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Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes

Published on 4 weeks ago

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Brandy Brandy . 2 days ago
Awesome.. the dogs are watching.. ya know your good when ya dogs watch..
Linda Byrd Linda Byrd . 3 days ago
Your audience are so cute. If they could they would clap. 👏👏🐶🐶
Cindy Smith Cindy Smith . 3 days ago
Howaby kids do you have?
Christina Hendricks Christina Hendricks . 6 days ago
Sweet stuff! Dogs are loving it 😀
world 🌍 Needs change world 🌍 Needs change . 6 days ago
Walker Hayes, your my Dude, Awesome Father & I love your music. Whenever I do go to Applebee's I order with your song!😀👍🏽💖
Beth Cherry Beth Cherry . 6 days ago
The little girls have only gotten better, with each dance. WTG 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤩🤩🤩
Paula Fischer Paula Fischer . 6 days ago
Love it! I think it’s a hit with your dogs too ❤️
Not your mom Not your mom . 6 days ago
April Melton April Melton . 7 days ago
Love the audience!!! 🐶
Doris Waldrop Doris Waldrop . 1 week ago
My very favorite family in country music!! I saw them on stage with you last night your father figure is awesome love it!!😘😘😘
Valarie Ricks Valarie Ricks . 1 week ago
Love this! Hayes family you all rock!🥰
Sharon Broden Sharon Broden . 1 week ago
The dogs are like really, your in my way.
Crystal D. Emmett Crystal D. Emmett . 1 week ago
Teresa Earnest Teresa Earnest . 1 week ago
Love this family
Lippy One Lippy One . 2 weeks ago
Well all be damned the whole family dance's!!!👍👍
Sherry Luxe Dream Travels Sherry Luxe Dream Travels . 2 weeks ago
Getting the whole family in the dances is soooo sweer!
Lisa Ritter Lisa Ritter . 2 weeks ago
Great job to Ya’ll life! It’s nice to see your younger son getting into the dancing- he’s always seemed more timid. You and Laney are the best parents , the kids adore you and even Oakley runs straight to Lainey for a. tight boo boo hug. Who wouldn’t! 🥰
Susan Smith Susan Smith . 2 weeks ago
Beautiful family.
Robin Ruiz Robin Ruiz . 2 weeks ago
family affair❤❤❤❤
Shellie Shellie . 2 weeks ago
Y'all are so adorable! The first video I saw you in Walker was Cuss a little. Always listen to it but had not watched the video for a while. Bam! There you were lol. Thanks for sharing your fam with us & bring me smiles.
Ruth Kelty Ruth Kelty . 2 weeks ago
Is that ur new song
nancy storms nancy storms . 2 weeks ago
That is so cute you have wonderful kids
nancy storms nancy storms . 2 weeks ago
That is so cute
βαrb βαrb . 2 weeks ago
Very nice. Danceing great Song too
Mike Curtis Mike Curtis . 2 weeks ago
Always fun 👍
Beverly B Beverly B . 2 weeks ago
Bahahaha, I spy a video bomber! 🤣🤣
-dejaveigh- -dejaveigh- . 2 weeks ago
i love this💖 your are my favorite singer right now! y’all life AA and U gurl are my favorite! i watched the music video for u gurl and i fell in love with the trucker hat in it so for my bday i ask my mom if she could get me one it’s not the exact same but i love it! 💖💖💖
Liz ReaLiZeU Liz ReaLiZeU . 2 weeks ago
Love the dogs just hanging and watching as it’s the way they roll. 😉
Brenda Rose Brenda Rose . 3 weeks ago
Love it. Even the doggy is watching u. How cute is that
Lucy Alvarez Lucy Alvarez . 3 weeks ago
Sweet family moment for this new song
Debbie M Debbie M . 3 weeks ago
I love how the dogs are watching so cute
FORT KNOX FORT KNOX . 3 weeks ago
I love that he has too much fun with his family.
Mariane White Mariane White . 3 weeks ago
Your awsome
Bree Duran Bree Duran . 3 weeks ago
Omg I love how the dogs are just watching you guys do this video!!! 😍 Again I love how much your kids are involved!!! ❤ You're Just an awesome dad!!! ❤😍
Claudia Naquin Claudia Naquin . 3 weeks ago
Walker Hayes ... You & your family sure do know how to bust a move !!!
Leaping lily Leaping lily . 3 weeks ago
So happy for you all!! You're awesome❤️
Tammy Unique Tammy Unique . 3 weeks ago
Love you all, this is great ☺️💕
Diana Wade Diana Wade . 3 weeks ago
Way to go to the kids❣️❣️ They got that y’all life about down❣️🥰🥰
Ervin Smith Ervin Smith . 3 weeks ago
Walker Hayes Yall life exercise workout with Ervin own no rights to song
amanda amanda . 3 weeks ago
The dogs😂you guys are awesome!
Brittanyanne Sanders Brittanyanne Sanders . 3 weeks ago
I love how they dress normal and not like there rich rich and I love the dance moves and the lovely family time . Look good !(: I love how there living there life to the fullest
Kathy Strouse Kathy Strouse . 3 weeks ago
Great dance ! Need to make it shareable !
Michelle Burks Lawson Michelle Burks Lawson . 3 weeks ago
Heather Staniscia Heather Staniscia . 3 weeks ago
Tracy Simpson Tracy Simpson . 3 weeks ago
THE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Heidi Mason Heidi Mason . 3 weeks ago
Could y'all come to Birmingham? Love you guys. Love your music and dance
Lisa Yancey Lisa Yancey . 3 weeks ago
I just love this family ! Y’all are awesome !
Leslie Donal Leslie Donal . 3 weeks ago
Best Family❗ Love it....😂
Autumn DeBose Autumn DeBose . 3 weeks ago
Dogs like: where be my popcorn and treats : LUCXURY
Kassie Pickering Kassie Pickering . 3 weeks ago
Good dance

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