to be your guys's videos but I live in the United States of America but I'm also too young because I'm only eight but I still hope someday you'll find me and then put me in a video
Bentley Dunn Bentley Dunn . 4 days ago
Where is Perlita
Geckquando Geckquando . 4 days ago
Harry styles the watermelon
Kids Frederick Kids Frederick . 4 days ago
Tim Ross Tim Ross . 4 days ago
Fahmy Kasm Fahmy Kasm . 4 days ago
Ted Smith Ted Smith . 4 days ago
Daddy The watermelon
Renata Leos Renata Leos . 4 days ago
Kashvi Kandel Kashvi Kandel . 5 days ago
i think that your pets name sould be walter
Harley Quinn Harley Quinn . 5 days ago
Ana carvalho Ana carvalho . 5 days ago
Fruit punch
Haydee Figueroa Haydee Figueroa . 5 days ago
I'm feel very bad for all the spy ninjas
SOAR cryft SOAR cryft . 5 days ago
I love Alies personality
marilyn claro marilyn claro . 5 days ago
Alittleliam #SLAY Alittleliam #SLAY . 5 days ago
idon’t kreek
Brenden Padilla Brenden Padilla . 5 days ago
how about water Malone
Beckee Schoonover Beckee Schoonover . 5 days ago
I believe you
Hiprsonic Hiprsonic . 6 days ago
Master Slacker studios Master Slacker studios . 6 days ago
I read to The girl with the pearl earring
Master Slacker studios Master Slacker studios . 6 days ago
Sonia Guzman7 Sonia Guzman7 . 6 days ago
Carol Johnson Carol Johnson . 6 days ago
I agree with you so much Ali so yeah so Regina is trying to do her own thing because I do my own thing everybody is or something like Daniel he was mad but I feel sang that song he was back in the Gang okay tell Regina whenever you see her ever again just tell her to come back sing her a different song I might pull up some songs that make sure up don't get too mad about it I mean too serious
Carol Johnson Carol Johnson . 6 days ago
I agree with you so much okay bye
Mia Rivera Mia Rivera . 6 days ago
Mel born

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