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Published on 1 week ago

This feels like a hit FAM
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WhatchaGot2Say WhatchaGot2Say . 1 week ago
Love reading your comments about why you liked the song or why you didn’t like it. A lot of valid points on both sides. And yeah some of us felt it was lacking cause the guys weren’t in it which is valid and some are okay with the video the way it is which is cool too. I like hearing different perspectives. We all don’t have to agree all the time to love and respect each other and that’s what makes this real 💯🤓💜💜💜
Jessie Abastillas Jessie Abastillas . 7 minutes ago
💜BangtangrlRM7🌌 💜BangtangrlRM7🌌 . 1 day ago
Yall should react to the 5 new songs on the album proof, including 'Run BTS'(the new one)
Giulia Cassano Giulia Cassano . 1 day ago
ZenKix ZenKix . 2 days ago
Song was great...same with the disappointment but as Army we knew they have their schedules are just hectic...well hectic is an understatement when it comes to BTS and their schedules 💜💜💜🤟
Selena L Selena L . 2 days ago
the song is great. I think we should focus on the positives all the time, just like the boys do. it's a music video. they aren't in it cos they are in Korea. anyway done was talking about the music video, I want to talk about the songs! It's catchy like crazy I love it! BTS is sounds really good!!!
Annette Crawford Annette Crawford . 2 days ago
please link that damn shirt. I need that
Paola L Paola L . 3 days ago
I can't u ndersgand how you guys didn't like JK with Charlie puth song but you are losing it for this.... this is the worst bts did in my opi ion. And I don't get the simple existence of this song. It' And I don't like the way they laugh about us Maki ng us look like crazy fanatics. And the lyric? Come on.... I live the boys with my entire heart, but this? This is a no for me. And to be honest I don't thi k the boy did more than record the voices, pure cash.
Stephanne San Nicolas Stephanne San Nicolas . 3 days ago
I couldn't stop laughing. Benny definitely trolled the ARMY. In the nest way possible! Hahaha 😆 💜
Catherine Fridey Catherine Fridey . 3 days ago
Agree 💯 I would have liked the boys to appear at the end of the video.
Ella Alexander Ella Alexander . 4 days ago
I enjoyed y’all reaction. I’m not surprised the boys weren’t in the mv but if you look back, they aren’t in majority of the mvs for their collabs. I love the song and it’s catchy af. Him as a fan I thought the mv was cute. 💜💜💜💜
DeAnna Jeane DeAnna Jeane . 4 days ago
It would have been super cool, and I actually expected them to do something like when Benny sat down at the end. Like maybe the bus pulls up with them in it and bc he's so early he gets to meet them or something. But it's great. I just wish there wasn't so much saturation and auto tune on their voices. Jin hit this one out of the park for sure! It was perfect for his voice!
Darcy Hill Darcy Hill . 4 days ago
I need that shirt!!! Bangtan Clan for LIFE
Gwendolyn Harvey Gwendolyn Harvey . 5 days ago
I love the music and video is so 😍 cute.
ArmyMon ArmyMon . 5 days ago
Opción de subtitulos por favor 🙏🏼
D13J D13J . 5 days ago
I love this song, the mv… and particularly Jimin’s vocals . He sounds amazing
NatureLover NatureLover . 5 days ago
Hilarious how you guys know just what we're thinking too as we watch this video. I am totally into your reaction videos! Good job, guys! :)
Zarah Chan Zarah Chan . 5 days ago
I loved this collab! Benny did BTS and ARMY right. No offense whatsoever! If we’re honest we do this prep for any BTS concert. This song is a great catchy beat and verses. The vocal line sounded amazing. Harmony on point! Thanks for reacting! Borahae 💜🫶🏽
Christine Enright Christine Enright . 5 days ago
Wow, this is a Benny Blanco project. He wrote it, arranged and produced it. He even starred in the MV. This is a prime example of "Producer as Star" with the singers being little more than hired help. Yes, it is very well produced and catchy. It follows a formula that has made Mr Blanco successful. And it will get the coveted air play in the States...air play denied BTS's own music. But, it adds fuel to the nay sayers critique that BTS is just a poppy derivative boy band. One more thing--Snoop's part was not organic to the song. It was gratuitous. I don't doubt that Benny Blanco admires BTS. But I wonder why he did not seek a true collaboration? I am also concerned that the BTS members are under continuing pressure from HYBE to sustain HYBE's business model. Remember what RM said at the dinner about the pressures that interfere with artistic growth and integrity. I continue to read announcements from HYBE saying that BTS will be promoting various projects that are not their own trying-- using ingredients them as salesmen. This is not a good sign. It erodes their credibility. Cheapens them. I know I may come off as a negative person but it is because I am old and have seen too many corporate production companies use their artist as cash cows, destroys their spirit and discards them.
