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Published on 5 years ago

Laura Sharples Laura Sharples . 51 minutes ago
That is great well done
Katherine Elman Katherine Elman . 10 hours ago
Whats kind of woman


Whats GOD aaaeestra
Filiz Yontar Gokcekr5rd Filiz Yontar Gokcekr5rd . 14 hours ago
content idea by shubham dadheech content idea by shubham dadheech . 2 days ago
Crying now
Bonjour I liked ze costume
Dimas goncalves Santana Dimas goncalves Santana . 2 days ago
eu gosto dá pessoa nāo da personagem. é mas que sabe.á leoa é caçadora. esse leāo só anda na prreguiça.
Kitty Kitty . 3 days ago
That’s cuz I actually care about you stupid
cutie ph cutie ph . 3 days ago
Ilove wonder woman who fans wonder woman
Leo Monnaie Leo Monnaie . 3 days ago
Film Comédie dramatique espoir les paye depuis bientôt deux ans même temps flace cebac Canada USA Russie ucrene Afrique même héro Futur antérieur cœur SOP association peut a peu envie avenir Futur membre depuis bientôt deux ans
Komander 5rose Komander 5rose . 4 days ago
Not my,it belong to someone,coz I not a bad guy,be alright and also know I never change,I had principal between my life.
Abdelaziz Ouddane Abdelaziz Ouddane . 5 days ago
Roquesa Quintero Roquesa Quintero . 5 days ago
(The ROBOTIC...78&48)
Spiderman _0704 Spiderman _0704 . 6 days ago
wow great motivation ✨
Adélia Adeliana Adélia Adeliana . 6 days ago
Megi Megi Megi Megi . 1 week ago
:-) :-) :-)
Lil Rose Lil Rose . 1 week ago
Jesus is coming back so soon now! We are in the season! Let’s get ready to to go out and meet the Bridegroom! Nothing in this world or life is more important than Jesus. Much love to you all! Even so: come, Lord Jesus 💕
Monica silva Maria Monica silva Maria . 1 week ago
Tatiane Cruz da silva leal Tatiane Cruz da silva leal . 1 week ago
Love you Gal Gadot
duff yarn duff yarn . 1 week ago
Why wonder woman is white. .. not black or asian . Why why why ....
ราชาฟีฟาย ราชาฟีฟาย . 1 week ago
98 89 👸👸🤴🤴💋💋
ราชาฟีฟาย ราชาฟีฟาย . 1 week ago
Tatiane Cruz da silva leal Tatiane Cruz da silva leal . 1 week ago
I love wonder woman
SMsujon Records SMsujon Records . 1 week ago
Luiz Estêvão Oliveira Luiz Estêvão Oliveira . 2 weeks ago
Show. Até que enfim uma música bonita da geração dos anos 2000.
vandana sharma vandana sharma . 2 weeks ago
1:50 very coll
April Stevens April Stevens . 2 weeks ago
What movie is that? Wonder Woman?
Bunnat craft DIY Bunnat craft DIY . 2 weeks ago
A K A K . 2 weeks ago
An unsuccessful video because the girl who wants to defeat the whole world is a Zionist actress, all of her victims are German soldiers,,, Now the Zionists are killing and annihilating the Arabs and humanity and no one holds them accountable and does not sympathize with the Arabs,,, What a rudeness
the blitz the blitz . 2 weeks ago
Fortuna fortis adiuvat.🔥
Rina Risqiana Rina Risqiana . 2 weeks ago
jatuh lagi bangun lagi intinya berjuang tanpa batas tak meminta apapun karna usaha tak kan pernah menghianati hasil semangat
F M F M . 2 weeks ago
Un poco feminazi el video...hombres "malvados" aplastados como cucarachas...etc etc
🌸ANDI_LOVERS🌸 🌸ANDI_LOVERS🌸 . 2 weeks ago
Sia es una cantante extraudinaria
จิ๊กเก๋ ภคมน จิ๊กเก๋ ภคมน . 2 weeks ago
I Love 😀
praveen h praveen h . 2 weeks ago
Gopilli Easter Gopilli Easter . 2 weeks ago
This song give me more energy to me 🇮🇳👃
Neha pallod Neha pallod . 2 weeks ago
Sia I feel proud on australia sia you are best singer
Paul Hirst Paul Hirst . 2 weeks ago
I Won Ever Single Game!
Do I Have To Kill All My Enemies Alone?
If I Do then Arm Me!
I Still Win!
I Do Not Trust the British to protect me when their Malignant Spooks are next door 24 hours a day and trying to Malign and Compromise me!
America get it Together and sort them out before I have to
... Permanently!
C.I.A. ...Stand with me!
Or Stand Alone!
Without God!

You Know The Truth Now!

Don't You!

I Always Win!

Stand by God or Alone!

You are My Friends and I Stand By You!

And We Win!

Səxavət Məmmədov Səxavət Məmmədov . 3 weeks ago
Vondervoman 😍
gwihogang gwihogang . 3 weeks ago
Manchester united invited ok? William glad i know... need time to ask him polite how to invite those family glad. Hurry...
gwihogang gwihogang . 3 weeks ago
Always almost smile gal... i pick dress for you attend party at palace London next month 28 agustus ok? Home hair style ok?
gwihogang gwihogang . 3 weeks ago
Gal, glad..
gwihogang gwihogang . 3 weeks ago
Gal, always almost smile... not so confusing after i stop listening your conversation 🤣
Juliana Seabra Juliana Seabra . 3 weeks ago
Essa música e um hino de incentivo a todas as mulheres 🇧🇷🌎💐🌸🌺
Dream Dream . 3 weeks ago
Komander 5rose Komander 5rose . 3 weeks ago
Just wonder,her born a baby boy...and it like me...
O'niel ningshen O'niel ningshen . 3 weeks ago
What a song...... perfect with the movie character!
Narisa Jaichuay Narisa Jaichuay . 3 weeks ago
ลูกขอไปให้ได้ลบคำสบประมาท​ของคน.. แล้วลูกกลับมา.. อาแมน
Rebecca Gambo Rebecca Gambo . 3 weeks ago
Bad Boy Bad Boy . 3 weeks ago
Gal Gadot is the perfect wonder woman and also she's so beautiful and she's really the unstoppable ❤️🧡🤎💚💜💙🔥🥰👌
Narisa Jaichuay Narisa Jaichuay . 3 weeks ago

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