Play / Download The Killers - boy live in Amsterdam at the Ziggo Dome
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tkillers music2

tkillers music2

Published on 4 weeks ago

From the final show of the European leg, July 16th 2022.


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Adam g Adam g . 29 minutes ago
Yes! Yes. Yes. This is the song my heart's been waiting for!! 😍
Jexxee bby Jexxee bby . 1 day ago
Awsum ❤️
Françoise Sacquet Françoise Sacquet . 2 days ago
🥰 🤗 🎸🎸🎸🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵
hugasoul hugasoul . 2 days ago
Omg, I love this song so much ❤️❤️❤️
Joan Pozas Garcia Joan Pozas Garcia . 4 days ago
La mejor banda, sus letras y puesta en escena son INCREIBLES ¡!!¡
La espera....
ha merecido la pena ¡!!¡
The Killers=The Best
henry laurente henry laurente . 6 days ago
Suuuuch an amazing performance and song! Loved it from the first time listening!
Tasty Tommy Tasty Tommy . 7 days ago
Definitely a Little Respect by Erasure vibe to this fabulous song….gotta love The Killers.
Regina Milacek Regina Milacek . 1 week ago
Another great song! I love it , since I heard it the first time! 😃💞
mervin ward mervin ward . 1 week ago
the killers are a godsend . this band is keeping music alive. love the killers
D D . 2 weeks ago
God they are AWFUL 😂

MAKE A GOOD SONG !!!???? 😂😂
Ross Allwein Ross Allwein . 2 weeks ago
Oh geez, this song is released manana, I'm excited to hear the studio version!
Red H, Manchester, UK. Red H, Manchester, UK. . 2 weeks ago
Saw them in Sheffield, Manchester and Paris. Amazing. Would have loved to have seen them debut that new single.
Sarah Mildenhall Sarah Mildenhall . 2 weeks ago
Very handsome man cute smile
Laurie D. Laurie D. . 2 weeks ago
I love this skinny ass white boy with the great smile singing his heart out. Can't help myself
theglens1 theglens1 . 2 weeks ago
That's gonna be huge..
Great Track ..
Defne Kucukmustafa Defne Kucukmustafa . 3 weeks ago
can't believe that I was there!
Shaun Rodgers Shaun Rodgers . 3 weeks ago
cant wait to see them in Vegas next month 😍
Nina ! Nina ! . 3 weeks ago
What a great song i love it
Laurie D. Laurie D. . 3 weeks ago this song. Brandon is still THE MAN..,, got chills watching this. That smile
felipe freitas de souza felipe freitas de souza . 3 weeks ago
5th August is my birthday 🎂.... And this will be a good gift
Bill O'Reilly Bill O'Reilly . 3 weeks ago
I was there! Singing my little heat out. I was about 20 feet further back than I wanted because I spent all my time in the bar next door listening to Killers songs and the venue was flipping packed!
beatmess66 beatmess66 . 4 weeks ago
I was there 😍🤩🤩
Joey-Jazz ASMR Joey-Jazz ASMR . 4 weeks ago
So sad I couldn't attend this show.... Thanks for filming!!!!!
Martin Roberts Martin Roberts . 4 weeks ago
Love it. Shades of Bowie.
ricardo gutierrez ricardo gutierrez . 4 weeks ago
seems to be part of mr brightside/miss atomic bomb saga
Matt Stevens Matt Stevens . 4 weeks ago
When is this coming out?
Diane Gribbin Diane Gribbin . 4 weeks ago
Fabulous haven’t felt like this since hearing Human for the first time, WISH it was longer.x
Walter de Haard Walter de Haard . 4 weeks ago
The Killers in Amsterdam 16 July 2022
DF333 DF333 . 4 weeks ago
Must have been listening to a little respect before they wrote this but wow what a song 💯
The Modern Monarchist The Modern Monarchist . 4 weeks ago
The killers keep music and me alive!!! ✌️
The Modern Monarchist The Modern Monarchist . 4 weeks ago
So good!
Jack Osborne Jack Osborne . 4 weeks ago
This song is gonna slap🔥
derka90 derka90 . 4 weeks ago
I like it! And his smile is so cute ;)
Kevin Kevin . 4 weeks ago
So awesome. Thank you for capturing this
Ildiko J.F. Ildiko J.F. . 4 weeks ago
Great song❤

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