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Published on 2 weeks ago

Well its time!!! Sometimes you have to let somebody else do all of the stuff that you cant handle. We are super happy to have a professional take care of the wrap on this car. Its going to look super epic. Also the office is turning out unreal and here soon it'll all be fully finished! Thanks For Watching!!!

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Billy distasi williamson Billy distasi williamson . 2 days ago
Yeah get it pops. Gotta get pops in a race car
Cabilnascimento Nascimento Cabilnascimento Nascimento . 4 days ago
Very good
Eric Seagren Eric Seagren . 4 days ago
You might want to consider some paintless dent repair before you body work the whole door. Just a thought.
Jonny Wilson Jonny Wilson . 4 days ago
Rocket Duck 1953 Rocket Duck 1953 . 6 days ago
Bean bags are cool until they burst open😂😂😂
B. Andresen B. Andresen . 7 days ago
Nice to finaly see a car, that is cheap in DK vs in the states😄 American cars is almost same price as a Porsche in my country…..almost.
Mark Hagel Mark Hagel . 7 days ago
Come for the Auto content but get sofa content instead.
Sterling Stauffer Sterling Stauffer . 7 days ago
I think the money aspect of YouTube is getting out of hand for these guys. They stop focusing on the prices and start focusing on how good it looks. I think a $20000 couch for a workshop office is a little overboard.
Philipp Arneth Philipp Arneth . 1 week ago
I would do a diningtable in the office
Ray Nemeth Ray Nemeth . 1 week ago
What you need in that empty space in your office is a big acrylic aquarium. Maybe on a laminated white stand it would look epic...
TubeDeviant TubeDeviant . 1 week ago
You guys need to buy that fire truck @11:09 and restore it..!!
JonGib JonGib . 1 week ago
Nice clickbait thumbnail 🤢👎🏼
Adam Smith Adam Smith . 1 week ago
Lol… pops just acts like he knows what y’all are saying 90% of the time 😂
power rude power rude . 1 week ago
Please make a jdm car video like supra or rx7.
alfred olthof alfred olthof . 1 week ago
Don't buy that stupid sauze.

Just buy Heinz, much cheeper.
alfred olthof alfred olthof . 1 week ago
Grow up.
trutacgear trutacgear . 1 week ago
AT the office you should install PS5 console ...! :)
ThisisBen ThisisBen . 1 week ago
Got the front pocket on the front??? These knobs need to learn how to articulate their words
Jonathan Medrano Jonathan Medrano . 1 week ago
Euro cars can open & close windows by holding unlock or lock with key
Paul Pierson Paul Pierson . 1 week ago
I am visualizing a nice graffiti style "Goonzquad" across the office brick wall.
Jay James Jay James . 1 week ago
Prefer the gloss black look.
Squidfish Squidfish . 1 week ago
Couldn’t imagine paying off a $100k boat like that with such depreciation and using it once a month
Squidfish Squidfish . 1 week ago
Sometimes I like to wonder how many times Billy had slapped the shit out his lil bro growing up and wants to occasionally now😆
D.J. Mitchell D.J. Mitchell . 1 week ago
You guys should put the couch on the other side of the room and make that side a desk or editing station
jmoney262 jmoney262 . 1 week ago
Invite Juan and his crew out To build an awesome Tree House to showcase what he can do! You might boost his business enough to change their lives!
Steven Parker Steven Parker . 1 week ago
Wheels are slick!
PCGamingPam PCGamingPam . 1 week ago
You guys should get a graffiti artist and have them spray paint GOONZQUAD on your awesome brick wall!
Mike Weiss Mike Weiss . 1 week ago
A custom *neon* goonzquad sign on the brick would be epic!
Pa Hinga Pa Hinga . 1 week ago
Try to slap some mirror on the walls too.. to make the room really looks like a massive room.
Jervis Carl Liwanag Jervis Carl Liwanag . 1 week ago
dude you can buy a car with the value of that rims. DANG!!!!!!!!
Makram Al Awar Makram Al Awar . 1 week ago
I have a suggestion hope you can read it, It will be awesome if you have a glowing Goonzquad sign with LED lights and hang it behind the couch / on the brick wall 😍😍
Taylor J Taylor J . 1 week ago
please adjust that wiper!
Marco Scomazzon Marco Scomazzon . 1 week ago
Get a nice discount on the door of the Porsche! it's all hailed 🧊
Addi 03 Addi 03 . 1 week ago
19:00 the whole car sould be that colour
Ben Camilleri Ben Camilleri . 1 week ago
You need a much bigger rug and then you also need to tuck the rug under the front part of the sofa/lounge. (coming from my interior designer friend who just visited while watching your videos lol).

Love seeing the Porsche come together and love that you are re-visiting and finishing off some of the builds. Peace!
GHINES70 GHINES70 . 1 week ago
Matt is a horrible look. That high gloss is High dollar.
Paul Stanley Paul Stanley . 1 week ago
Click Bait again, they where not saying goodbye to the audi 😡
Michael (STRANGE) Franke Michael (STRANGE) Franke . 1 week ago
That was a big waste of money for that couch this is supposed to be a shop you need something that's durable and as far as something else in there it's an office did you ever think of maybe adding a desk and some file cabinets to keep paperwork in nah I bet you didn't think of that
Joseph Jeremiah Joseph Jeremiah . 1 week ago
Hey Goonzquad team, you should give away a build every 1 million subscribers you get. You might be able to publicize that on social media and get more subcribers.
Army_Grade_17 Army_Grade_17 . 1 week ago
Just little tip for you, if you press and hold the lock button on the keyfob the windows will go up, and down if you press the onlock button.
E Lemke E Lemke . 1 week ago
Hey guys!! Love the new office!
I have two suggestions for your coffee table-1. Go back to the furniture store and grab the wood with black hairpin legs that your video showed when you were looking at the couch OR 2. Built a table with wheels or something car related.
You should use the white rug in the kitchen area and buy a bigger rug that the couch's front legs sit on top of so it pulls the look together.
Get a table to eat at/conduct meetings/work. Add some shelving on one side of the table for laptops, paperwork, chargers, etc. Hang a TV on the wall above the table.
Anyway, my family loves watching your videos! My girls (12 yr old twins) will randomly say "hey ya'll!" 😃
MrScraminator MrScraminator . 1 week ago
A desk to do editing would be best
Andrew Wang Andrew Wang . 1 week ago
U guys can not use a impact gun on the center lock wheels man, if u don't want a torque wrench 6 feet long, get something called torque gun
Gary Ainslee Rogers Gary Ainslee Rogers . 1 week ago
I ncan see a need for both a paint booth and a wash/detailing area/tent. this would give you a 360 shop.
seventhz777z seventhz777z . 1 week ago
".. look at our office..."
proceeds to turn it into a lounge
Josh Koko Josh Koko . 1 week ago
can you make a beanie hat
Todd Cooper Todd Cooper . 1 week ago
High top table with 4 to 6 seats
John Buckle, family and friends John Buckle, family and friends . 1 week ago
How can I get some dangerous girls I Love your channel and I'd love to try some Sauce
DullOnion DullOnion . 1 week ago
Is it an office or an apartment with kitchen? Super…..epic…..Dude
DullOnion DullOnion . 1 week ago
Garage working on cars and white cabinets…..that’s a good idea…😳

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