Play / Download Morgan Wallen opens the show with “You Proof” in Minneapolis US Bank Stadium
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Adventures of Illya

Adventures of Illya

Published on 2 months ago

Paul Kubic Paul Kubic . 2 days ago
Every seat was full before the show began! 55,000!! He opened for Church, best concert here in decades !
Shane Shepherd Shane Shepherd . 2 weeks ago
Canceled ehh? Go Man! Love it!
Ervin Smith Ervin Smith . 2 weeks ago
Jesus Says "I'll wipe your pain away" by Ervin ©️
asmr p2p asmr p2p . 2 weeks ago
I will never condone or excuse any non black person saying the n word, but the one thing he did right that so many others who make the same mistake do wrong is he took accountability and accepted responsibility, acknowledged that he had a drinking problem, went and got help and stayed away from the lime light for quite sometime
ojw4551 ojw4551 ojw4551 ojw4551 . 3 weeks ago
This guy has no talent boring as fuck
Joe Rahn Joe Rahn . 3 weeks ago
He talks to much
Bunny Bubs Bunny Bubs . 3 weeks ago
They guy came out in my city , did his list, and didn’t say one word between songs just rolling on .. no hello , no goodbye, no thank you .. oddball $300
Ryan LaChapelle Ryan LaChapelle . 3 weeks ago
Cant wait to see him at country thunder this year. Worth the 250$ alone!
Annalise Worley Annalise Worley . 3 weeks ago
Hell Yeah! ❤️🔥
Tim Sweeney Tim Sweeney . 3 weeks ago
why are all the lights on?
Chad Chad . 3 weeks ago
Looking like the security guard at the strip mall that drives the little white truck.
Saturday, next, me, I get to see him, cannot wait, love me some Wallen singing anything...including You Proof❤️
john stamos31 john stamos31 . 1 month ago
He sounds like shit
Erin Jessi Erin Jessi . 1 month ago
SMH. That crowd is giving him nothing. The crowd pulling a Dua Lipa. Come to NZ Morgan- We'll show ya!
kymcnamk21 kymcnamk21 . 1 month ago
He did not open with this song...
Adam Steinberg Adam Steinberg . 1 month ago
shit how about sining it live...your signing over a track..
Kurt Childress Kurt Childress . 1 month ago
He awesome
Mary Mary . 1 month ago
Damn he's so fine.
javier chacon javier chacon . 1 month ago
Morgan is him
Bolton Popelka Bolton Popelka . 1 month ago
The number of people!!! I'd be throwing up I'd be so nervous!
Logan Stielow Logan Stielow . 1 month ago
Morgan has a mustache
Røss Williams Røss Williams . 2 months ago
More people there for him than the Vikings
Røss Williams Røss Williams . 2 months ago
For someone who got canceled, that stadium looks pretty full
Evie Harris Evie Harris . 2 months ago
I was on the fifth row… best night ever!
troy basel troy basel . 2 months ago
Up Down was the opening song
Viliy Boutviseth Viliy Boutviseth . 2 months ago
Why must your concert ticket be so expensive? Deciding to go see him live or not?!
Chiquita Pounders Chiquita Pounders . 2 months ago
You made it man!!! We love you Morgan Wallen!!!!
D Strom D Strom . 2 months ago
But he actually opened the show with "Up down"
Julie Rowe Julie Rowe . 2 months ago
LOVE his music!
Kyle Vertoch Kyle Vertoch . 2 months ago
When the crowd sings your newest song back to you, you're doing something right!
Kyle Vertoch Kyle Vertoch . 2 months ago
Skyla May Tasch Skyla May Tasch . 2 months ago
He’s the hottest man alive. I wish I could have him
Amber K Amber K . 2 months ago
We were there it was insane 😍😍😍
Alana Olson Alana Olson . 2 months ago
The tickets are so expensive. And with all the people there. He makes so much money doing what he loves.
LO LO . 2 months ago
He is so overrated!
Chrissy Mullins Chrissy Mullins . 2 months ago
His voice sounds incredibly strained. I gurantee he's been doing back to back shows lately.
Rania Al-ashqar Rania Al-ashqar . 2 months ago
Jugoslawien falsche Frau stopen. Sonst wird schlimmer alle protezt ❤️
W S Duncan W S Duncan . 2 months ago
Victoria Gamroth Victoria Gamroth . 2 months ago
We were there.....Such a amazing Nite!
Cindy Zwicker Cindy Zwicker . 2 months ago
Awesome 👏 love 💕 this song
NewBootGoofin NewBootGoofin . 2 months ago
That's INSANE how many people are there 😳
Robin Hates Robin Hates . 2 months ago
Crowd looks dead
Larry CJ Larry CJ . 2 months ago
🥃 You Proof!🥃 Cheers Morgan!! 😸
thebirchenchannel thebirchenchannel . 2 months ago
BEST concert ever! Love his music!
Tyler Durden Tyler Durden . 2 months ago
Best Concert!!!
Luke Bryant Luke Bryant . 2 months ago
People are saying Morgan didn’t play good and I think it’s because the last week or 2 he’s played like 7 shows. I went to the one in charlotte and he sounded way better
Kerri Maxwell Kerri Maxwell . 2 months ago
Kerri Maxwell Kerri Maxwell . 2 months ago
I’m mis McGill

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