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Published on 1 week ago

I made a knife vest..

FilipinoAmericanboy tv FilipinoAmericanboy tv . 1 week ago
i will buy the 2 properties😎
Stephanie L Stephanie L . 14 minutes ago
What happen to Kelly? Did she finally meet her breaking point?
Sam Wilkes Sam Wilkes . 47 minutes ago
My name is jayda don't mind the "sam Wilkes" Hello Brandon, my mother wants me to sleep but I hate sleep , what do I do? - day 9 of asking, from Jayda
Roo deeznuts Roo deeznuts . 2 hours ago
Hey brandon, my problem is that im scared of the dark (nyctophobia) and whenever im in the dark i sprint out of the room like my life depends on it. What do?
Red_Echo_Panda Red_Echo_Panda . 3 hours ago
Brandon, I need your help, how do you summon a demon without duct tape? I ran out from taping my siblings to the wall
SMC_MATT SMC_MATT . 3 hours ago
Hey Brandon, my problem is I'm always tripping over nothing and I can't keep still. Is there anyway you can help me?
Lilly Yearley Lilly Yearley . 5 hours ago
Hey Brandon I need help on how to save money
Lily Hasebroock Lily Hasebroock . 6 hours ago
My problem is that I started high school and I feel like I’m talking weird
drip god drip god . 6 hours ago
how do does me do how do chair?
Super Plushes adventures Super Plushes adventures . 7 hours ago
Hey Brandon my problem is I can’t spell
Madison Gregory Madison Gregory . 7 hours ago
Brandonnnnn u should do the pie face game with autumn i think it would be hilarious😂
Sorta Sendy Sorta Sendy . 8 hours ago
Hey Brandon, I have a problem. I can never find my shoes
Godkiller Godkiller . 8 hours ago
Hello Brendan (plz do more cooking translate video's) and I have a a problem were my pet cat (my pet is a cat btw) day's all of my pet fish ( my pet fish can only live in water so I don't know how my cat can eat them it can't swim) and another problem is y can't my fish breath on land can u fix this problem
Billa Hofgaard Johannessen Billa Hofgaard Johannessen . 9 hours ago
Hey Brandon! I’m scared of dogs, but my roommate is gonna get a puppy
Please help..?!
Misha Murphy Misha Murphy . 9 hours ago
my garand daddy is dead in the garden
CookieCrumbGirl CookieCrumbGirl . 10 hours ago
I will buy
Insertname Insertname . 10 hours ago
Hi brandon my problem is that I always draw and my hands and legs but i get in trouble when I do. how do I fix that????
Poop. Poop. . 11 hours ago
Hey lOve ur vids btw but everywhere I go in my room there is a flower 🌸 what do I do ?!?!?????? HELP
booshfrog booshfrog . 12 hours ago
hi brandon my problem is that i am obbsesed with fictional characters. any life hacks?
Maric Fowler Maric Fowler . 12 hours ago
As someone who's home from my pharmacy job, I FEEL SEEN BY ROSALEEN! <3
Elio🌯 Elio🌯 . 12 hours ago
Hey Brandon! My problem, is that my brothers won't stop bullying me, calling me skinny. I need a solution.
72FCLOUDY 72FCLOUDY . 13 hours ago
Hey Brandon i dont have enough duct tape to make a chair can you make a dog from duct tape question mark
N0_M4x..H3r3.. N0_M4x..H3r3.. . 13 hours ago
Hi brandon, my dog keeps biting me what do i do
Gon Freecss Gon Freecss . 13 hours ago
Hi Brandon. I have a problem. Every time i fall in love irl, they leave me. but every time i fall in love with a fictional character they die (RIP Eddie). got any life hacks? day 2 of asking
Dominic Jorge Dominic Jorge . 15 hours ago
Hi Brandon my problem is that I can't find my phone can you help?
ray chavarry ray chavarry . 15 hours ago
Hey Brandon, i need help my room is always a big mess and when i try to clean it i get to lazy.
Ariane Soucy Ariane Soucy . 15 hours ago
Can you tell me how to find love
°Honeybee playz° °Honeybee playz° . 16 hours ago
Hi Brandon! Sometimes I don’t want to go out with my friends but I don’t have any plans or problems to take care of, can you help me?
Josephquinnlover Josephquinnlover . 16 hours ago
Hey Brandon! My cousins dog likes to step on my face when I’m laying down. She’s a huge dog. What should I do 😼
