Play / Download CA sheriff orders raid on Indiana Batmobile garage, allegedly as favor for friend - EXCLUSIVE
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ABC7 News Bay Area

ABC7 News Bay Area

Published on 3 weeks ago

Holy political favors, Batman! That's the allegation against San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos for sending a four-man team across the country last week, to raid the garage that builds Batmobiles. Read the ABC7 News I-Team report here:

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Wildburn Wildburn . 9 hours ago
Pigger moment
Jimmy the Expat Jimmy the Expat . 22 hours ago
this is a civil matter
Jimmy the Expat Jimmy the Expat . 22 hours ago
another abuse of power
Toni Smith Toni Smith . 24 hours ago
Typical California trash thinking they control the WHOLE country 🙄
Thurnis Haley Thurnis Haley . 1 day ago
Seeing two of them cruising next to each other was an odd type of cursed
Tom Jones Tom Jones . 1 day ago
The man that builds these cars has had his business hurt by this California corrupt sheriff. He must sue the county to recover his loss!
Marisa Hoke Fazi Marisa Hoke Fazi . 1 day ago
It's funny how the news didn't use the word "corruption," and it's peculiar how everybody in that Sheriff's department didn't stand up to and say no to the sheriff sending those people at taxpayers expense across the country for his buddy.
Rina Ticson Rina Ticson . 1 day ago
Waste of taxpayer money.
FlipOffBiden dot com FlipOffBiden dot com . 2 days ago
Just cops being cops 🤷‍♂️🥴
Grace Grace . 2 days ago
Get em Mark! Love ya
Clorox Bleach Clorox Bleach . 2 days ago
This is why Americans have such a high distrust of police. They all peaked in high school, tend to be intellectually slow, quick to anger, emotional issues, and everyone is just supposed to pretend they’re not mentally ill while on the taxpayer dime.
the you tuber the you tuber . 2 days ago
Cops, come and try to snatch my crops
Lance Lance . 2 days ago
Loiks like the end of Fiberglass Freaks is at hand.
chris jarvis chris jarvis . 2 days ago
was it the same judge that signed off on the mar a largo thing and what about that DA he don't sound like he is on the level as he looks from side to side
Tiffany Kooper Tiffany Kooper . 3 days ago
Mr Racop won't be taking a plea agreement. That means a conviction which means losing his License rights which means he can't finish the Batmobiles and they would be scrapped which means he would be sued by all current clients which means hed have to declare bankruptcy. You won't see a plea agreement in this case.
JL TB JL TB . 3 days ago
The crooked sheriff should be thrown in prision for a very ling time. What a low life.
Shalanora Shalanora . 3 days ago
Is this even legal? Can they even serve a warrant across state lines?
Alex Petro Alex Petro . 3 days ago
They can't beat Geico
Mark French Mark French . 3 days ago
This is total 🐂💩.
Breshannon Devereaux Breshannon Devereaux . 4 days ago
WOW! You CANNOT get the cops to your house, in a reasonable time as a citizen. But, if you are a FRIEND of a Sheriff, you can have him tell his deputies to go ACROSS COUNTRY by plane, at TAXPAYER'S expense, to HARASS a PASTOR because you are having a TANTRUM?? HOLY COW!! BOTH the 'victim' and his 'buddy' need a SPANKING!!
if those cops arent punished JUST LIKE CIVILIANS WOULD BE,,, civilians need to take matters into their own hands. enough of being intimidated by criminals with badges n guns...
Charles Terrizzi Charles Terrizzi . 4 days ago
Did general garland personally sign off on this one also
Abdulova2016 Abdulova2016 . 4 days ago
Bentriverrusher Bentriverrusher . 4 days ago
Boff, Bonk, Pow, Plop, Kapow, Swa-a-p, Whamm, Zwap, Bam! Golly Gee Batman Sheriff Roscoe is at it again for his pal Boss Slog.
RupertJ RupertJ . 4 days ago
Corruption at large
D P D P . 4 days ago
Friends in high places
David Ainsworth David Ainsworth . 5 days ago
What I’ve learned from this,😢 My wife won’t let me buy one.
FastLane FPV FastLane FPV . 5 days ago
They will not listen. They have a plan to follow.
Hector White Hector White . 5 days ago
Sheriff should be fired, arrested and prosecuted. Let's not forget the other criminal law enforcement agents involved. Fire them all. these are bad cops.
Joyce Piffins Joyce Piffins . 5 days ago
Come on do gooders if you had the connections to get something done y'all would've done it to. For that man to take over another year to get his car after he paid him in full is unacceptable. Then to think he was sending someone to get an incomplete car is crazy. If I could've used the president that's what I would've done.
Ken Chorney Ken Chorney . 5 days ago
More corrupt cops, shocker......
Leslie Peters Leslie Peters . 5 days ago
thats not the batmobile i was born to know, must be new!
Jeepboy7680 Jeepboy7680 . 5 days ago
Nothing better to do up there??? I bet you can get drugs on almost every corner but let’s raid the guy with the bat mobile 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Kenneth Honeycutt Kenneth Honeycutt . 5 days ago
As a law enforcement officer with 30 years, from the information given during this news segment, this is undoubtly an overeach and possibily abuse of judical power.
Ina Daaze Ina Daaze . 5 days ago
The good ol' boys network is alive and well. This is nothing more than corruption and a full investigation needs to take place.
Corben Corben . 5 days ago
My amazon order was supposed to arrive today but did not so i guess i can send my local sheriff to go arrest Jeff Bezos and close down Amazon?
Stan Catalin Stan Catalin . 5 days ago
The Sheriff should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law!
Todd Smith Todd Smith . 5 days ago
This is what the USA is becoming. Destroyed from within.
Yes No Yes No . 5 days ago
Commifornia being corrupt as it comes once again
RadioactiveSaddam RadioactiveSaddam . 5 days ago
Only in the US
Dusty Rutter Dusty Rutter . 5 days ago
aola wili aola wili . 5 days ago
There's very little good reporting coming out of California, but I must give you guys credit. Excellent job exposing abuse of power and corruption!
Jeremy Hubbard Jeremy Hubbard . 5 days ago
Since when does California deputies have jurisdiction in Indiana?
BlessedDoongleBerry BlessedDoongleBerry . 5 days ago
The people are being pushed around too much....sickening.
Karate Kid Karate Kid . 5 days ago
That DA was straight lying, The simplest lie detection techniques shes a bad liar.
realStreetBob realStreetBob . 6 days ago
The law is so crooked that these lawbreakers need to be lined up and
uawsux uawsux . 6 days ago
that woman is a liar they know they messed up they know they got caught there was no new evidence what evidence the search warrants were illegal illegally obtained false information given... items were illegally seized they trashed his home invaded as privacy he can retire now get that money get it all I think this is worth $1 million dollars look at all the damage they did
David Vanzant David Vanzant . 6 days ago
Spoiled rotten is why
David Vanzant David Vanzant . 6 days ago
Cops and courts
word exe word exe . 6 days ago
Awesome video!

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