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Sky News Australia

Sky News Australia

Published on 2 weeks ago

Tomorrow could be the most dangerous day of this century, Sky News host Andrew Bolt says.

“Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the US House of Representatives, second in line to take over from the president if he dies, has confirmed she will fly tomorrow to Taiwan,” Mr Bolt said.

“Taiwan is an island off China, and a democracy. But the Chinese dictatorship says it's actually a renegade province, Chinese territory.

Mr Bolt said China’s army “will act” if Ms Pelosi visits the island nation.

“In fact, China has been conducting live fire exercises near Taiwan, and on Sunday sent one of its aircraft carriers from the south, apparently towards Taiwan," he said.

“US warships are now poised behind Taiwan to offer protection.”

Mr Bolt discussed the issue with The Australian’s North Asia correspondent Will Glasgow.

hasan şenol hasan şenol . 3 days ago
Wish I would have seen this earlier.
Sümeyye' Sümeyye' . 3 days ago
Love it
Guler Gundogdu Guler Gundogdu . 3 days ago
merve Eren merve Eren . 3 days ago
When will the next video drop?
Quarovic Quarovic . 3 days ago
Enjoyed it!
hejin lale hejin lale . 3 days ago
Made my day!
emrebayy emrebayy . 3 days ago
Can you make more videos please
Damla KOCAYİĞİT Damla KOCAYİĞİT . 3 days ago
So good
Yasir Şahin Yasir Şahin . 3 days ago
Liked and subscribed
mustafa asan mustafa asan . 3 days ago
Great video
ylmzailesi 4 ylmzailesi 4 . 3 days ago
Awesome video!
Yusuf Aktaş Yusuf Aktaş . 3 days ago
Mert Baba Mert Baba . 3 days ago
Incredible video!
Oyunların Ustası Oyunların Ustası . 3 days ago
Vøýť Anтоn Vøýť Anтоn . 3 days ago
piss off, it wouldn't be
even if it IS a dangerous situation, you say it this way only to draw people's attention
so please— piss off
serry ciok serry ciok . 4 days ago
look. Pathetic.
Denise Case Denise Case . 4 days ago
Sky snooze. Murdoch BS propoganda.
That other guy That other guy . 4 days ago
Sky News is another example of Murdoch trying make more money by inflaming international tension. Sky News employees should be ashamed of themselves.
Martin Mendoza Martin Mendoza . 5 days ago
News media hoax
D.W. Erickson D.W. Erickson . 5 days ago
pfffht What a joke! China is merely playing its part in this charade of the New Amerika.
Jim Williams Jim Williams . 5 days ago
... aaah, Pelosi is not second in line!?! VP Harris is second in line. Who writes for these dudes???
Jim Williams Jim Williams . 5 days ago
For yinz ... maybe?!?
jtr789310 jtr789310 . 5 days ago
This week Xi verified to his people and the world he no tougher than Winnie the Pooh
AZAPPS AZAPPS . 5 days ago
Looking at that picture of Xi and Biden, my first thought was:
Communist Sociopath with delusions of grandeur & Dipshit.
mikoy huio mikoy huio . 6 days ago
please tell me what I’m doing wrong
Jackie Nunn Jackie Nunn . 6 days ago
It looks like the country coming to the end oh well never mind god bless you all
aswer huio aswer huio . 6 days ago
I’m willing to risk the potential loss of the Speaker to prove a point.
Ethan B Ethan B . 7 days ago
As someone watching this 6 days later it clearly wasn't the most dangerous day considering the US has been in several conflicts in the last 100 years that delivered a higher body count than 0
KiLLA KiLLA . 7 days ago
Sees this 6 days ago🤣
dnt5volvo dnt5volvo . 7 days ago
7 days later.. so where did the most dangerous day of this century go.. ya moron.??
Glenn Sankey Glenn Sankey . 1 week ago
The worry of WW3 is redundant when you have your own governments selling out.
Alfred Gjoka Alfred Gjoka . 1 week ago
Stevo M Stevo M . 1 week ago
The most dangerous day was TODAY...Christ mate that tie! Nice handkerchief. Let me guess, Alan Jones dresses you....Shocking
M M . 1 week ago
Biden is a dangerous half wit and if it’s true (and I doubt it) that the majority of Americans voted for him then they deserve the position they’re in. I feel sorry for hardworking, decent, honest Americans as their once great country is now a corrupt, embarrassing mess….the Democrats are absolute crooks.
Kenton Woods Kenton Woods . 1 week ago
Ham549 Ham549 . 1 week ago
Tomorrow could be the most dangerous day of this century... Posted 5 days ago.
alex alex alex alex . 1 week ago
Tomorrow? Which tomorrow?
the dog the dog . 1 week ago
I don't care about crazy Nancy
the dog the dog . 1 week ago
I don't care let everyone and the white house go over there and fight not us
Susan Lawson Susan Lawson . 1 week ago
Nancy pelosi seems to think she owns the world News Flash God does
jay jay . 1 week ago
Every day Biden is president is another dangerous day
Pac NW Guy Pac NW Guy . 1 week ago
Sky News is Australia's version of Faux News here in the USA. Would like them to explain how it was the most dangerous day of the century, or was this just blah blah blah?
Adrien Broner Adrien Broner . 1 week ago
If Pelosi and Trudeau want war so badly they can fight on the front lines first.
Shawn Hammack Shawn Hammack . 1 week ago
Every day is a dangerous day with Biden in office.
Tenor Hawk Tenor Hawk . 1 week ago
Now America have new friends that they love America so much North Korea, Russia, China, welcome good friends let's sitting down and eat in peace, mmmmmm
Lelouch Vi Britannia Lelouch Vi Britannia . 1 week ago
China made a very good decision to let Pelosi live.

Having Pelosi as a politician is already a big mistake and as Napoleon says “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
i honestly think china should keep Nancy, we dont want her or biden. granted Taiwan has always been free and its own country, china is just whining because a country doesn’t want to be a part of its horrible dictatorship
Mr.M1AbramsTank Mr.M1AbramsTank . 1 week ago
Useless dictator VS useless house speaker
Is Taiwan in trouble?
Find out next time
LV 246 LV 246 . 1 week ago
Nancy will do anything to win the midterms even if it means starting WW3.
Arthur 002 Arthur 002 . 1 week ago
You people act like you dont know chinese politics, which mainly consists of bluffs. China has been issuing "final warnings" for decades

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