Play / Download You Won’t Believe What The Coronet Giveaway Car Looks Like Now!
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Fab Rats

Fab Rats

Published on 2 weeks ago

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The Coronet Giveaway car is getting so close to completed we can taste it!! New interior, new owner! We can't wait to give this car to one of you viewers! Check it out!
Make sure to follow along with us as we build and fabricate cool stuff!!

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MrGixxer1300r MrGixxer1300r . 2 days ago
Those seats and door panels really gave that car a good look inside very tasteful.
Conrad Balcer Conrad Balcer . 3 days ago
Looking very nice!
Austin Ehrhart Austin Ehrhart . 3 days ago
Spoken like a true dad. “It’s going to get turned into rebar.”
spdergod spdergod . 3 days ago
Does your upholstery guy have a YouTube channel? I'd really like to see how he does it.
Lawrence Adams Lawrence Adams . 3 days ago
Love it
Just_me_im_innocent Just_me_im_innocent . 4 days ago
Oh my that is so sweet
Just_me_im_innocent Just_me_im_innocent . 4 days ago
It's a classic car. It brings back fond memories of my 61 galaxy. When ya gonna deliver it lmao
Jacob Copeland Jacob Copeland . 5 days ago
I never understand why would not do something as simple as paint the trans pan or diff cover while it's off and apart.
Tom Martin Tom Martin . 5 days ago
The car is coming along great! Your team is going to make someone very happy!!
Spencer Willetts Spencer Willetts . 5 days ago
What’s that van in the side yard of the garage ?
robert quackenbush robert quackenbush . 5 days ago
Should've put a hemi in it
Adrian Adrian . 5 days ago
you guys hit this one out of the ball park. awesome job
Arun's presence Arun's presence . 5 days ago
I also need any wheels .
Chris Johnson Chris Johnson . 5 days ago
You guys are awesome, I truly love watching you guys and your positive attitudes. You guys are a joy to watch, good job on the Coronet and I wish you all the best.
jon black jon black . 5 days ago
jon black jon black . 5 days ago
I want real deal on XL puuntang rental $69 thats a steal. around here you cant touch one for less than $129...looks are $99...who wants to look when another $20 you can touch...ONLY... N ...UTAH....
Cliff Cross Cliff Cross . 5 days ago
Boy that car is really looking nice.
pedro Tsosie pedro Tsosie . 5 days ago
Awesome give away I only dream of a car like that good job
Kevin Behr Kevin Behr . 6 days ago
Is it the lighting or angle, but Michele looks like the might be pupped up.
Thomas Dunn Thomas Dunn . 6 days ago
Nice rabbit ears Michelle. (LOL time 1:18) Ben ha ha
mgroom1 mgroom1 . 7 days ago
I agree, give it to Ben he really deserves it. We will still keep buying gear, telling our friends about your AWESOME CHANNEL so surprise brother Ben
Tracy Graham Tracy Graham . 7 days ago
My car is sure looking great! Awesome job that yall do.
talltimo talltimo . 1 week ago
Does Matt even know about that Ramp Side lurking in the background?! That should have been his tow truck foundation! "EvenMorrVair"!
kasmanien kasmanien . 1 week ago
You guys have a done an awesome job with this car,especially considering you have also kept up with your day to day projects as well.Great job! I love this body style and I'm a huge Mopar fan so really excited to see it completed.Keep up the good work!
petahh diegoo petahh diegoo . 1 week ago
Ben should have it Giveaway a taco or something else
JosephCarton JosephCarton . 1 week ago
Fix up that van!
Kirk Giezen Kirk Giezen . 1 week ago
want to see more about Jeff's Corvair 95 pick up!
S and K Workshop S and K Workshop . 1 week ago
Took that same road over to Cedar just the other day. It was sweet.
Bryan Ponton Bryan Ponton . 1 week ago
I need to rent me some PUUNTANG
James Bowen James Bowen . 1 week ago
My vote is to surprise Ben with the Cornet….
Don Rich Don Rich . 1 week ago
My 03 Jag had the same issue with the oil fill plug in the transfer case so Ford decided to call it permanently lubed. Worked good till all the oil went away and the planetary gears did not like that so much.
Don Rich Don Rich . 1 week ago
So you went to Cedar via Montana?
Wavy on YT Wavy on YT . 1 week ago
I currently have no car and this would really help me as a daily driver :( this is one sick car btw
garywt54 garywt54 . 1 week ago
Nice car!!
Garret Witterholt Garret Witterholt . 1 week ago
Give er to ben
White Elemant White Elemant . 1 week ago
Oh man the interior of the coronet 😳
Graham Fox Graham Fox . 1 week ago
So how do we enter to win? Also - sorry Ben, but I'm going to win it!
Billy Bob Cox Billy Bob Cox . 1 week ago
When I win I will come pick it up. You don't even have to deliver it.
Kenneth M Kenneth M . 1 week ago
Another awesome video. The Cornett is looking awesome, but I would have to agree with some other comments saying give it to Ben. If nothing else fix up something else to give away to a fan. I believe Ben would totally appreciate and take care of that car.
Cole Cioppa Cole Cioppa . 1 week ago
This car is looking great! I really like the new interior. Thank you for doing what you do. Nice to see the progress of the builds you have going on.
S Brown S Brown . 1 week ago
What's that salvage yard renting? 🤣🤣🤣
Gotyoback Bro Gotyoback Bro . 1 week ago
Thank you for leaving the Motely Crue sticker on the car. Lol
Chuck Richards Chuck Richards . 1 week ago
Oh man I would love this car.. in high school I had a 72 short bed dodge 2wd I loved that truck. It had the slant 6 in it. 1995 my first car at 14
rcjg24 rcjg24 . 1 week ago
Wow that interior guy is the fricken man
Warren John Knight. Warren John Knight. . 1 week ago
🐑🐑🐑🐑sheep are a very common occurrence here in my country,
Keith Reilly Keith Reilly . 1 week ago
Is it about time for the Christmas songs
Keith Reilly Keith Reilly . 1 week ago
Looking good in there
Andrew Simons Andrew Simons . 1 week ago
I vote for Ben to have it
Christopher Barton Christopher Barton . 1 week ago
Give to it Ben
Lawrence Adams Lawrence Adams . 1 week ago
Wow I’m game I would love to have it fixing to be retired

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