Play / Download Rock And A Hard Place - Bailey Zimmerman | Guitar Tutorial
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Learn Guitar Favorites

Learn Guitar Favorites

Published on 1 month ago

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This is a guitar tutorial for you to learn how to play the 4 Chord country song Rock And A Hard Place by Bailey Zimmerman. Today in this video guitar lesson, I'm going to teach you how to play the chords and strumming pattern to Rock And A Hard Place on Acoustic Guitar. Learn Guitar Favorites is a place for beginners, intermediate and advanced players to learn how to play your favorite hit country songs by many different country artists.

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BRZRKR Brand BRZRKR Brand . 4 days ago
How come on Bailey Zimmerman’s acoustic video there is no capo and he appears to play a D major. What are the chords for that version?
Zachary William Zachary William . 3 weeks ago
Great video, I got er down in about half hour. Thanks!
Tyler Weaver Tyler Weaver . 3 weeks ago
I got a tough one for you. Marlboro man by Colten Jesse. There are NO tutorials out for this
ggking ggking . 4 weeks ago
bailey's so good, thank you so much for this
The Tactical Outlaw The Tactical Outlaw . 1 month ago
Thanks 🙏!
Another great tutorial. I tell ya, I know you got a lot of requests but there is only one My Town (Montgomery Gentry) tutorial on YouTube and it’s finger picking. I learned the song from chords about a year ago but I forgot it and I gotta relearn. I’d much rather watch than read tabs. Thanks for all you do.
drfroglegs drfroglegs . 1 month ago
Would love to see a tutorial for "man of constant sorrow". Not really a good tutorial for the intro part. Thanks for everything you do!
Quad Kings Quad Kings . 1 month ago
Could you please do run away high by Sam barbers
J. S. McKee J. S. McKee . 1 month ago
can you teach "mind your own business" By Hank Williams Sr?
Truthfulslayr 17 Truthfulslayr 17 . 1 month ago
can you do God speed by zach bryan
Aiden coal Nuckolls Aiden coal Nuckolls . 1 month ago
Can you do fall in love by Bailey Zimmerman
Nick Gondron Nick Gondron . 1 month ago
Love the tutorial! Georgia Time by Riley Green is a good one too if you’re looking for songs to play.
EnJoeyThe Ride EnJoeyThe Ride . 2 months ago
Can't say that I have ever heard of Robbie
But I like it

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