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Published on 2 weeks ago

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Vulfan Vulfan . 1 day ago
Restart the video and put it in 2x and it’s so funny
Adam Stockwell Adam Stockwell . 2 days ago
Dennis the Menaces dog is called Gnasher not Ruff
Manuel Romero Manuel Romero . 2 days ago
That feast day is Catholic, your typical Christian off the street probably isn’t gonna know about it.
Michael Scott Michael Scott . 2 days ago
I swear your channel is shadow banned or something... It does not appear in my feed although i watch every single upload
Ryan FZed Ryan FZed . 3 days ago
Ludwig says love you to his friends that's king shit right there
Arc Arc . 3 days ago
Bro at 12 minutes lud was flat out though that Spanish was French then equated it to Irish so he picked a Scotish moive.
Cody Lauderdale Cody Lauderdale . 3 days ago
That Big Bird question was BS too
Silksong Release date? Silksong Release date? . 5 days ago
what happened the last two times he called her tho
Jasmine White Jasmine White . 5 days ago
HAHAHAHA a stop sign is a HEXagon😂
hasangamez hasangamez . 5 days ago
Didn't big guy hit u with a glass bottle
JaxTV Gaming JaxTV Gaming . 5 days ago
Bro I'm a hardcore Christian and have also never heard of this whole feast of Luke stuff
TheyungErod TheyungErod . 6 days ago
It’s funny how every time he gets a question wrong someone in chat says “I told you”
hoiy vinosa hoiy vinosa . 6 days ago
The tiny “I love you” after his second life line had me dying
Sam Lenihan Sam Lenihan . 6 days ago
10:59 the Irish alphabet literally doesn’t have a j
Honuwilson Honuwilson . 6 days ago
Alebrije's are SO hype you gota check em out
sselesU sselesU . 6 days ago
I found

airmail New York 1859 (wikipedia)
1911 british airmail
and he found some 1910/11 airmail us
eclipse eclipse . 6 days ago
16:54 it says the first AMERICAN air mail service.
Ghostboy Ghostboy . 7 days ago
sentals sentals . 7 days ago
Vinne Vinne . 7 days ago
17:00 the first air mail was in the uk on 9th of September 1911
Nick Birnie Nick Birnie . 7 days ago
Bruh, tetrahedron is not a 4D shape
A tetrahedron is a triangular based prism

Jokes aside, your geo and media knowledge is impressive m8

I’m not mad, just disappointed
Jokes aside, probs to you for being one of few people pushing against that whole anti-intellectual bullshit in the modern zeitgeist

I don’t care what they say about you, you’re alright for a seppo m8
Snipa Wifle Snipa Wifle . 7 days ago
Spot is a child's name?
Graeme Mowat Graeme Mowat . 7 days ago
Gnasher is Dennis the Menace's dog. What the fuck kind of answers were they giving on this WWTBAM?
xcgtstiles xcgtstiles . 1 week ago
Ludwig should do the Chloe Ting two week shred challenge. I think it would be really funny to see him try to do it
sebflo sebflo . 1 week ago
It said the first “American” 😭😭😭
Peepee Poopoo Peepee Poopoo . 1 week ago
Lud “imagine i one shot this!?!”
6 min into a 17 min video
Stakezen Stakezen . 1 week ago
day 54 of asking ludwig to 1v1
Mike Tongue Mike Tongue . 1 week ago
Did the winner get announced on stream?
Livio1772 Livio1772 . 1 week ago
The UK got you beat by 14 days. Their first air mail was on 09.09.1911 while the first US air mail was on 23.09.1911.
Boris Boris . 1 week ago
Its kinda lame/stupid to have chat on with people competing with each other to google the right answer. I could never watch twitch.
0dns 0dns . 1 week ago
watching your videos with no adblocker now
Christian Mogensen Christian Mogensen . 1 week ago
bro chat is so annoying
Chris Horne Chris Horne . 1 week ago
I worked on the film and I still got The Good Dinosaur question wrong lmao
Christian Rose Christian Rose . 1 week ago
There's no way this guy thought stop signs were a pentagon
Zane Bullock Zane Bullock . 1 week ago
Just wanna point out google said the “first AMERICAN AIRMAIL” was in the US, believe it or not
Tetra Sky Tetra Sky . 1 week ago
lmao got scammed on that last one.
Mohd Firdaus Mohd Nasir Mohd Firdaus Mohd Nasir . 1 week ago
Lol he said "terra-sack". It's "tesseract".
Thomas Nyland Thomas Nyland . 1 week ago
I can confirm that there are no js used in either alphabets of Scots Gaelic OR Irish. Good try tho
Nathanial Moldenhauer Nathanial Moldenhauer . 1 week ago
Coco was the ezest pick
Graphix Graphix . 1 week ago
I suscribed W
Jack Mack aka #HeavyGuyHaiku Jack Mack aka #HeavyGuyHaiku . 1 week ago
Dude, you got so close. And the game boned you. Good try, though.
All Iona All Iona . 1 week ago
Never guess USA when guessing inventions, most came from the UK or Germany.
BIKASH Choudhry BIKASH Choudhry . 1 week ago
I am from India🇮🇳 watching this Channel 7:37 pm
Alex Gaming Alex Gaming . 1 week ago
ludwig your mom is my friends french teacher atleast thats what he says so idk but i saw on reddit somebody saying the same thing so maybe its true im taking french this year so guess ill see if its true or not
Dilawar Khan Dilawar Khan . 1 week ago
Ludwig, my brother I am big fan you, have watched all of your videos, I am 20 years old and fatherless, I am very poor, please bless me with $15K, please please please 🙏🏼 😞 I Beg you, help me please 🙏🏼🥺, please 🙏🏼
Andrew Calhoun Andrew Calhoun . 1 week ago
5 sided stop signs must be an LA thing
Ethan Ethan . 1 week ago
that google search at the end states "The first official 'American' airmail..." so yeah that'll definitely be always show a USPS response lol
M.Sheriff M.Sheriff . 1 week ago
saw this live, was aight
Adriel M Adriel M . 1 week ago
Maybe im stupid but why does everyone one say hi YouTube if Ludwig cant stream on twitch. So is it a YouTube stream saying hi to YouTube video watchers????
aoi aoi . 1 week ago
“and if a word seems like its french, that means it could also be irish because theres a lot of Js in that language” THERES NOT EVEN A J IN THE IRISH LANGUAGE LMFAOO

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