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Vibe Lyrics

Vibe Lyrics

Published on 4 months ago

Vibe Lyrics Vibe Lyrics . 3 months ago
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Leyha Spicer Leyha Spicer . 6 days ago
This song really hits home for me so raw with emotion I balled my eyes out the first time I heard it My eyes immediately welled up tears I feel so wasted I feel so cheated out of so many years with somebody that I wanted to spend forever with it’s been two years and I’m still not over it
Tiffany Warwick Tiffany Warwick . 1 month ago
This song touches deep and I feel every wasted time I've done in the past 3 relationships 😔😥
Helen Stines Helen Stines . 2 months ago
😭😭😭 This song makes me so sad because my cousin I haven't seen them this year and I just miss them and Morgan makes me so happy so thanks
april n derrick Davis april n derrick Davis . 2 months ago
Ain't This IT!!! 💙🌺
Elizabeth Russick Elizabeth Russick . 2 months ago
To all of the time I wasted on the wrong person. U Kno who u are
Lee anna Fullmer Lee anna Fullmer . 3 months ago
One of the best songs I have herd in a very long time not usually a county girl I am now it kinda sounds like jelly roll LOVE IT
Maralee Holdren Maralee Holdren . 3 months ago
Sunda Fricks Sunda Fricks . 3 months ago
Rhis is onw id rhe sings rhat rally get you to rhinking abs really gets tourt becaouse its so teue love rhia singer praters contour family
♥Alexa the stupid♥ ♥Alexa the stupid♥ . 3 months ago
This song is the best because it's me and my step brothers
T.C. LOCO. T.C. LOCO. . 3 months ago
Got me into the country genre again. Thx g🙏
Ajax Wargod Ajax Wargod . 3 months ago
Power in these words.
James I. Hill James I. Hill . 3 months ago
Sure nuff on all this ole boy new to the touch reach out my people he good. Love the words. Tunes are original he's just one, but a great one.
di preeper di preeper . 3 months ago
I was just getting into this song and was waiting for a final verse where he really summed it up with a harsher stronger voice...disappointing
ohioboy ohioboy . 3 months ago
Man this song is great between me an my ex..I felt the same way
Cheyenne Green Cheyenne Green . 3 months ago
My best friends ex finally made him realize that he don't need her and this is one of the songs he showed me I love this song but until last night I never knew what he meant till my best friend told me
Kennita Cox Kennita Cox . 3 months ago
The story of my life,❤❤❤
This song beats hard af and I’m not into this music at all. I can vibe w it
Jeremy Benson Jeremy Benson . 3 months ago
Man if his songs haven't told my life stories, thanks morgan for great music and relevancy
Donna Schlosser Donna Schlosser . 3 months ago
I think the song is great keep it up
Remi Mashadee Remi Mashadee . 3 months ago
i am the lyrical i l
know not my fàult justhowi thonl like u i guess
Remi Mashadee Remi Mashadee . 3 months ago
been tryin to move on i will at somepoint it aint over no worries
Erica Caldwell Erica Caldwell . 3 months ago
So raw so real so much emotion love it!!!! ✨💙
Breeanna Elliott Breeanna Elliott . 3 months ago
The accuracy of this song.
Melinda Mcclain Melinda Mcclain . 3 months ago
Love it!!!
Chellè McLaughlin Chellè McLaughlin . 3 months ago
Guitar soulfully picks through the emotions of this song. Beautiful.

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