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Published on 8 months ago

Greg King Greg King . 5 days ago
Haha you can barely see the top of my head in the corner... bets concert I've ever gotten to do security at
hocbearj70 hocbearj70 . 1 month ago
Great song
Shanna Massey Shanna Massey . 2 months ago
Now that was a performance great job Morgan ❤️
Shanna Massey Shanna Massey . 2 months ago
Go Morgan ❤️
Ronald Sladewski Ronald Sladewski . 4 months ago
I love it
Joanne Ziolkowski Joanne Ziolkowski . 5 months ago
Morgan is fine and he never puts out a bad song
Madi Bessinger Madi Bessinger . 6 months ago
Lexington SC?? also idk about yall but if Morgan wasn't a country artist idk what i would do-
Myra Dixon Myra Dixon . 6 months ago
Te Best there is right here! You stay the same Morgan, I Love you forever!! ❤️😍❤️
Chris Allison Chris Allison . 6 months ago
God if he’s good at singing then I should be better! Hell I can do and say the same shitttt
Tyler Durden Tyler Durden . 6 months ago
Love this song
John Kittleson John Kittleson . 6 months ago
Nick, Which night was this? First , Second or Third? thanks
Angela Ledlow Angela Ledlow . 7 months ago
He could sing the phone book and make it sound good.
Sassie Walker Sassie Walker . 7 months ago
His lyrics are always on point… he never fails to impress anyone
Kathy Chapman Kathy Chapman . 7 months ago
All of these Sorrys I dont owe you Honey!!! Love that lyric dude you are also in the the league of many Greats before you. I say You Are the SHIT!!
Cindy Miller Cindy Miller . 7 months ago
If I could get wasted on someone, he would be the one. Love everything he sings!!!
JavierSeis PabloJai Jordan GOAT JavierSeis PabloJai Jordan GOAT . 8 months ago
Morgan is 🔥 fire! Can’t wait till he comes here in February

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