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Published on 3 months ago

Music video by Morgan Wallen performing Thought You Should Know (Lyric Video). © 2022 Big Loud Records, under exclusive license to Mercury Records/Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc

Debra Gilcrease Debra Gilcrease . 23 hours ago
My son sent me this tonight. My cup runnith over ❤️❤️❤️
Vickie Brown Vickie Brown . 1 day ago
i love this song
Teresa Riedout Teresa Riedout . 2 days ago
I love u Morgan wallen u are so good at singing and it is probably hard to hold your breath but they are so good I love the song u proof and somebodys problem ❤❤
Love. His best song ever
Tony A Tony A . 2 days ago
This will be his next number one song. This guy is amazing as this song is
Best Country Songs Best Country Songs . 3 days ago
Greatest Love song of all time up to 2018, in Country Music! I can listen to this all day long!
Trisha Jenkins Trisha Jenkins . 3 days ago
my son sent me this song last night. I was crying like a baby. ❤️. crazy as I have been losing sleep since 93 when my oldest son was born. we never stop worrying about our kids no matter how old they are.
Peeweedinosuar Peeweedinosuar . 4 days ago
Country music is more repetitive than taking a piss
Amore Smith Amore Smith . 4 days ago
I love your music
Rachel Rose Rachel Rose . 4 days ago
This song brings me to tears every damn time !
Black Money Black Money . 5 days ago
This song hit hard when you didn't get say love you and see later when she earned her wings
Brian Weiland Brian Weiland . 6 days ago
I like that part where he says "Is Dad still doing dumb shit"? Hilarious, has a lot of heart.
Dustin Spann Dustin Spann . 6 days ago
Who won follow Morgan Wallen
Dondi Spencer Dondi Spencer . 1 week ago
My name is cord and I am 7 years old and I love Morgan wallen what's going
Michelle Loggins Michelle Loggins . 1 week ago
This was the mother/son dance song at my oldest boys wedding. It was perfect, he was born 3-2-93.. So proud of the man he has become.
Wayne Gray Wayne Gray . 1 week ago
My mom past away in 95. I get tears Everytime l hear this
CrazyKinsley11 CrazyKinsley11 . 1 week ago
Her name soph
CrazyKinsley11 CrazyKinsley11 . 1 week ago
My friend thinks you are awesome
Firefighter_141 Firefighter_141 . 1 week ago
I lost my mother in 2009 I wish I could talk to her.
Shyane Daniels Shyane Daniels . 1 week ago
My boyfriend played this the last time we were hanging out together, about a week ago and I couldn't hear any of the lyrics because of my siblings being so loud and so I searched the lyrics and now I am about to start crying because he's always talking about how he might do suicide when he's older and when I heard the lyrics of this song it made me think of not only him hurting, but the fact that he can almost relate to all his songs so deeply and I am now going to do my best to keep his mind off of this stuff because we've been friends for 8 years now, and we have been dating for about 2 and a half years and I haven't realized that he's been hurting like this until today and I know that if he hurts himself for something stupid (he has a short temper) that's not his fault I would never be able to forgive myself and I don't know what I would do without him because he is my whole world and I will always need him, like I always have.
Jo-Anne Squadrilla Jo-Anne Squadrilla . 1 week ago
I LIKE HIM .....ALOT 🇨🇦🎶🇨🇦🎶🎶
Jo-Anne Squadrilla Jo-Anne Squadrilla . 1 week ago
Such a beautiful boy 🌍
Jo-Anne Squadrilla Jo-Anne Squadrilla . 1 week ago
Thanks ❤️
Jo-Anne Squadrilla Jo-Anne Squadrilla . 1 week ago
Jo-Anne Squadrilla Jo-Anne Squadrilla . 1 week ago
Jo-Anne Squadrilla Jo-Anne Squadrilla . 1 week ago
Jo-Anne Squadrilla Jo-Anne Squadrilla . 1 week ago
hello 👋 it's a givin 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🇨🇦
Nick Marugg Nick Marugg . 1 week ago
I think the acoustics version was much better in my opinion. Still a great song 🤘🏻
Kevon Trotter Kevon Trotter . 1 week ago
