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Published on 2 weeks ago

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Cracker Island

On cracker Island it was born
To the collective of the dawn
They were planting seeds at night

To grow a made up paradise
Where the truth was auto tuned (forever cult)
But it’s sadness I consumed (forever cult)
Into my formats everyday (forever cult)
in end I had to pay (what world is this)
In the end I had to pay (I purged my soul)
In the end I had to pay (I drank to riot)
Nothing more to say (I drank to riot)

They taught themselves to be occult
They didn’t know it’s many strategies x 2

What world is this? x2

On cracker island it was raised
By the collective from the grave
It only came out at night
It ate up their paradise (paradise)
Where the truth was auto tuned (forever cult)
And it’s sadness I consumed (forever cult)
Into my formats everyday (forever cult)
In the end I had to pay (what world is this)
Out there on my silverlake (I was not there)
In the end it will be great (beneath the hills)
I’m like a ship between the tides (I saw myself)
I held on I survived (there in the void)

They taught themselves to be occult
They didn’t know it’s many strategies x2

On cracker island It will die (forever cult)
Join the collective in the sky (forever cult)
And on a shining boat of light (forever cult)

Go up to paradise (what world is this)
Where the truth is autotuned (I purged my soul)
And it’s sadness I consume (I drank to riot)
Into my formats everyday (I drank to riot)
In the end I had to pay (forever cult)

In the end I’ll have to pay (forever cult)
In the end I’ll be ok (forever cult)

Nothing more to say x3

Directors: Jamie Hewlett & Fx Goby
Executive Producers: Jamie Hewlett & Damon Albarn
Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn are managed by Eleven Management
A Nexus Studios & Gorillaz Production

Executive Producers for Nexus: Charlotte Bavasso & Chris O'Reilly, Mike Bell
CG Supervisors: Dave Hunt & Florian Caspar
VFX Supervisor & Compositing Lead: Germán Díez
DP: Ricky Patel
Editor: Dave Slade
Producer: Jo Bierton
Production Manager: Ruyi Meer
Production Coordinator: Tyler Antin
Production Assistant: Megan Silvester
Storyboard Artist: Rodrigo Aquino Verdun
Character Modeller: Andrew Hickinbottom
3D Generalist: Andy Spence
Rigging: Niko Rossi, Nayla Nassar
Modeller & Texture Artist: Catarina Loja
Pipeline TD: Tom Melson
Animators: Fabrice Fiteni, Marylou Mao, Tom Lowe, Fatih Dogan
Lead Lighter: Carl Kenyon
Lighting & Rendering: Pawel Adamiec, Rodi Kaya, Daniel Prince
Lead Compositor; Sacha Danjou
Compositors: Gareth Tredrea, Sander Saks, Hiral Kawa, Alexey Viatvud, Gourav Kumar, Simran Arora, Osman Baloglu
VFX Editors: Andrea Zantiras, Zaki Fulford
Designer & Matte Painters: Milan Baulard, Callum Strachan, Paul Campion
Designer: Ieuan Lewis
2D VFX ANIMATOR: Bethany Levy
3D VFX: Paul Mitcheson
Motion Graphics Designer: Nathan Bayliss
Head of Resources: Natalie Busuttil
Resource Manager: Gigi Kohut
Resource Coordinator: Meg Dupont
Marketing & PR: Valentina Tarelli, Nancy Edmondson, Isobel Wise, Steph Anjo

Archive Producer: Lisa Savage

Sound FX Designer: JM Finch

Grade Company: Black Kite Studios

Service Production Company - Tuna Icon

2D, Noodle, Russel Hobbs, Murdoc Niccals, Thundercat

Supporting cast:
Milica Tepavac, Sonja Vukicevic, Ivan Tomic, Rudolf Tsabalala, Vukasin Stanic, Ella Landesman, Sippa Hengprathom, Nani Pavlovic, Tea Simic, Snezana Radivojsa, Rajesh Kalhan, Roda Adan

Spanish Service Co: AzuL

Eleven Management are:
Niamh Byrne, Regine Moylett, Tanyel Vahdettin, Stars Redmond, Astrid Ferguson, Gabriele Power, Ellie Nolan, Aston New, Katherine Nash, Suzi Grossman, Selena Dion, Clare Moss, Hannah Norris

