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Published on 2 weeks ago

💚Ella the TREE💚 💚Ella the TREE💚 . 2 minutes ago
Her:*about to eat banana from the middle*
Naruto uzumaki🍥🍜 Naruto uzumaki🍥🍜 . 40 minutes ago
Finally something real for me to lose wait now I just need to eat some spicy shi-
mia delgado mia delgado . 3 hours ago
me being like a glass and getting bruises easily:
shadow shadow . 5 hours ago
Okay they're going across the line but now that's just another level you're not supposed to eat the middle of the banana you're supposed to eat it from the end
HImi.c0n0 HImi.c0n0 . 5 hours ago
Wait so your left handed just curious 🤔
Thais Smith Thais Smith . 5 hours ago
You know a bruise is blood under your sling right? A banana ain’t gonna do nothing
CloudiiXStormii CloudiiXStormii . 6 hours ago
*starts eating banana like corn on the cob*
Bob john Bob john . 8 hours ago
None of that works
Lovin' Life Lovin' Life . 8 hours ago
I thought she was gonna say peppers burn calories
Meg Meg . 8 hours ago
For the bruises you can also put vinegar for like 5-10 minutes and it’s gone trust me I had to use this bc I ran into the corner of a door and got a concussion and there was no bruise thanks to this!
💚 - Poison ivy and Poison sapphire - 💚 💚 - Poison ivy and Poison sapphire - 💚 . 9 hours ago
I'm eating a banana fr
Toshi Toshi . 9 hours ago
Bro ate the banana like a watermelon.. I literally lost half of my braincells looking at that
Aubrie White Aubrie White . 9 hours ago
You were NOT about to eat the MIDDLE OF A BANANA 😭
Madnessgamingfan Madnessgamingfan . 9 hours ago
Blu king from Team fortress royale Blu king from Team fortress royale . 10 hours ago
Me who just has one finger in my other hand 💀
Shannon Castro Shannon Castro . 11 hours ago
Dr. Mike is coming for you
Jr’s Jr’s . 12 hours ago
5 minute crafts be like:
Lawrence Lockridge Jr Lawrence Lockridge Jr . 12 hours ago
Is nobody gonna talk about that that Bruise was from the Pennywise movie
Norah Pakinga Norah Pakinga . 13 hours ago
me eating a banana duiring this
johfamleader johfamleader . 13 hours ago
Mia Scarpetta Mia Scarpetta . 13 hours ago
Me eats a lot of spicy food, Dang I’m still fat
ur mom ur mom . 14 hours ago
the way she about to eat a banana like it's corn on the cob
•Strawbl00dry• •Strawbl00dry• . 14 hours ago
I absolutely lost it when she ate the banana from the side
Kylee Holmquist Kylee Holmquist . 15 hours ago
No wonder im so skinny😳
stickmin stickmin . 15 hours ago
"One chip challenge"
Doctordumgogloggles Whydoi Doctordumgogloggles Whydoi . 15 hours ago
Hmm sounds like fave minute crafts hmm
Talal Osama Maroof Talal Osama Maroof . 17 hours ago
Good thing I’m left handed and my right hand works fine tbh
Juliana Rodriguez Juliana Rodriguez . 17 hours ago
" Why are you just eating peppers?"
Because they're good Bella, because they're good 💀
My girl ate the banana like it was a chocolate bar
Deep Survey LLC Deep Survey LLC . 19 hours ago
Wasn't green shirt telling what to do
ItzMJX ItzMJX . 19 hours ago
“Starts to eat banana from the middle”

No one:
Me: Calls 911
Russell Russell . 20 hours ago
*comes in when shes on the toilet* "also when your having a poop, try and poop out of the other end and your forcing your brain work differently!" Lol.
allaga fouzia allaga fouzia . 21 hours ago
Me : *seeing her eating banana in another way.

My brain : banana killer.
Nell Thompson Nell Thompson . 22 hours ago
The way Bella ate the banana is painful 😣
FatalKeystroke FatalKeystroke . 23 hours ago
Tina Dalton Tina Dalton . 23 hours ago
I tried brushing my teeth the other way but there's a problem I'm left-handed lol 😂
Trishna Chowdhary Trishna Chowdhary . 23 hours ago
Is mattie your gf/bf
Yih Juan Chen Yih Juan Chen . 23 hours ago
Are you left handed or right handed
Cassandra penelope Briones Cassandra penelope Briones . 1 day ago
My Sis does eat pepper 🌶 so she can lose weight to!
averie averie . 1 day ago
OMG am I the only one that lover loser is cool
Lea Avalos Lea Avalos . 1 day ago
How does a hero get a lot of you for the lying he literally lies and all her videos
Daniel Herrera Daniel Herrera . 1 day ago
For the toothbrush, wth I'm I suppose to do if I'm ambidestrial?
Roxanne Wolf Roxanne Wolf . 1 day ago
Good thing I eat takis.
~•Itzabby•~ ~•Itzabby•~ . 1 day ago
Ohh so that why I get skinnier even though I eat alot
Eloş' 귀엽다 (◍•ᴗ•◍) Eloş' 귀엽다 (◍•ᴗ•◍) . 1 day ago
Dude thats Lo$er=Lo♡er tattoo are you moa
Shock anims Shock anims . 1 day ago
“Why are you just eating peppers” because I can and I want to
Totallynotclara#road to 520! Tysm! Totallynotclara#road to 520! Tysm! . 1 day ago
School nurse: ice
Bella: BaNnA pEeL
Marckensia Camille Marckensia Camille . 1 day ago
I know you did not eat the banana like that
Amethysst Amethysst . 1 day ago
Wait, your telling me people aren’t able to easily swap hands with brushing teeth?
Aamodini Aamodini . 1 day ago
That last one is terrible advice, sorry.

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