Buried my gram last week and I’ve been so filled with anger but when I found this song I felt better. RIP GRAM. WE MISS YOU
Veronica Ranzau Veronica Ranzau . 1 week ago
Thank you for trying
Josh Carpenter Josh Carpenter . 1 week ago
To all the mamas
Igor Campos Igor Campos . 2 weeks ago
The night this song was released I was up late at night waitin' on it to come up. When it started playing, I knew it was gonna be one of the most beautiful songs ever. Thank you, Wallen!
SKYCOWBOY_7 SKYCOWBOY_7 . 2 weeks ago
I’ve been a union iron worker since I graduated high school in 03 started abusing pain medication lost my girl my house and everything that goes with it I called my mother for help something no man in his mid 30’s never wants to do she completely turned her back on me needless to say it’s been 5 years clean I have a new house and a new girl but I won’t lie this song makes me think of her
Dorthy Zbornak Dorthy Zbornak . 2 weeks ago
For my friend who lost his mom but she is is still watching over him and praying for him and she is so proud of him...
Kay Sheffield Kay Sheffield . 2 weeks ago
I bet you can hear your mama smile over the phone when you call. Keep calling her because one day you will want to and you will pick up the phone and remember that you can’t make phone calls to heaven. 🙏🎵🤠😘
Jim O'Brien Jim O'Brien . 2 weeks ago
♾♾♾What's really sad is: Lauren Alaina's mother actually encouraged Lauren to harass the boy because he was gay. The boy didn't wanna go out with Lauren Alaina, because she was an u.gly hillbilly, besides he's gay. Lauren couldn't handle his rejection. So she started harassing and calling him "f. Faggot" every day until he killed himself. I don't blame him, because I don't wanna go out with an ugly girl. Would you go out with the ugly girl? Nope.
Brason Bender Brason Bender . 2 weeks ago
“Thought you should know” this song is the story of my life! I moved to Florida this year and away from my momma, been trying to chase my dreams I guess I’m just homesick.😢🙏🏻🙏🏻
black mamba black mamba . 2 weeks ago
Morgan, I'm 25 minutes from Jeff city, come on down!!!
Craig Kelley Craig Kelley . 2 weeks ago
Rip momma
Man Morgan Wallen you make a days better ever day like when u said the n word I was like he can’t say the n word but other country singers can and other people can I’m mad
Football pro boys, sports Football pro boys, sports . 2 weeks ago
Come to Wisconsin wresch center in green bay title town
Football pro boys, sports Football pro boys, sports . 2 weeks ago
Love the is song
Colin Graham Colin Graham . 2 weeks ago
As a parent, we pray for our kids and hope we’ve shown them the right way on their chosen path. Morgan understanding that in his choice of lyrics “all those prayers you thought you wasted on me, must’ve finally gotten through” chokes me up every time. Thanks for such a beautiful song!
Chris Chris . 2 weeks ago
God why couldn't they have left it acoustic
Gina Kay Gina Kay . 2 weeks ago
My son sent this to me and it made me cry in a good way🥺❤️🥺
Noneya Noneya . 2 weeks ago
Thought You Should Know
Still Praying..Never Wasted
I'm Still losing Sleep
Hoping Your Happy..Knowing Your Busy Being The Man I'm So Proud Of
My Only Son
Miss You Everyday..Been So Long
Love Mama
Sonia barby Sonia barby . 2 weeks ago
To docks live that's not fair to you
On mothers day where on a navy boat a old guy runs it i said seeing mum latter ? He said she died that morning.
Sonia barby Sonia barby . 2 weeks ago
To below to young to go im 61 n empty lives not fair .
Cynthia Cynthia . 2 weeks ago
My son played this son for me tonight in his kitchen. He said he related to it; it resonated in me. I was crying, he was chocked up. I had no idea he felt these things, felt this way. Moms make mistakes. Moms have regrets. Moms wonder about their children's love and respect being sincere and heartfelt. Nice to know he feels this way.
Susan Purser Susan Purser . 2 weeks ago
Y Don sent this today. I feel so humble and loved. Just thank you No 1 son. Kyle.i love you.

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