Play / Download Crystal Palace v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/5/2022 | NBC Sports
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NBC Sports

Published on 2 weeks ago

Gabriel Martinelli netted the first goal of the 2022-23 Premier League campaign to lift Arsenal to a season-opening victory against Crystal Palace. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #CrystalPalace #Arsenal
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Crystal Palace v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/5/2022 | NBC Sports

alek rodriguez alek rodriguez . 4 days ago
Nice big 0-2 victory for Arsenal to win the against Crystal Palace😊😊😊😀😃😃😃😄😳😁😁😁😁😅😅😅😅😳😳😺😺😺☺☺☺☺☺☺😹😹😹😹😊😊😊😊😊😀😀😀
Zach M. Zach M. . 4 days ago
Ramsdale, what a BEAST!!!
izzyandthing izzyandthing . 5 days ago
Nestor Menendez Nestor Menendez . 7 days ago
City downgraded by letting go Zinchenko and Jesus, right?
CHVLLY The Engineer CHVLLY The Engineer . 1 week ago
Arsenal is lit this season!
KYCOZY KYCOZY . 1 week ago
Does crystal think this is afcon lol
Extendo Walmart Extendo Walmart . 1 week ago
Arsenal needs to try, trust themselves and believe that they are them and that they can be great
TreeLamb TreeLamb . 1 week ago
Why these commentators saying Gabriel Jesus like that?? His last name should be said with an "h" not a "j", am I wrong?
Cobby Sparks Cobby Sparks . 1 week ago
Arsenal fan here but no offense, I don’t think Anderson will be at Palace for long. He is simply class. Wow! What a defender.
ALL DAY ALL DAY . 1 week ago
Arsenal and Tottenham win their 1st match of the season while Liverpool tie with Fulham and Man utd lose. Today was a good day.
MiChAeLym0 MiChAeLym0 . 1 week ago
Thing I liked the most was Arsenal fans cheering Vieira
Evan Walker Evan Walker . 1 week ago
happy for zinchenko
Ahmed M. H. IBRAHIM Ahmed M. H. IBRAHIM . 1 week ago
Ramsdale definitely earned that Number 1 shirt, given the countless occasions he saved Arsenal!
Richard Knight Richard Knight . 1 week ago
First game,but the defense is still shaky... well it's the first hope the will get more better in body position in set pieces..
cmetz cmetz . 1 week ago
It’s definitely early days, but it’s a great way to start the season. Truly believe we can compete for the top 4
baus baus . 1 week ago
honestly one of the better Arsenal squads we've had in the last few years.
Ari Legall Ari Legall . 1 week ago
Let’s go. My gunners looking good this season
Isidore Sedzro Isidore Sedzro . 1 week ago
Palace players still in their palace sleeping
Richard Lawrence Richard Lawrence . 1 week ago
I don't listen to them commentators they are biased they think Arsenal is all that but I don't think so
Richard Lawrence Richard Lawrence . 1 week ago
It's just one game we going to see when Crystal Palace face Arsenal again then you all can make youa big speech
So4ChunIT So4ChunIT . 1 week ago
Crystal Palace always sits so deep? 😂😂
Dima King The og Dima King The og . 1 week ago
I will be the best in history
Patrick Duncan Jr. Patrick Duncan Jr. . 1 week ago
Not impressed by Arsenal. Tottenham should dominant them again this year. Tottenham have a top 3 if not better team this year.
Patrick Duncan Jr. Patrick Duncan Jr. . 1 week ago
That should of been a penalty for Palace
Jams Paul Jams Paul . 1 week ago
Arsenal is win primier league this time.i Said it,arsenal bring my money A
to me. 1000000 dollar
Richard Lawrence Richard Lawrence . 1 week ago
I don't think they're commentators know everything about soccer
Richard Lawrence Richard Lawrence . 1 week ago
Do you think Arsenal outplay Crystal Palace I don't think so
Richard Lawrence Richard Lawrence . 1 week ago
I'm just wondering if the commentators was just talking in Arsenal favor
Gil Fernando Gil Fernando . 1 week ago
Gabriel Jesus was wasting his time at Man city! He is a great player!
Stacey Vandiver Stacey Vandiver . 2 weeks ago
How is xhaka still on our club
Brodacious Max Brodacious Max . 2 weeks ago
Stefan Glavce Stefan Glavce . 2 weeks ago
peter drury doesn't simply commentate football. he paints us atmospheres.
Jason Rennie Jason Rennie . 2 weeks ago
Jesus looks awesome!
Don Kim Don Kim . 2 weeks ago
Omg Gabriel..
BrunoSoares10 BrunoSoares10 . 2 weeks ago
Gabriel Jesus!
Superherofan1996 Superherofan1996 . 2 weeks ago
Arsenal played very well yesterday. Hopefully they can qualify for the Champions League
Edward Kelly Edward Kelly . 2 weeks ago
Happy Arsenal won
Kwaku Poku Kwaku Poku . 2 weeks ago
Crystal Palace were denied two clear penalties
Steven Banni Steven Banni . 2 weeks ago
As usual Real Madrid will eventually pay big price for Ordagan.
Clemente Hernandez Clemente Hernandez . 2 weeks ago
6:01 how did Martin not score
Joe Rodriguez Joe Rodriguez . 2 weeks ago
Joe Rodriguez Joe Rodriguez . 2 weeks ago
Joe Rodriguez Joe Rodriguez . 2 weeks ago
Genki_stars Genki_stars . 2 weeks ago
If men can figure how to be wide square
Body shaped they will sweat it spiritually
Be fat and short
Never lady size

Hinduism weakness Jesus might

Indians are bad daddy’s
Kevin diaz Kevin diaz . 2 weeks ago
It wasn’t Odegaards best game but the man has to shoot!!
Ozil had that same problem he’d get into good positions but would prefer the pass
Aaron N Aaron N . 2 weeks ago
Thank you NBC for replacing Arlo White with Peter Drury! Absolute class
Andy Fawcett Andy Fawcett . 2 weeks ago
At 0:31 he said "For Arsenal..." the transcript reads "For us. Snot..." - perfect!
Willy Prince Willy Prince . 2 weeks ago
Poor wilfried Zaha he needs to leave none of theseguys can finish smfh
Thang Pi Thang Pi . 2 weeks ago
Thang Pi Thang Pi . 2 weeks ago

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