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Published on 9 months ago

fancy like dance / compilation / tik tok

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B Smith B Smith . 3 days ago
is there a law that requires people to make the dumbest facial expressions ever when doing this dance?
faye walker faye walker . 4 days ago
5th 4th 1st mrs
Brittanie Shippy Brittanie Shippy . 2 months ago
Yaaayyyy he is my BF
mywickedness mywickedness . 2 months ago
The videos are fun to watch BUT your sound is horrible. Sounds like your playing it off an old boom box in the bathroom.
MagicMaker MagicMaker . 2 months ago
Help my mom is making me dancing this for TikTok it’s very peer pressuring
Daniel Schultz Daniel Schultz . 4 months ago
This is so happy and fun. Thank you.
Liberty Smith Liberty Smith . 8 months ago
Sherry Dawson Sherry Dawson . 9 months ago
Thanks these are always fun to watch

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