Play / Download NELK boys CANT keep up with the Tates😂😂
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Published on 2 weeks ago

TheOnlyMotivation TheOnlyMotivation . 1 week ago
The 49th law of power.

Read a lot less and DO a lot more.
Andrew Amado Andrew Amado . 1 day ago
Competitive males!
Rowena Bautista Rowena Bautista . 2 days ago
He has hung over, good thing Kyle didnt puked last nights
Jerome Sho Jerome Sho . 4 days ago
That’s because Steve wasn’t there
Kevin Trevino Kevin Trevino . 4 days ago
The question 🤨 😆

The Statement 🤘🏽
Daniel Jara Daniel Jara . 6 days ago
You gotta realize the tate bros aren’t surface level like the nelkboys, they spiritual as fuck too. U see that man doin criss cross applesauce at a party? That some buddha shit
Ariel Amaya Ariel Amaya . 7 days ago
Anyone know the name of the first song that was playing ?
Willow Willow . 7 days ago
Song at the start?
encitic encitic . 7 days ago
I don’t like the fact that he could probably make half of his teen fan base kiss his feet and they’ll most likely do it bc he’s “top G”
Snow Tib Snow Tib . 1 week ago
They got tired at 20 lol Ik Tate can do 100 on one set
Hematophria Hematophria . 1 week ago
Was that even full range motion bra?
Erenay Içöz Erenay Içöz . 1 week ago
Let me use the Tate mindset alright,

This clown Andrew Tate is doing fucking pushups in public, he is basically on the ground no guard someone could shoot him because he is distracted by trying to look cool

Regadra Regadra . 1 week ago
Bro mans couldnt do fifty, I can do fifty and have stickman arms
Revo Tempo Revo Tempo . 1 week ago
When I was in high school everyone in our rugby team had to do 50 push-ups. The forwards had to to +50 on top of that. And the captain and vice had to do a total of 150 (to lead by example). I was the vice so seeing a grown man struggled to reach 30 seems kinda odd to me. But I'm sure dudes money keeps him up.
B T B T . 1 week ago
Top Gay here making the boys do push ups for him.
Dube Fube Dube Fube . 1 week ago
They didn’t have Steve obv
John Marsh John Marsh . 1 week ago
Homeboy is at a party and is on the ground with legs crossed on his phone
Blaztii Blaztii . 1 week ago
Jesus Christ loves you
Hootieblowsfish Hootieblowsfish . 1 week ago
Did they only have to do 50? Smh
Edward Rosales Edward Rosales . 1 week ago
Andrew would make a perfect final boss
Ced Ford Ced Ford . 1 week ago
SoH_Show SoH_Show . 1 week ago
When Andrew said that conquest line, that was very telling. Be careful following him, although he does speak to the traditional male he also praises hitler and has cult like beliefs, just don’t be blind guys.
Clay90K Clay90K . 1 week ago
Should have brought Steve
Thizlam Thizlam . 1 week ago
Lmao do 50 pushups and then take shots 😂 I couldn’t hang with them either lol
Pararan The Caveman Pararan The Caveman . 1 week ago
"I'm going to IKEA" lmao
Kyr Man Kyr Man . 1 week ago
His push up form is on point though.
Greygod Ice Greygod Ice . 1 week ago
This gave me no pain no gain vibes ahahah
Anthony Jay Anthony Jay . 1 week ago
Not recommending any channel with this guy…..
Eros Eros . 1 week ago
69k likes nice
bag bag . 1 week ago
these boys fruity as hell
Senso Senpai Senso Senpai . 1 week ago
Top G can only do 50?
Free_Bird420 Free_Bird420 . 1 week ago
zergen zerg zergen zerg . 1 week ago
Imagine David Goggins shows up
Alfie Jordan Alfie Jordan . 1 week ago
Wasn't expecting tristan to come and great them , cause they didn't mention he would be there earlier , super happy to see him in the video , although of course usually if one of them is there they'd both be there
Guero Garrapolo Guero Garrapolo . 1 week ago
Not gonna lie, Nelk boys proved they would be virgin nerds w/o social media
Zachary Moerder Zachary Moerder . 1 week ago
Cringiest group of humans alive
ULI ULI . 1 week ago
102 ! when they barely on like 20 😂😂
How much coke do yall think 🤔 was passed around that dat
AndrewDiceClay AndrewDiceClay . 1 week ago
What’s that song in the beginning? Anyone?
D R D R . 1 week ago
how did everyone steal everyone else’s nikacado reference
JB JB . 1 week ago
Andrew's always playing with his nose. ie: cocaine. Of course he can do 60 push-ups. I can do 500 on payday.
ja sam ja sam . 1 week ago
Well you did conquest it for sure
HNDRXX HNDRXX . 1 week ago
Nice form
Bd0g3 Bd0g3 . 1 week ago
Bradley might have to compete for Top G 😂
Joe Billy 🏳️‍🌈⃠ Joe Billy 🏳️‍🌈⃠ . 1 week ago
Humberto Torres Humberto Torres . 1 week ago
Nelk soy boys meet real men
Talk To Tim Talk To Tim . 1 week ago
Half reps lol
DoublEMr DoublEMr . 1 week ago
Andrew is already falling off i give it 2months tops
X Racing X Racing . 1 week ago
Tate party looks nuts
Old YouTube Channel Old YouTube Channel . 1 week ago
Tate aint even doing push ups correctly..

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