ArmySince2016 ArmySince2016 . 5 days ago
Let’s help Bad Decisions chart higher 😞 why do I feel Armys are not making much effort for this masterpiece. This involves our vocal line and they for sure made a lot of effort for this track. Let’s go Armys! Let’s do this for Bangtan 💜
alifc alifc . 5 days ago
Is this the only way to get Bts on the radio? With songs written by American very pop musicians, that make music sound a like for other 20 singers you keep hearing on the radio over and over again? That's not knew, not putting Bts music on the radio, that's putting Bts name on the your(radio played) same music
Sodium Sodium . 5 days ago
Our boys sang well, there are no questions. But it feels like they were tricked into this. Firstly, the content of the song can be compared with those tracks that they dedicated to the army.
Secondly, they are not even in the clip. There is a separate story about the clip. Making fun of army’s fascination with bangtan is so-so idea…For many army’s, getting to a concert is a goal and a dream, people wait for days in front of stadiums. And the guys would never laugh at it.
And, thirdly, members everywhere are silent about this shit. Even if they are not allowed to promote this, but they don 't even ask army if we liked it, they don't look for feedback, as they always do. It's all weird and I don’t like it.
Cindy Araya Solano Cindy Araya Solano . 5 days ago
I feel the same, the song is amazing and it was fun, but I really miss seen the vocal line 💜💜💜
Cheyenne Weston Cheyenne Weston . 5 days ago
i dont know why but i have a feeling that benny will carry on this storyline. i feel like there will be another video and song after this, and he makes it to the concert and sees the boys. just a thought
Arty Az Arty Az . 6 days ago
Trust me if you want this song with BTS you have to see Bad Decisions MATCHES Boy With Luv Choreo PERFECTLY! Someone did a match up and it is fantastic! It almost looks like they are truly dancing to Bad Decision, would love to see your guys reaction to it!
purplegem81 purplegem81 . 6 days ago
I actually like the fact that they were not shown in the video..makes them even bigger!
منال بلقيس Manal bilqis منال بلقيس Manal bilqis . 6 days ago
I really love Jin vocals and his English pronunciation is so sexy and seductive!! it's so clear!!
방탄항상 방탄항상 . 6 days ago
The thing is, the guys are pretty much never in a video credited to the whole group without all the members. They've done a whole bunch of collabs as BTS involving only certain members and they're not in the videos, ever, so I wasn't really expecting to see them. They're now appearing solo in other collabs, but not as a partial group. Things may evolve as we go, so I guess we'll see.

I like the song a lot, and I'm really loving it for summer! I want to give Benny particular credit for what was a huge amount of creative effort - I really liked the video concept. In all honesty, I was a little surprised that Snoop's part didn't go harder, but I really thought his first verse suited the song. And if I may say, as someone who sings in other languages, I'm so impressed with the guys' pronunciation, and how natural it's gotten. They're such rockstars.

Thank you as always for the reaction, guys! And enjoying the comment section as well :).
