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Published on 3 years ago

Ethologist, evolutionary biologist and author Richard Dawkins discussed religion with The Killers singer Brandon Flowers in this 2012 interview with Scandinavian talk show Skavlan.

Also present in the studio are ABBA member Björn Ulvaeus and television presenter and model Ulrika Jonsson.

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RedNightDragon1 RedNightDragon1 . 5 hours ago
When he said Mormonism was founded by a con artist, Brandon should have replied 'They said Jesus was a con artist.' I'm not Mormon BTW.
Keith Minnich Keith Minnich . 9 hours ago is his religion.
Benoit Benoit . 2 days ago
[ [0] 1/x ⬅️ X ] 1

[ our universe ] YHWH (I AM)
[ the creation ] GOD ALMIGHTY
[0-99.99] 100%
[ all false ] TRUTH
[ 😈 the devil’s kingdom ] GOD’S KINGDOM
[ 😈 you stand condemned already] SALVATION
[ 😈 darkness ] LIGHT
[ 😈 death ] LIFE
[ 😈 you need a Savior ] THE SAVIOR

Now guess who showed up 2000 years ago to save us ? He is

- The I AM
- The LIFE
- The LIGHT of the world
- THE KING of kings
- GOD almighty
- YHWH in the flesh

“And He said to them, “You are from beneath; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world. Therefore I said to you that you will die in your sins; for if you do not believe that I AM, you will die in your sins.””
‭‭John‬ ‭8:23-24‬ ‭

