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Published on 1 year ago

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Crystal Willmore Crystal Willmore . 1 day ago
Love this song, but you left out on major country thing Hayes. Lines in the water and treble hooks 😁💯❤️
Kathleen Ringo Kathleen Ringo . 5 days ago
song, The Story by Sara Ramirez
Michael Harm Michael Harm . 1 month ago
Lets go Brandon Lets go Brandon
Delores Kelley Delores Kelley . 1 month ago
Love it
Attractive Furniture Covers Goble Attractive Furniture Covers Goble . 1 month ago
Not bad
Liberalism. Finda cure Liberalism. Finda cure . 2 months ago
The masks. So cringy
Maureen Pienaar Maureen Pienaar . 2 months ago
Walker is always in my mind when I wake.Love all his music that is no lay
Kathy Yoder Lang Kathy Yoder Lang . 2 months ago
Y'all are having too much fun!
Bridget Tingley Bridget Tingley . 2 months ago
I fell away from country music in recent years. I came back whole heartedly thanks to Walker. His song are catchy, fun and really enjoyable. The guy can really turn a phrase like nobody else right now. Let's face it - we want him to do great and his amazing family as well. Sometimes - just sometimes - the good guys get to win. Go Walker! Keep up the great writing and making great modern country music. Love ya!
peridot peridot . 2 months ago
I love Christmas vacation that's my favorite movie..that there Clark is an RV
Scott Davis Scott Davis . 2 months ago
Miss me? Daisy Duke
Kid Vasy Kid Vasy . 3 months ago
LOVE THIS! It's Always the first song I play when I do My Music!
Michael Harm Michael Harm . 3 months ago
Lets go Brandon
Katy cassel Katy cassel . 3 months ago
This is next after AA, let go folks. This is the next great song from Walker Hayes!!
Amy Murnan Amy Murnan . 3 months ago
Make more songs I love your songs
Blue Cop Blue Cop . 3 months ago
They need to start using this song for interrogation and torture I bet it would break even the toughest criminals
Ryan Caughey Ryan Caughey . 3 months ago
Dogshit that panders to the lowest common denominator.
Cyd Hannan Cyd Hannan . 3 months ago
He has the ability to make stupid stuff seem awesome. He could probably recite the phone book and make it a Grammy winning song 🎵
Ervin Smith Ervin Smith . 3 months ago
George Jones He stopped loving her today cover by Smitty own no rights to song
StrangerxThings StrangerxThings . 4 months ago
Lucus Andrews Lucus Andrews . 4 months ago
Better try some crawfish when head down to the bayou state lol 🤣
Michael Poupart Michael Poupart . 4 months ago
Stay independent........
Beth O'Brien Beth O'Brien . 4 months ago
This is the coolest, funnest song I have heard in a long time! When I'm down I play this. And I like watchin the video. I think Its the cutest thing! Everyone in the video a bunch of cuties..with all due respect to wifeys!! Just a fun song! And the end when he's like u can't say that on the just clicked in the Kroger parking lot. Omg duh. I've listened to it a million times 🤣🤣🤣
Beth O'Brien Beth O'Brien . 4 months ago
Oh my!!! Love this song, video , artist. Ive watched thus so many times and I just NOW get the ending!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ervin Smith Ervin Smith . 4 months ago
Morgan Wallen dont think Jesus cover by Smitty own no rights to song
Bob Bob . 4 months ago
Good music but why wear underwear on your face
Katie goes on & on Katie goes on & on . 4 months ago
You serious Clark? Best line ever! 🥰
Daniel Schultz Daniel Schultz . 4 months ago
Like BLM and Yellow folks....................all folks..................and stuff too. No problem.
Nick Nick . 4 months ago
This guy is on fire....! I like Jake too...
Ann Love Ann Love . 4 months ago
Im from the Caribbean but i luv country stuff..🙈 🤠🤠
Cactus4738 Cactus4738 . 4 months ago
Terri Roberts Terri Roberts . 5 months ago
Hes awesome I like all his songs
I also like when he puts the dance moves on Laney. I think she gets a little embarrassed. But some one tell Walker he cant pee on his back yard Also I like it when Shane Mcanally says Walker your a wuss man. Everything doesn't have to be so serious.
Shawnda Gould Shawnda Gould . 5 months ago
This guy, Florida Georgia Line, Jake Owen, Luke Combs, Hardy & a few more I can't remember the names of are amazing!! Any one on the list could sing a restaurant menu and it would be a #1 hit track in no time.
Tara Buehler Tara Buehler . 5 months ago
Don't listen to country too often, but I liked this song immediately.
Everett Knight Everett Knight . 5 months ago
Some artists just have a great talent of singing anything and he's one of them,that was blessed to be able to do it all, and Jake Owens was vibing as well,you talented bro never apologize for your gift to reach a diverse fan base.
madison rhyan madison rhyan . 5 months ago
yeah but yeah
tyler calvert tyler calvert . 5 months ago
I relate so much to this and AA so he made a permanent fan
Katy cassel Katy cassel . 5 months ago
Yeah on a Sunday, country stuff!!
Blake abcdefg Blake abcdefg . 6 months ago
would sound better if it was real music and not recorded over a sample loop
Landon S Landon S . 6 months ago
This guy is a country poser. This is pop music. Even worse than Kane Brown and Luke Bryan.
Arlene Smook Arlene Smook . 6 months ago
I hope this starts playing on the”RADIO “👍🏻😀
Denise Gray Denise Gray . 6 months ago
I hate that they are using masks! :-( Country stuff does not include masks! Just sayin'!
Elisha Allen Elisha Allen . 6 months ago
Omg I love him lol
Logan A Logan A . 6 months ago
How are you singing about country stuff when your song sounds like a pop song.
Kalee Marquez Kalee Marquez . 6 months ago
I agree. I like his music but the mask make me loose all respect for Mr. Hayes. Wearing a mask while singing about how country you are is an oxymoron.
Denise Lickliter Denise Lickliter . 6 months ago
Terressa Kirby Terressa Kirby . 6 months ago
Absolutely LOVE all his music.♥️♥️♥️
alan guttenfelder alan guttenfelder . 6 months ago
JFC country rap porn with a crotch shot in the first 10 seconds. Im done.
Linda Linda . 6 months ago
Soooo, that's where all the John Waynes are........God Bless the South! 😁😁
Hugh P Hugh P . 6 months ago

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