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John Seo

John Seo

Published on 3 weeks ago

Mystery _ decetive🙈 Mystery _ decetive🙈 . 6 hours ago
"Crashed it 3 times"
*shows horrible pic*
"Still drivable"


*"I aM tItAnIcaL shOoT mE dOwn aNd I wOnT fAlL"*
kandi2047 kandi2047 . 9 hours ago
anyone else notice it's all the white guys that have no cars?
Matt the W Matt the W . 11 hours ago
Not 13 btw
Amari Amari . 1 day ago
I doubt a high schooler has 200k lying around to upgrade a shitty car
Laura Catalina Alegre Magliocco Laura Catalina Alegre Magliocco . 2 days ago
The third guy looks exactly like that car
KONTROLL me KONTROLL me . 3 days ago
Nigga said about 200,000 😂🤣😭💀
Lolxchild Wewe Lolxchild Wewe . 3 days ago
“I’m 13”
NsaneLightning NsaneLightning . 3 days ago
Rip sticks aren’t cool 💀
Kasper The Ram Knight Kasper The Ram Knight . 3 days ago
that dude is not 13
我好想要我ㄉ文被瘋狂分享偷 我好想要我ㄉ文被瘋狂分享偷 . 3 days ago
I drive buggati
xXliaz xXliaz . 4 days ago
I can’t believe these kids are younger than me
Kevin Amuzu Kevin Amuzu . 4 days ago
Who drives a tesla a
Unnamed Chorf Unnamed Chorf . 4 days ago
WHAT ARE THEY FEEDING KIDS THESE DAYS!? I'm 17 and that dude STILL looks as old if not older than me.
shin shin . 4 days ago
Remote control car in school if it was our indian schl u kna wts gonna hpn
Nils Gajewska Nils Gajewska . 4 days ago
Im 13, that dude, hes not 13
Nicholai Seay Nicholai Seay . 4 days ago
Rip stick any day
Your Mom Your Mom . 4 days ago
ain’t no way bros 13😂✋
MKBABEX MKBABEX . 5 days ago
first dude is a real life argyle 💀
CoyotePlays CoyotePlays . 5 days ago
I swear there is only npc in this school
Chris Ter Chris Ter . 5 days ago
I thought the first one was a girl😭-
TkToK GoogzyAu TkToK GoogzyAu . 5 days ago
The second kid definitely gets a gram for $30 💀
Austin Horne Austin Horne . 5 days ago
He said hydraulics then buddy put a pic of a track hawk
Susix66 Suhrajo Susix66 Suhrajo . 5 days ago
Cheyenne Wynn Cheyenne Wynn . 5 days ago
Hm… they’re only two wheels… so it takes more skill? Even more so than a bicycle?
AcID ReIgN AcID ReIgN . 5 days ago
Bruh failing English language arts the hell is a ski on??? 💀
Antonio Ferrero Antonio Ferrero . 5 days ago
Part 2?!
F3ll0W F3ll0W . 6 days ago
of course the female car crashes
Moany Bay Moany Bay . 6 days ago
No disrespect but I thought the first dude was a girl😮

But I did get called a girl when I had long hair too. People thought I was a girl.
Rosy Rosy . 6 days ago
James seo and john seo, are they siblings 💀
bob marley bob marley . 6 days ago
yeet yeet . 6 days ago
3rd guys literally me answering a simple biology question that has the word “explain” in the beginning of it
5Bun lol 5Bun lol . 6 days ago
Edward Johnson Edward Johnson . 6 days ago
Bro called scion a skee-on 😭
Elizete Munhoz Elizete Munhoz . 6 days ago
Argyle is on school 😎
BakingTourist BakingTourist . 6 days ago
I was a Chevy colorado
Khet Khet . 7 days ago
Bro that was an rc car
Leo Fake Leo Fake . 1 week ago
I swerve in a hummve
Aaron Kinslow Aaron Kinslow . 1 week ago
Did bro say "Sceeon" 💀
Vanessa Vanessa . 1 week ago
If you’re mad just come to this YouTube channel
monica monica . 1 week ago
i love ripsticks tho
ava ava . 1 week ago
He’s is not 13
Vic Ng Vic Ng . 1 week ago
He drives a ‘ski-on’.
Sarellah Sarellah . 1 week ago
Bitch im 13 no one looks like that tfff
Toby Toby . 1 week ago
Ripsticks are so fun ngl
Jesse Mason Jesse Mason . 1 week ago
Need some more of these
MoneyMakinMitch MoneyMakinMitch . 1 week ago
These mfs don’t even look old enough to drive 😹😹😹
Proboscis monkey :-/ Proboscis monkey :-/ . 1 week ago
“Sky-on slammed” it’s “scion” like “sai-on”
Prince FrankieVince Prince FrankieVince . 1 week ago
the scion dude was the most detailed description to avoid the word hamster box 200000 pesos when new
Nightmare Drifter Nightmare Drifter . 1 week ago
13? If that mf is 13 I'm 5 💀
TG08 TG08 . 1 week ago
He isn’t 13 he is 17-25 I would say lol

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