“I and My Father are one.””
‭‭John‬ ‭10:30‬ ‭

“And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifested in the flesh, Justified in the Spirit, Seen by angels, Preached among the Gentiles, Believed on in the world, Received up in glory.”
‭‭I Timothy‬ ‭3:16‬
grossindecency grossindecency . 2 days ago
Imagine if someone less polite had broken it to him. He'd be hugging himself and sucking his thumb.
bruce 6 bruce 6 . 2 days ago
There was hardly any debate. They just let Dawkins's stupidity N science still has no answers for many things
Robert Mcclintock Robert Mcclintock . 3 days ago
Their is person named docky that has the scientific proof of God. I think it's a poster that can't be corrupted or weaponized. Doctor like and not an actual doctor is best for evolution. No expensive skills are needed for evolution. I searched for docky and found a fitness expert selling medical equipment. Scientific proof of God gave her nicest intelligence you will ever see. My work is a description of nature that compliment the scientific proof of God and confirms it.
22yomale 22yomale . 3 days ago
Religious people will say everyone else is going to burn forever. Then, when they say they find their beliefs consoling, they want a pity party. Save it cus idc and nobody should.
Louis Thompson Louis Thompson . 3 days ago
I love the way the biologist would rather him sit and debate. He was annoyed and apologetic when Brandon had to go as he thinks it’s unfair of him not to be able to back his corner.
Danny G Danny G . 3 days ago
Brandon Flowers, now whose bastard us he?
Nico Toscani Nico Toscani . 4 days ago
this is so embarrassing .... brenden needs to relax
alan huynh alan huynh . 4 days ago
For those of you who STILL cannot see the last book of the WORD playing out in real time by now im afraid you never will but i will keep praying for you lost folks.
Jason Bell Jason Bell . 4 days ago
Life doesn't come from non life scientific fact Richard
Caleb Roberts Caleb Roberts . 4 days ago
All you need to know is how people react when you're doing your thing. One of these men fills stadiums with screaming, euphoric fans. The other may fill an auditorium of neckbeards if he is lucky.
TheTruth About Science and God TheTruth About Science and God . 5 days ago
Please share with other people my two brief videos. Thank you!
Michelangelo Pe Michelangelo Pe . 5 days ago
A contradiction is an impossibility and a miracle is an impossibility that only God makes possible. Do you believe in miracles? I have written on God that would settle the debate between religious people and atheists because both are wrong having arguments to be right because God exists as irrefutably as a mathematical truth and the religious god doesn’t as hatred is not perfect love. If everything needed to be created nothing would exists, therefore God exists. I exist therefore i was created or always existed and the creator was created or always existed, therefore an eternal entity exists. A miracle or impossibility possible is the existence of infinitude. Can a car go at infinite speed, have a painting infinite colours, start a race an eternity ago, have a football pitch infinite space? It is impossible, unless it is God, that can make the impossible possible. God was not created because if God was created i would not exist. If the universe was eternal the universe would be a miracle, God. The universe is an infinitesimal part of infinite God that is everything that ever existed, exists and would exist, the eternal miracle of Life and Death, the origin of the creation because nothing existed before and everything was created after from Self because nothing is created from nothing and nothing is destroyed into nothing unless nothing is something, an impossibility possible or miracle, God that is existence and non existence. Philosophy, logic, rational thinking alone proves the existence of God but humanity choose to ignore, reject the arguments that contradict their vision of reality. God is not an entity separated from the creation as the creation comes from Self. God is the first cause uncaused, the infinite Creator and the finite creation, one Life and multiple lives, same Life and different lives, All reality and fiction, the miraculous Game of Life and Death transforming in time. God is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed alive or dead, when all life die and God die becoming deterministic movement, like growing nails in a corpse, a memory of the past without new minds created in the present because life comes from life, love, union, truth. Humanity is lying to self because don’t understand that we all are in the same and different Boat of Life and Death and the life of any creature is God’s Life past present and future, I am the same and different person than i was yesterday and I would be tomorrow impossibility possible miracle God. Hell and heaven is ourselves for eternity til endless death when all life die and God die becoming a memory of the eternal history of God, like a still picture or growing nails in a corpse. Would you like to know the absolute truth, all eternal reality? Only a fool wouldn’t like to know the truth, even if unpleasant. Would you like all to know all? Only if you are honest. If being yourself for eternity doesn’t scare you you are honest. To die is to resurrect in the past of God to know everything and judge ourselves with perfect justice, perfect knowledge and be rewarded or punished with heavenly or hellish psychology for having lived the Game of Life and Death wisely or foolishly for eternity. All creation and destruction stays in God because God is existence and non existence because nothing existed before and all is created after. Nothing can not exist unless is something, an impossibility possible or miracle, God. The mind is created and not destroyed and the Life of God keeps having lives living in the present and resurrecting in the past. It is important that i get some attention to explain the first theory on God based on rational thinking that gives an answer to the necessary eternal entity, creator without creator, first cause uncaused, impossibility possible or divine miracle, that has to exist in order to exist existence. We are God and the Good News would save infinite lives. The religious god is dead, like a still picture or growing nails in a corpse, absolutely perfect, inmortal, omniscient, almighty to be dead, lie, addiction, without will, learning, success or failure, happiness or unhappiness, life or death. Any eternal entity would be God, the creator without creator, the first cause uncaused, an impossibility possible or miracle because the existence of infinitude is impossible unless is God. Science can not explain the origin of the miracle of Life and Death that was not originated because always existed.
Gordon Daniel Gordon Daniel . 5 days ago
It's pointless to debate religion. It can't be proved or disproved.
Mark Jantz Mark Jantz . 6 days ago
Dawkins is behind the times; the way that Brandon handled it is gracious.
Good video. Feelings aside, and not knowing what Richard Dawkins is dogging, this appears as strong belief between the two individuals.
Anthony Barker Anthony Barker . 6 days ago
It is interesting, no one actually believes in god. God is not well defined so it is not actually possible to believe in something like that. I take my hat off to the various religions for scamming so much money from people though. I suppose if you are told you will burn forever if you don't pay and you can't be sure there not lying I guess you would pay. As for alternative medicine being adopted, fresh orange juice was tested versus the best blood pressure medication and it is better. I think doctors should be trained in things other than pills.
J C J C . 6 days ago
"World is or will be fully explained by science" The hubris of this man is off the charts.
Vanessa C Vanessa C . 6 days ago
Dawkins is good for countering the magical thinking of evolution deniers, but his other statements don't actually make any sense scientifically. To prove or disprove the existence of the something, you have to first define what you're looking for, and he does not.
Tina A Tina A . 7 days ago
Dawkins is an all time legend - the others are such ignorant fools.

Sadly they rule the world.