Phoenix Phoenix . 16 hours ago
Hey Brandon, my problem is that I'm about to start another year of homeschooling, but I pretty much draw all day even when I need to do something else. How do I stop procrastinating with drawing and get ready for highschool.
Elathedog Elathedog . 17 hours ago
My problem isToday my bff oh hi Brandon but today my bff stole my friends even tho she has her own friends but I still love her ok also I can t type or speak any language
Salormal Salormal . 17 hours ago
hiya Brandon! My problem is I'm obsessed with sonic the hedgehog, any tips? You are the best at this
hey Brandon just checking on my moms and how do you think i would like it for her birthday party for the girls to come get out the hill lol i just said she is still waiting.
fnaf plushies fnaf plushies . 18 hours ago
Can you help I keep wanting to eat vecna
Billa Hofgaard Johannessen Billa Hofgaard Johannessen . 18 hours ago
Hi Brandon
My problem is my brother keeps on choking me.. what do I do
ChickenMcCrisis ChickenMcCrisis . 18 hours ago
Hey Barndon, do you have any life hacks for people who have a hard time getting up in the morning because they can't sleep because they're too busy hating themselves?
Clinton Miller Clinton Miller . 18 hours ago
Hi brandon i have a problem where whenever i clean my room then the next day theres tape all over the walls and floor and i keep throwing the tape away but it just keeps appearing everywhere is there any way you can help get rid of it.
Amy Rudd Amy Rudd . 18 hours ago
Hey Brandon, whenever I am walking around my house my brother jumps out of nowhere and scares the bejesus out of me what do I do?
The Offfical Amityville Horror House The Offfical Amityville Horror House . 19 hours ago
Hi Brandon
Why Does People take photos,videos and movies about me?
Chelsi🦋 Chelsi🦋 . 19 hours ago
Hey Brandon! My problem is that whenever I eat something and set it down my dog finds a way to always get it. Do you know how to help my dog from eating my food.
kiwi18 kiwi18 . 19 hours ago
Hey Brandon! My problem is that my friends always wants to hang out but I feel like they only hang out with me cause I am the only one with a license what should I do
Hannah bannnnanana Hannah bannnnanana . 20 hours ago
Hey Brandon. My problem is i love your videos but I have school and I can’t watch your videos in school but my mom forces me to go and I don’t like it. Also I your videos are funny and always make my day thank you.
regfdgdfgd vvv regfdgdfgd vvv . 20 hours ago
hey Brandon, my name is Desirae and I'm problem is I cant stop buying stuffted animal's . and also love your video's i have been watching u for a year are so. thank u .
Cocoa Labrinth Cocoa Labrinth . 20 hours ago
Hi Brandon!
I am a young teen, my parents constantly yell at each other and I have major anxiety. I don't have anything that can help me with it, I just want to know if you have any ideas to help with it.
Billybob Billybob . 21 hours ago
Hi brandon my problem is that I love watching horror movies but I can’t sleep after I watch them do u have a solution??
Gserenity Gserenity . 22 hours ago
Hey Brandon, I need help. My dog won’t stop barking at any little noise he hears. Anytime he hears a noise, he’ll look out the window and start barking. Sometimes me and my parents can’t hear the noises. What should I do?
Amira Adeniyi Amira Adeniyi . 22 hours ago
I love you Youtube channel
Milo Milo . 23 hours ago
Hi Brandon, I been having a really rough time with like accepting the fact I'm trans/trying to have people use my pronouns and name got any tips? It would really help out alot
Malak-Ballari Malak-Ballari . 23 hours ago
Hi Brandon!
My issue is that I have been posting my art online for at least five years now and I have gained little to no following. I try to post consistently and realistically speaking my art is not bad, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and it’s becoming very discouraging. Any tips?

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