Play / Download benny blanco, BTS & Snoop Dogg - Bad Decisions Reaction | BTS ARE IN THE MV?!
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Published on 1 week ago

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bangtan13 bangtan13 . 3 days ago
can relate. jimin's parts are my favorite
~Euphoric Armii Borahae~ ~Euphoric Armii Borahae~ . 4 days ago💜
ArmySince2016 ArmySince2016 . 5 days ago
Let’s help Bad Decisions chart higher 😞 why do I feel Armys are not making much effort for this masterpiece. This involves our vocal line and they for sure made a lot of effort for this track. Let’s go Armys! Let’s do this for Bangtan 💜
Nabilah Othman Nabilah Othman . 6 days ago
u know when i watch it im like... benny u know if u r an army u would be at home 1 hr before... u gonna be there hours before exchanges goodies n shit. n the he was there more than 24 hours before... so i shut up... haha
Rina Rina . 7 days ago
Merch line yep , need to be there 48 hours early just to be able to get what you want or its all gone and still make it to the concert! Hahaha
Linda Xavier Linda Xavier . 7 days ago
Parts are loved!! But Jimin’s! Omg 😍😍😍
TNgirl76 TNgirl76 . 1 week ago
I liked the mv, and the song is 🔥! I know some were disappointed that the guys weren't in the video, but they didn't appear in Steve Aoki's "Waste It On Me" either. It probably just depends on the collab and their schedule.
jfishxx jfishxx . 1 week ago
My room lowkey looks like that and I'm 30 (with a supportive af boyfriend who doesn't mind the multitude of BTS posters watching him sleep)
This mv is fun, the song is the perfect catchy summer bop, and Benny is an ARMY. I love everything about this, and yeah, the video was relatable too LOL.
Archie’s Show & Tell Archie’s Show & Tell . 1 week ago
Do you have a feet fetish? You did mention them a few times 😂
vanessa vanessa . 1 week ago
it would be more realistic if the dude kick him out, and there was a line of armys who were already there lmaooo funny yet stereotypical mv aside, they all did great. benny is really a fan of bts hehe
Fly BTS Fly BTS . 1 week ago
The song is super catchy and the MV is all about Benny blaco literally representing us Armys 🤣
Ric Ric . 1 week ago
am i the only one who thought snoop dogg rap was bad, and i mean bad, bad,is he 2020's pitbull?
Rae Tigre Rae Tigre . 1 week ago
This video got me thinking of my day's as a New Kid's On The Block fan and a Backstreet Boys fan I literally had everything of theirs right down to the bedsheets lol 😆 I kinda wish Yoongi and RM were involved in this too. I know that Jhope was busy but the rest of the rapline would've killed this.
Anu Katariina Sutinen Anu Katariina Sutinen . 1 week ago
You put something extra...😂😂🤣🤣😂😂
Roanne Ave Mendoza Roanne Ave Mendoza . 1 week ago
I like this song only army can relate thanks for this reaction
sara 7891 sara 7891 . 1 week ago
you focused on the mv more than the song🤣🤣
bergliot100 bergliot100 . 1 week ago
You Benny Blancoed, Benny Blanco..😂funny 💜🇳🇴
deexobella deexobella . 1 week ago
The outfit in the glass case is Jimins dynamite outfit 😂😂😂
Karen Bell Karen Bell . 1 week ago
Tiene vibras a la intro de California girls y pray the god.
abcdefghi_lmnopqrstuv_xyz abcdefghi_lmnopqrstuv_xyz . 1 week ago
ARMY can relate😭🙏
Reaction Nation Reaction Nation . 1 week ago
I love all of your videos so much. I don’t think most people realize how much work it takes to edit videos and stay on top of all of the newest K-pop music videos. So much respect!
Marilyn Balingit Marilyn Balingit . 1 week ago
Jimin's part is my favorite and Jin too!
dizzyzer0 dizzyzer0 . 1 week ago
JRE! I loved this version of Bad Decisions!
POUSHI AR POUSHI AR . 1 week ago
Not the random BTS memes in the video 😂😂😂😂
Dalia Simonavitchious Dalia Simonavitchious . 1 week ago
Imagine if he shows up a day late.
Serenity Tsukino Serenity Tsukino . 1 week ago
You talk so loud, I can’t even hear the MV over you
Cerl E Cerl E . 1 week ago
Please react to Jhope hobipalooza? Please?
luvz_jk luvz_jk . 1 week ago
I think the mom surprised him with the Jimin outfit LOL
Cynthia Cynthia . 1 week ago
This MV was the funniest army’s CAN RELATE !!
Army purple Army purple . 1 week ago
Jungkook's intro is my favorite part he ate ♡
Sun soo Sun soo . 1 week ago
Betty Cook Betty Cook . 1 week ago
He outed EVERY Army.. hahaha
Roch4 Roch4 . 1 week ago
I really like it, Jimin's part is my favorite, he give me this MJ vibe 🫂
Lucrezia Lucrezia . 1 week ago
I love the song, it's so loopable, I can’t control myself
jeniel cross jeniel cross . 1 week ago
Snoop dog is hip hop legendary
Diana Liesegang Diana Liesegang . 1 week ago
Wonderful start in Fridaynigh🎉t: Super-charming song which is soo good and gives great Summerfeeling💛❤❤
and the cute appearences of BTS in the scenes are so lovely💛💛😉😍❤
Sho Na Sho Na . 1 week ago
This m/v was so cool and chaotic. I loved everything about it.
Kaitlyn Lam Kaitlyn Lam . 1 week ago
I liked the song! I liked how Benny Blanco was expressing himself as an Army.
Brianna Brianna . 1 week ago
This whole mv was so relatable that I was just as stressed as Benny
Clara Tolleson Clara Tolleson . 1 week ago
the cake was so cute tbh
fatima bouaz fatima bouaz . 1 week ago
dami goldsmith dami goldsmith . 1 week ago
Benny blanco is every army ever in this MV

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