Nathan Burt Nathan Burt . 1 week ago
Many have tried to disprove the book of Mormon. They cant. They throw out their beliefs as to why it could be untrue but cant prove it. But no one can prove its truthfulness either just. They just explain their beliefs about why it is true. It appears we are at a checkmate. So this biologists talk about science and if something is unknown eventually it will be discovered. Funny thing is religious people believe this same thought process. It will be taught or exposed to you in its due time. So really both are not all that different. One believes in science to put their faith in and the other in a Deity. Either way both are exercising faith in an unknown.
CalculusVariations99 CalculusVariations99 . 1 week ago
It's hard to defend your religion, because it's something you believe in without logic or proof. Most of the time it's something you're forced into believing due to family and upbringing and community. The thing is, the loss of religion will not change our conflicts in the world. I'm an atheist and end up agreeing with religious people who abhor abortion and want a less intrusive government. I disagree with them when they pound dogma, but there are so many dogmatic non-religious people as well going off about entitlements I don't believe that they should have and pronouns I refuse to be told to speak.
Terry Griffin Terry Griffin . 1 week ago
Miss Johnson still hot as ever
Alice Alice . 1 week ago
The professor is right in everything. He has all my respect. Brandon Flowers is a great musician, one of my favorites, but really... the Book of Mormon? Is he kidding me? You do not have to do any research to know it's fake. It is obviously fake. The whole story of this Joseph Smith is just ridiculous.
Roy Roy . 1 week ago
Dawkins said a bird is explained by the evolutionary process. What's pushing evolution. In a universe where everything breaks down how is it that evolution is moving forward and extraordinary complexities are being created? What, or who, is driving it?
owen O'Neill owen O'Neill . 1 week ago
Maybe he should examin the many supernatural events in Catholicism. FATIMA and the many thousands witnessing events there etc etc etc.
Will M Will M . 1 week ago
If you want to truly know about someone's belief, you need to talk with and listen to a person who is active in that belief, not someone who has an alternate belief or is disenfranchised in done way. Hear that person out, then make your own decision.
Rino Carrasco Rino Carrasco . 1 week ago
The Books of Mormon is like everything else made by “interaction”… in short words full of shit….
فارس بن كلبان فارس بن كلبان . 1 week ago
‏Anthony Flew is considered one of the most prominent atheists, so he retracted his atheism and told us that the universe has a deity with modern scientific evidence, not with thought or dreams and feeling, but after science and modern discoveries about the existence of a Creator. He fell into another problem that the Creator wanted according to his mood
‏ He wanted the Creator to be neither speaking nor hearing, and creating creation in vain
‏ And God informed the Qur’an of this by saying: “Did you think that we created you without a purpose and that you would never return to us?”
? "
‏God Almighty: ((We will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. But is it not sufficient concerning your Lord that He is, over all things, a Witness?)
‏But it is logical that this Creator sends a messenger to teach us who he is. And we have to verify the authenticity of the Messenger and what this Messenger calls to?

‏ It transports sperm from the liquid state to the eyes, heart, blood, arteries, and bones. Unconscious nature creates a conscious human being. Then this nature teaches about the importance of the heart and lung, then puts the rib cage, then oxygen, then water, there is sexual desire, and there are the genitals to complete the male and female sexual process. , What coincidence are you talking about, a coincidence that creates the male and the female. All of these are called verses and there are things that complement each other, there is a lung and there is air and there are teeth and stomach and in food and other things and we say that it has no creator!!!
‏ The only question God will ask you is
‏ focus on it
‏ ((He said: Did you deny My verses and did not encompass them in knowledge, or what did you do?))

‏ I mean, God Almighty tells you what I told you is a lie and you cannot realize it or understand it
‏ And what in the world have you been doing?
‏ Do you know what your answer is?
‏ ((The decree will befall them for what they did wrong, and they will not be able to speak.
‏ If you find yourself in the world without a choice in a great reality we live in, and you go without a choice and a question is the most important
‏ If your destiny is fire, has God wronged you???
‏ Mind, mind, mind is the thing you regret the most

‏ And God informs the people of Hell (and they said, “If we had heard or understood, we would not have been among the people of Hell.”)

‏ Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, is a prophet from the Creator, and before him many prophets did not lie or deceive, and he is the only religion that commands you to worship one Creator who created everything.
‏ God says
‏ Say (O Messenger): I am just a man like you, it was revealed to him that your God is one God, so whoever desires to meet his Lord, let him do righteousness and not participate in the worship of his Lord.
‏ God says
‏ In the name of God: Say He is the One God. God is absolute. He neither gives birth nor is born. There is nothing to compare to it.

‏ And God promised him that his religion would be visible to all religions, and that this religion would appear. God Almighty said it is He who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to proclaim it over all religion, even if they were associated with it. God hates.
‏ And God believed his promise and saw how Islam spread

