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Published on 2 weeks ago

We DARE YOU to find better gas guzzling cars than we did on AutoTempest!►
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On the first episode of Car Trek Series 8, AutoTempest challenges the guys to find three of the burliest, most obnoxious gas guzzlers they can buy, for less than the price of America's favorite electric vehicle, the Tesla Model 3. Freddy brings out his inner boomer with a Chevy Corvette Z06, Tyler's childhood fantasies come to life with a Dodge Viper SRT-10, and Ed's cheap Bugatti Veyron dreams are realized with a Bentley Continental Supersports. They are then tasked with racing around Atlanta Motor Speedway, which is a bit scarier than it sounds.
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sokin jon sokin jon . 5 hours ago
As a Star Trek fan, that intro made me seriously laugh out loud. Well done.
Nick Swenk Nick Swenk . 8 hours ago
Ed: it never stops breaking, that’s what I heard hbu lol
My Name My Name . 11 hours ago
This is how I imagine Bottom Gear.
C.S. Charles C.S. Charles . 12 hours ago
Teslas are for yuppies. All EVs are for yuppies.
Boosted6 Boosted6 . 13 hours ago
"well my last name is hoover" i cried
And that’s why I don’t want a shitty tesssleerrr.Absolute trash.
seiom jvony seiom jvony . 20 hours ago
You know it's going to be a great day when a new season of Car Trek drops!
dwight welch dwight welch . 1 day ago
So a Tesla with 3 adults going flat out, vs V8 sports cars with one adult at 55ish mph……fair?
gioyu comi gioyu comi . 1 day ago
As a Star Trek fan, that intro made me seriously laugh out loud. Well done.
CZILLA CZILLA . 2 days ago
cracklingice cracklingice . 2 days ago
So he says Rottenberry but not Model Pee?
Luceph Angelo Luceph Angelo . 2 days ago
The Bentley is cool and all, but the color is atrocious.. also kind of bugs me the back logo wore off. I'd expect better than that from a Bentley. That being said, it's nice to see a luxury car actually being driven that much.
mikea hiooi mikea hiooi . 2 days ago
essentially hypermiled.
Jimmy Brewer Jimmy Brewer . 2 days ago
I'd say even the biggest gas guzzler on here can even travel further than a fully charged Tesla
James Luke James Luke . 2 days ago
Ummm... Tyler should've been Spock (no ears necessary) voiced over by Ed. Ed should've beed Kirk voiced over by Freddie and Freddie os Sulu voiced over by Tyler. 🤣😂
cody buxton cody buxton . 2 days ago
This production value is insane
eigow ou eigow ou . 3 days ago
Great episode! The quality of production just keeps getting better, great job guys.
Daniel Harris Daniel Harris . 3 days ago
7:01 Way to kick a bird when it's down, Ed. Sheesh!
biuor su biuor su . 3 days ago
Great episode! The quality of production just keeps getting better, great job guys.
avenger31X avenger31X . 3 days ago
Electric cars are worse for the environment objectively, and they are not sustainable. Electric cars are a scam.
enorym enorym . 3 days ago
To charge an electric car in California “Bay Area” it’s going to cost you 42¢ kWh but during peak hours it can go up to 45¢ kWh. Either way to charge from empty to 80% it will cost you more than a full tank of e85.
Charles Follette Charles Follette . 3 days ago
So the z06 is the performance and reliability deal of it’s time then.
Hugh Swain Hugh Swain . 3 days ago
Stepped up that production money 💰
shlombeen shlombeen . 3 days ago
That intro was amazing
Arseniy Semin Arseniy Semin . 4 days ago
Vette any day. I'd rather learn how to make my own biodiesel then drive soulless hair trimmer.
James Richard James Richard . 4 days ago
These guys and Car Trek are Fun
biyao kiti biyao kiti . 4 days ago
Awesome episode! Car Trek still has the Clarkson, May and Hammond - Top Gear vibe! Absolutely love what auto-tempest and you guys are doing here!
Gerald Noe Gerald Noe . 4 days ago
“I just hit 140mpg” when it is obvious that they are putting around the track at 50mph.
Deven Oscarson Deven Oscarson . 4 days ago
Best quote "they come out of no where ..TREES....."
Alan Here Alan Here . 4 days ago
Star Wars? Come on man.
boli milda boli milda . 4 days ago
As a c6 zo6 owner I can confirm it gets really good gas mileage, same for the c7 they get up to about 24-26
442LS7 442LS7 . 4 days ago
every month a famous youtuber uploads a video with a c6z, they go up in price... thanks for reminding the world about the c6 z06
Maciej Denounced-Velar Maciej Denounced-Velar . 5 days ago
tail end of corvette is just too beautiful. gets me everytime.
No Soup For You No Soup For You . 5 days ago
On my 3rd EV..... But they are only good for commuting and need tax breaks to make remotely affordable. Most people can only afford 1 vehicle that does many things, not just commutes
Topps83 Topps83 . 5 days ago
This show is so much better than top gear America they should honestly just switch the two
Reed Heyden Reed Heyden . 5 days ago
These aren’t supercars 🐸
greymanBB greymanBB . 5 days ago
I am sure this has been said before- but this is my first time watching these guys- and even the idea of buying and comparing 3 old supercars is stolen from the old Top Gear with the ‘real’ trio of Clarkson, Hammond, and May.
Couldn’t help having that in the back of my head when watching this video… kinda robs the sheen.
Switch & Lightning Switch & Lightning . 5 days ago
Stop being like Top Gear even on the Tesla bashing. you did NOT have a full charge when you started.
Mike Cunha Mike Cunha . 5 days ago
Lmao..that's pretty sad,considering there a Bentley on here,really held there value well here..
Dave Barron Dave Barron . 5 days ago
Not only is this brilliant, (and poignant) but well done, with realistic parody. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and Thanks.
Ben Barnhart Ben Barnhart . 5 days ago
When Tyler assumes the role of Captain Spock himself (Captain Hoover?)
victor CM victor CM . 5 days ago
Yes!!! Long time waiting for this
Pilotgirl59 Pilotgirl59 . 5 days ago
I have been having this argument with many that my corvette V8 has awesome gas mileage on the highway. In fact I was averaging 36 mpg. Pretty amazing for an old car. Maybe a hybrid for the city but never an EV in future. Thanks. Really enjoyed this !!
TV-WSNO Snepsburgh Television TV-WSNO Snepsburgh Television . 5 days ago
Oh yeah and electric cars are a scam, they will never take over, gasoline is made of recycled piss and i'm done pretending to believe the shitty elongated muskrat electric future propaganda
TV-WSNO Snepsburgh Television TV-WSNO Snepsburgh Television . 5 days ago
A more interesting video would be buying wacked out project builds from facebook market place where they tried to build customs (c'mon you're the guy who bought my pimp my ride minivan and famous ricer civic out from under me, you know what i mean) and then finish those
ace673 ace673 . 6 days ago
Electric cars is still just expensive toys , then Tesla 3 is so ugly so u wish you where blind 🙂
Raptor 801 Raptor 801 . 6 days ago
Love car trek but honestly Freddy needs to quit bringing a car he's had in his garage for a year. Loved the first couple more where they were new cars to him rather than a cart he's had forever.
Charles Knight Charles Knight . 6 days ago
Try Jay l bring his gas gussets
Jay DoesStuff Jay DoesStuff . 6 days ago
We got 3 of the BIGGEST QUEERS together to buy gas guzzlers😂🤣
RC Stuff RC Stuff . 6 days ago
My lord that intro!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

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