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Aj Greene

Aj Greene

Published on 2 weeks ago

Galactic Monkeh Galactic Monkeh . 8 minutes ago
That's a crime ....
DEViL DEViL . 8 minutes ago
Great video homie. Great video.
Malachi Espinosa Malachi Espinosa . 13 minutes ago
Dudes solid tho
Leek Hunchoo Leek Hunchoo . 27 minutes ago
James Sheffield James Sheffield . 34 minutes ago
Sheez that's so wrong....
Candid Candid . 1 hour ago
Let’s get this kid signed… I wanna see him at a d1. Like and share
Christopher Higgins Christopher Higgins . 1 hour ago
It’s because he’s white
simpl J simpl J . 1 hour ago
Love the love
Mar Mar . 2 hours ago
moises herrera moises herrera . 2 hours ago
Solid kid ! He is going to go from Zero to Hero one day in the NFL ! Stay hungry !
Isaias Isaias . 2 hours ago
I bet if he had receivers like nico he'll be up for grabs for 1 or 2 rankings
Tydev 719 Tydev 719 . 2 hours ago
Dude’s the next Brady with drives like that
WisconsinCRHunter WisconsinCRHunter . 3 hours ago
Hes a beast
Mike Saloz Mike Saloz . 3 hours ago
Are they at seat geek stadium?
Mikey G Mikey G . 3 hours ago
On the last one bro drop the money ball
John Mark C. Longboan John Mark C. Longboan . 3 hours ago
Wait wait 0 star and no offer?
T2D T2D . 3 hours ago
How are these receivers even in the team? Surely there's a person out there with no arms that would do a better job than these
Anthony(49ers faithful) Anthony(49ers faithful) . 3 hours ago
Nico better beef up
Colby Wood Colby Wood . 4 hours ago
Overall Draft Pick #199 pt. 2?
E. Senior Jones E. Senior Jones . 4 hours ago
Kid sick.
Mottie Ragland Mottie Ragland . 4 hours ago
Damn I don't watch football but if he play football I'll watch it
john moore john moore . 4 hours ago
Aye Aye Ron Aye Aye Ron . 4 hours ago
All y’all talking shit but prob can’t throw a ball that good. Lol 😂
john moore john moore . 4 hours ago
Dennis the Menace all grown up n doing the Town!!!
MpDubs MpDubs . 5 hours ago
A lot of uncle Rico’s in the comments. Bunch of clowns
Micah Walker Micah Walker . 5 hours ago
All y’all hating and y’all caint throw half ass accurate and precise as him y’all needa shush
Bret Michaels Insulin Bret Michaels Insulin . 5 hours ago
That throwing arm mechanic is rough
George Vause George Vause . 5 hours ago
He's pretty good. A long way from what I would consider a top tier athlete. But there really aren't many of those .. his relievers need alot of work as everyone already said though. They really got butterfingers. Maybe it was just bc qb balls fly pretty lopsided/wobbly.. idk
Patrick Cach Patrick Cach . 5 hours ago
Shout nico warren bears baby he the homie
jake miller jake miller . 6 hours ago
Awful arm mechanics. Yikes.
KingKelten4 KingKelten4 . 6 hours ago
Hunter Bell Hunter Bell . 6 hours ago
This man shooting lasers
SlyLikeCooper SlyLikeCooper . 6 hours ago
He’s sick
Brandin Clayton Brandin Clayton . 6 hours ago
Lol no pressure on him so who would want him?
Hillbill101fn Hillbill101fn . 7 hours ago
Da'Shawn Kendrick Da'Shawn Kendrick . 7 hours ago
I think he should get 4 star and better teammates
Joshua Csr Joshua Csr . 7 hours ago
Lions new QB
sammy camacho sammy camacho . 7 hours ago
Lil seeto
Fuerst Darren Fuerst Darren . 7 hours ago
Its cuz dudes white not enough diversity for any college offers
George Howard George Howard . 7 hours ago
Walk on somewhere and start.. Day 1🕺
The Unfeeling Simp The Unfeeling Simp . 7 hours ago
This mf is literally Kageyama…someone get his ass a Hinata.
Yong Wilson Yong Wilson . 8 hours ago
Young man knows when to zip it and when to throw into tight windows, I read a few comments saying he looks slow, no pressure, no rush, but look at the velocity of throw, how straight to the receiver the ball goes to and lastly those drops in the first two throws were on the $. Cross your body throw to the outside flats is a tough throw for a pro. So never judge a book by its cover! Hope he gets some offers, probably will. Just would like to know height…
Kyle Savv Kyle Savv . 9 hours ago
I thought you circled it cause #2 drops more than he catches wit no equipment just trash
Tammer Mashni Tammer Mashni . 9 hours ago
He has no pressure on him ..not trying to say he's not looking good but he has all day and no pressure ..that said I hope this young man makes it and makes himself and parents proud , he throws better than me
Mark S. 'Tex' Eddy ll Mark S. 'Tex' Eddy ll . 9 hours ago
Bad ass .. great expo
Ivan Milord Ivan Milord . 10 hours ago
He hesitates, slow release, big body so probably not mobile. Im not a coach but just compare him to elite QBs or good college players.
Ray Kellam Ray Kellam . 10 hours ago
Bro just need some receivers

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