Love ~ 💜💜💜
Torijenae Russell Torijenae Russell . 6 days ago
I thought aww... that was sweet! And didn't think much of it after that first viewing before i went to sleep. Fast forward to me at work all dayum day:
Not a soul:
My Boss: I don't wanna know, jus hand me that *smdh*
Me: ...borahae *finger heart*... here u go
El gorro azul de yoongi El gorro azul de yoongi . 6 days ago
Me gusta tu playera bro 🥰👕
민나은 민나은 . 6 days ago
Sylvanus Sylvanus . 6 days ago
I like the song so much and the mv was funny, would have been cute to have a cameo from the boys but it’s ok, they had lots of pics of the boys so it’s all good.
Connie Lee Connie Lee . 6 days ago
The worst. Reminds me of bubblegum days. No visuals with BTS Snoop and Benny. Very dissappointed.
Darling Nikki Darling Nikki . 6 days ago
I love the video and don't mind them not being in the video. The video is marketed as BTS and not the vocal line or "Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook". It would look weird to me to have BTS as a whole in the video when only the vocal line is in the song. Great video concept.
A B A B . 6 days ago
Jimin’s vocals stand out so much 💜
Sue Hillbish Sue Hillbish . 7 days ago
Just saw your vid😔
I'm 2 days late.
joelecs joelecs . 7 days ago
We did get to see some Suga in there but his interpretation of what army would be like getting ready to go C BTS what's on point
nu fij nu fij . 7 days ago
this song is like a gift for us, the lyric is teasing and teaching Army, God bless you Army. thank you Double O p and Benny, thanks guys for the reaction💜. Benny, you made it, at least for Jimin's clothes in Dynamite mv!🤭
Beatriz Ayala Arechi Beatriz Ayala Arechi . 7 days ago
Me encanta la canción, cumple el cometido de divertir y entretener con una melodía ligera. El video lo amé. Que se diviertan.
Brooklyn Z Brooklyn Z . 7 days ago
It seems like the new collaborations- c Puth and this are songs that have been dashed off incomplete and go nowhere, compared to the songs and production values BTS always put out. The difference between BTS ( and J Hope) music and this stuff is like night and day. Awesome and Meh. The exception is That That which was incredible. Guess this is what they mean about the Korean Work Ethic Please don’t come down on me in the comments. I love e BTS. But I had such high hopes for this and it doesn’t cut it. Even My universe is better.
Mirr Mirr . 7 days ago
I like the whole video though.. I like how it's goes the theme of 'Bad Decisions '
Juliet Hunt Juliet Hunt . 7 days ago
I loved this video and song so much. 😊 This was souch fun!
Teresa Rosas Teresa Rosas . 7 days ago
Have you guys ever heard of this global pop group Now United.Check out some of their m/v they are people who come from different countries singing and dancing. Here is some songs I hope you will react to ( Nu Party)(Na Na Na )(Dance like that)(Wave your flag) this is just the beginning
Garnishes Garnishes . 7 days ago
just wanted to say: taehyung is pronounced tae-hyung, not tae-yang (which is a completely different name). common mispronunciation but just wanted to point it out!
Josibelk Ariana Aponte Josibelk Ariana Aponte . 7 days ago
Bts may not have been there visually, but ARMY was! And well represented too!
Linda Osani Linda Osani . 7 days ago
Jeon Jimin Jeon Jimin . 7 days ago
emily emily . 1 week ago
I honestly loved this and the video was hilarious 😂 I didn't mind they weren't in the video, we know how busy they are! It's a fun song and definitely will be stuck in my head for a while 💜
lilypudd lilypudd . 1 week ago
It's a lovely summer song. Fun to sing, fun to dance to...will be enjoying it.
Juan Paredes Juan Paredes . 1 week ago
Hello. It Would Have Been Funny. If John Cena Appeared At The End, With His Camping Gear. Hoping To Be The First One In Line. Then Argue With Ben, Because He Wasn't. 💜❤️😇BangTwice😇❤️💜

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