With thanks to:
Thundercat, Dom Smith, Alison Smith, Josh Berman

Duckyfishes Duckyfishes . 9 minutes ago
Elric Godslayer Elric Godslayer . 32 minutes ago
I feel like I’ve grown up with Noodles. She was a child when I was a child. Look at her now. It’s kind of a great touch.
Bruno Lima Barretto Bruno Lima Barretto . 37 minutes ago
Why am i shipping the girl in the phone with 2d?
Ghosty fresh Ghosty fresh . 41 minutes ago
Love this Song, the beat slaps
Lucas Thiago Duran Muñoz Lucas Thiago Duran Muñoz . 1 hour ago
this song its so good
Isuina Isuina . 1 hour ago
I didn't like it at first but the funk grew on me
sylvain macadre sylvain macadre . 1 hour ago
je trouve ce nouveau gorilaz très disco et jjjj'aaddooorrreeeeeeeeeeee
The Liamster The Liamster . 1 hour ago
This sounds so good
Luciver Luciver . 1 hour ago
nueva canción
Froggy plays Froggy plays . 2 hours ago
i love gorillaz:)
Colin Butts Colin Butts . 2 hours ago
Gorillaz put the TikTok user agreement to music! ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯
KUZU KUZU . 2 hours ago
Godoc is god Godoc is god . 2 hours ago
Now we know that Murdoc is into gilfs
2LQ2 2LQ2 . 2 hours ago
That bass... wow
Where Do The Birds Fly To Die ? Where Do The Birds Fly To Die ? . 2 hours ago
як класно, що після стількох років, Горили все ще вміють дивувати. Довгий час шукав пісню яку я міг би слухати годинами і знайшов
Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate . 3 hours ago
I don’t listen to gorillaz , but this music video all around is great . From the visual to the beat it’s nice . It’s especially the animation
soyMarcoe soyMarcoe . 3 hours ago
💜insertzy💜 💜insertzy💜 . 3 hours ago
Mj yes kkk women
M00nshaine M00nshaine . 4 hours ago
pixelbomb pixelbomb . 4 hours ago
Kuack Kuack . 4 hours ago
1:58 Russell in a dress Russell in a dress Russell in a dress Russell in a dress Russell in a dress Russell in a dress Russell in a dress Russell in a dress Russell in a dress Russell in a dress Russell in a dress Russell in a dress
little plant little plant . 4 hours ago
i am 1 million of these views. yes
Alpha Punch Alpha Punch . 5 hours ago
💗арбис💞 💗арбис💞 . 5 hours ago
They both give his daughter 💞💗✌️🙂
little plant little plant . 5 hours ago
i did not know who thundercat was but i LOVE him now HELLO CUTIE TALENTED MAN??????

i'm gonna be honest. i am a hardcore old gorillaz fan. when i saw this premiere come up, i thought it would be cringe. but's done so well. gorillaz is timeless ya'll. this is fucking epic.
Unpronounceable Unpronounceable . 6 hours ago
Notice how 2D's shirt says "I AM THE LAMB" and how the news speaks of a cult (Murdoc also wearing cult-like clothes). Sacrificing lambs is a practice of worship usually to gain some sort of fortune or another depending on how great the sacrafice is. Nice details that show 2D's place since his shirt gives away his unfortunate situation. I also suspect that they (or at least Murdoc) did do something in a (successful?) attempt to bring someone back from the dead (the ghost woman at the end). Murdoc clearly has history with her with how he looks at her and interacts with her.
Freddie Thornton Freddie Thornton . 6 hours ago
I just noticed the eye clinic is behind 2d head near the start
Ptao Tom Ptao Tom . 7 hours ago
encanta como cambian de estilo.
Autumn Epiha Autumn Epiha . 7 hours ago
Autumn Epiha Autumn Epiha . 7 hours ago
Autumn Epiha Autumn Epiha . 7 hours ago
Alex M Alex M . 7 hours ago
This song, feel good Inc and spirit house go hard
古里炎魔 古里炎魔 . 8 hours ago
Quarter of Disorder Quarter of Disorder . 8 hours ago
This design for 2d is the best we’ve seen in 10 years
KeyMasterX KeyMasterX . 9 hours ago
.........Okay I REALLY want to know how the Group found themselves involved in a cult and how Murdoc became the leader of said Cult.
Efini RX7 Efini RX7 . 10 hours ago
Noodle went from looking like the youngest band member to looking like the oldest band member
Arthur R Arthur R . 10 hours ago
to lit!
Patffie dlv Patffie dlv . 11 hours ago
Vampixie Vampixie . 12 hours ago
Really cool that we got to live enough to see 2-D on 3D
Alex Krasniy Alex Krasniy . 12 hours ago
Its totally amazing! I literally enjoy every frame of this video! Stunning work
Col Wal Col Wal . 12 hours ago
What is the song about. What's the meaning of the song.
Iker Urueta Iker Urueta . 12 hours ago
I love gorillaz ❤️
Que bacán causas
MinionSL24 MinionSL24 . 14 hours ago
imagine gorillas x cg5
Travis Travis . 14 hours ago
I wonder what kind of cult they could be talking about. I'm just fighting the literal devil on earth and waiting for Jesus to show up on the back of a massive space turtle and rapture us.
Aracely Aguilera Aracely Aguilera . 14 hours ago
Bro I really want tickets for the concert cause I love Gorillaz music☠️💩☠️💩
boa tenoi .v. boa tenoi .v. . 14 hours ago
Cara eu adoro como o gorillaz sempre evolui, a animação, a música e etc. Música muito boa 👌❤️
a90sto a90sto . 15 hours ago
its gotta be the same lady?
skramii skramii . 15 hours ago
crackers 💀

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