‏ And he promised him who disbelieved and turned his back on the facts with fire, and we are waiting for his promise, God says.
‏ [It is] God's promise. God does not fail in his promise, but most people do not know.
Pankaj Joshi Pankaj Joshi . 1 week ago
Imagine telling a professor to do his research 💀
David Gabbitas David Gabbitas . 1 week ago
We have been brainwashed into believing in gods from being born it’s all a sham it’s 2022 not 1022 but if you want to believe in gods fare enough
Bas Thompson Bas Thompson . 1 week ago
You say to the child that "Its gonna be a part of the nature in another way now. maybe its gonna be a beautiful tree or a flower"
Haha, there is more way to say it then: its gonna "lay here and rot" 🤣
Spaso Spaso . 1 week ago
Richard got his PhD in the late 60s, Brandon was born in the early 80s... You knoe its sad when he challenges his knowledge when his doctorate is older then him XD
Pondbros Pondbros . 1 week ago
I love how Dawkins will sit and debate a musician. But he will not debate any true apologists like Frank Turek or William lane Craig. He debated John Lennox and was destroyed so he has ran scared since. Dawkins is afraid because he know atheism is illogical and requires more faith than theism.
xYou Vandal xYou Vandal . 2 weeks ago
This "host" has got to be the least talented person on earth that is paid to host a television program.
Patricia Mccandless Patricia Mccandless . 2 weeks ago
Too many great scientists believe in God and will share that science can only explain the universe to a point, then questions remain.
Kel B Kel B . 2 weeks ago
Unfortunately, Brandon I'm assuming has been indoctrinated since childhood. So I don't entirely blame him. But to believe in something so ridiculous is a bit fascinating
IadatoRoboto IadatoRoboto . 2 weeks ago
Brandon Flowers takes offence. I’m sure that caused Richard to reconsider…. 🙄
Firs Argentum Firs Argentum . 2 weeks ago
The whole thing is based on a false premise. Science can't answer questions as to whether God exists or not, Dawkins knows full well. He has been peddling this alternative fanaticism for decades now but he is still failing to see beyond his logical positivist framework. Lack of proof for "God's" existence doesn't prove that "God" doesn't exist so I don't understand why he keeps proselytising for this - it seems likely he has some kind of cognitive issue, kind of like the inverse of religious fanaticism. (And don't assume because he is a professor that he is immune to cognitive peculiarities and/or infallible - I did post-grad in a Science faculty and you will find some real beauties there :D )
D Lynn D Lynn . 2 weeks ago
Dawkins, as usual, crushes it. If anyone should do their research it should be Flowers and especially the host. They don’t seem to know a while he’ll of a lot about Richard Dawkins. The host keeps trying to trap Hawkins and it is utterly pathetic. RD rules!!! (miss you Hitch).
David Henschke David Henschke . 2 weeks ago
2:37 - what is Brandon doing with his neck? lol
Charles J Gartner Charles J Gartner . 2 weeks ago
I've always thought Dawkins to be a bit abrasive, as opposed to someone like Sam Harris who would have schooled Brandon Flowers a little bit and not just spouted off. At least Dawkins was polite enough to apologize that he didn't know Brandon wouldn't have a chance to rebut.
Walrider Walrider . 2 weeks ago
The thing about religion is that when it is well applied is warming... Even if it is true or not
nirmal singh nirmal singh . 2 weeks ago
It took a lesser educated man to state that God made Adam and Eve in the Bible. When the Christians came to know the science of life, they wrote to the Church to remove Adam and Eve from the Bible, it was the late Pope John Paul II who stated that the church acknowledges that it is a fable but will not remove it. This same idiot wrote in the Bible that God told Noah that it will rain for 40 days and 40 nights and to build a big boat and take all the land animals till the rain subsides. At that time, man did not have electric chainsaws to make the boat and strong timber cages, darts to capture big strong and wild animals and big vehicles to convey all the animals over thousands of kilometres to The Ark. When these animals are released after 40 days, the offsprings of these animals will be mentally and physically retarded from inbreeding. In the Koran it is stated that God made the Sun but the writer did not know that the Sun is 1,300,000 times greater than Earth and no being can create it. In the Bible it is stated that God created the Earth in six days and rested on the seventh which is a lie. In the bible it is stated that God spoke to Adam and warned him not to go back to the same tree but in the Quran, the Muslims made Adam a Prophet which is a lie. Islam has been copied from the Bible. The Catholic Christian religion has be divided in many other sub christian religions. Islam has been divided into 3 others, the Sunni, the Shia and the Muhammadiah. All religions are fake founded on beliefs. No human can live without bacteria. No humans have the same DNA except twins.
melvin raps melvin raps . 2 weeks ago
"They contain great poetry". Talk about downplaying the importance of those stories (bible, quran, torah). How about: "They contain stories that when applied, creates the greatest society in human history. They contain wisdom that get people out of addiction. They contain stories that when thrown out leads to ideological massmurdering". You can't disregard religion with science and you can't disregard science with religion. They are two different things. I used to be an atheist, it's so easy to argue from that perspective. But it's closed minded.
Justin Hopkins Justin Hopkins . 2 weeks ago
Dawkins utterly wiped the floor with Brandon. It’s incredible to see the weight of intelligence make even a major star look insignificant and feeble. Knowledge truly is a superpower.
bdzbdz bdzbdz . 2 weeks ago
3:37 hahahaha
Philip Coleman Philip Coleman . 2 weeks ago

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