Play / Download 5 Most DISGUSTING Smartphone Cases 🤮
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Mrwhosetheboss Shorts

Mrwhosetheboss Shorts

Published on 2 weeks ago

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•Silver_Wolf• •Silver_Wolf• . 39 minutes ago
That last case reminds me of stray since I haven't heard a comment aboot it lmao
Rhidvan Rock Ridu Rhidvan Rock Ridu . 1 hour ago
Track_X Track_X . 2 hours ago
Nah these are dope
Mikey_man117 Mikey_man117 . 3 hours ago
Not even fire would kill the case bro
The Elyasandking gamer The Elyasandking gamer . 4 hours ago
I actually liked the last one
UltXx UltXx . 8 hours ago
Can I have one of your iPhones 🙏
Zhytwos Cañeso Zhytwos Cañeso . 10 hours ago
Me:*sees the rubox* waitt he eating rubox
Peachy The Smol Bean Peachy The Smol Bean . 16 hours ago
I'm usually creeped out by these things but where was the last case from-
Jazz Hands Jazz Hands . 16 hours ago
Wait.. why do I like the chucky case?!?!
Jeremiah Bogale Jeremiah Bogale . 17 hours ago
Dang, Arun. Your shorts channel is growing faster than your main channel.
Arson embers Arson embers . 18 hours ago
i like all of them exept for the dirt one
no one no one . 19 hours ago
As a hellsing fan I want the number 1
MEOWMEOW MEOWMEOW . 20 hours ago
The first one was pretty nice tho
Hamza Tastekin Hamza Tastekin . 20 hours ago
Last one pretty cool
NexTheTraveler NexTheTraveler . 20 hours ago
Call me insane, call me weird, call me a psycho, but I would actually buy the last one with the eyes and the blood one (maybe the dirt one as well, looks cool) where did u get these?
cat cat . 22 hours ago
no but the second one is cool asf
_yum!kx♪°_ _yum!kx♪°_ . 24 hours ago
I like the blood one it's pretty
Cantika Satmaheni Cantika Satmaheni . 1 day ago
Instead of disgusting, I think those phone cases are cool
Roronoa Zoro Roronoa Zoro . 1 day ago
The blood case i buy it
visler comadys yt visler comadys yt . 1 day ago
The blood one is really sick bro
jas braam jas braam . 1 day ago
Hey where do you keep all those phones man
NaughtyMrsHoseok NaughtyMrsHoseok . 1 day ago
POV. When you got way too much money.
NaughtyMrsHoseok NaughtyMrsHoseok . 1 day ago
Ok the blood one I liked it
Satrajit Roy Satrajit Roy . 1 day ago
I want the one with blood tho.
Sham Iqbal Sham Iqbal . 1 day ago
You didn't want to do a phone giveaway?
jess_sanchez jess_sanchez . 1 day ago
I'm gunna be honest but I will buy the second case cuz its so cool and definitely my style
Wh_Artist👑 Wh_Artist👑 . 1 day ago
I would generally give 1 thousand dollars for the last phone case
Tej0rss Tej0rss . 1 day ago
I would use the dirt one I kinda like it :)
Nageshwari bisen Nageshwari bisen . 1 day ago
T d d g sv
Arief Ash Arief Ash . 1 day ago
That looks dope
Adam Rushton Adam Rushton . 1 day ago
I want those cases
lydia jemutai lydia jemutai . 1 day ago
Send me one
foundwolf foundwolf . 1 day ago
Yo i don't know if this was recently but congratulations on 5M subs!!
Sean Evo Maximo Sean Evo Maximo . 1 day ago
Hi how much is one
Adam Samhat Adam Samhat . 1 day ago
Honestly the last one i love it i want it
Beau says commit arson kids Beau says commit arson kids . 1 day ago
him: number one was designed so you never sleep at night

me:i kinda like it tho i want that
Levonne krith Levonne krith . 1 day ago
Congratulations for 5 Million Subs 👏 ❤️
Savanna cromwell Savanna cromwell . 1 day ago
Those things aren’t disgusting, he was over exaggerating to make the video seemed better than it actually was.
🖤 Springtrap Afton💜 🖤 Springtrap Afton💜 . 2 days ago
I'm starting to get sick again 🤢 too
ShadowGamer ShadowGamer . 2 days ago
The top 1 looks like the eyes from the game stray
deacay aguilar deacay aguilar . 2 days ago
Almost 5m!!!!
hs〡assi hs〡assi . 2 days ago
Can you give me an iphone
Hilary Albutt Hilary Albutt . 2 days ago
What is going on, YouTube seems to be removing subscriptions without asking my permission ... This is the third time I've had to subscribe
koizpp koizpp . 2 days ago
those are all actually so cool and I would like to take em from you sir.
Ivelisse Nieves Ivelisse Nieves . 2 days ago
Hamze Abdi Hamze Abdi . 2 days ago
Please please give me One iphone I am very poor 😢 😔 please
Kanami chan Kanami chan . 2 days ago
"Liked by iscream"
DjEmka DjEmka . 2 days ago
I actually like the blood one lmao

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